Proper mixed feeding of newborns

The issue of feeding a child cares about all young moms, as well as those who are just about to become parents. The topic of proper infant feeding has always been and will be relevant. Each parent cares about the health of their baby and tries to do everything possible for his well-being. For a start, it’s worth finding out what mixed feeding is and whether it is necessary for everyone.

Mixed feeding of newborns (or combined) is an introduction to the diet of the baby artificial mixture. This type of food can be purchased in specialized stores, as well as in pharmacies.mixed feeding of newborns

Is everyone needed?

Mixed feeding of newborns is a hot topic for mothers who, for one reason or another, cannot completely feed their baby with breast milk. Sometimes the children have to go on artificial feeding, while still in the hospital. Another reason for the need for feeding can be the birth of several children at once. For example, the birth of twins or triplets.Often babies may not have enough milk, and then the doctor advises the mother to introduce additional mixtures.

Mixed feeding of newborns may be required in the case when the child does not gain weight and often cries, and if the process of urination rarely occurs (less than seven times a day), there is no chair or it happens once a day. All these symptoms may indicate that the baby is undernourished: mother's milk is not enough for the normal growth and development of the baby. Of course, in this case, the mother should try to restore the lactation process. But if this is not possible, you should contact a specialist. The doctor will eliminate all sorts of nuances and advise which mixture is best to buy depending on the characteristics of the child’s to organize mixed feeding

How many times a day need additional feeding?

Up to a certain age, the baby’s diet consists of mother’s breast milk and a specialized formula. But sometimes breastfeeding is not possible. When the mother does not have enough milk, you need to introduce additional mixture. Many parents ask themselves questions about how to organize mixed feeding.There is no single answer, as each child is individual.

To determine the dose, you can consult a doctor. Although later all the same you will need to look at the reaction of the baby. If a woman can breastfeed, it is best to give the child the opportunity to get the mother product. After that, if the baby continues to cry or look for the breast, it is necessary to prepare the mixture.

Often on the packages written dosage. Therefore, all you need is to closely monitor the reaction of the child, and then you can easily determine whether the baby received enough food. Proper mixed feeding is when the percentage of the mixture does not exceed the percentage of breast milk. Of course, if we are not talking about artificialists - here the child’s diet will consist of 100% of the purchased product.

The right mix is ​​the key to good health.

Practically in any, even sparsely populated area, today you can buy infant formula. On sale is a huge amount of goods for babies. But do not rush to acquire the most expensive. Before the choice, of course, it is worth contacting a specialist who will promptly tell you which mixture will go to your child.If it is not possible to use the services of a pediatrician, then you should carefully read everything that is indicated on the jars with a baby product.proper mixed feeding

There are several types of this food:

  • The first category is adapted goods. That is, it contains substances and components that are almost identical to those that are present in human milk.
  • The second category includes the goods partially adapted. Such mixtures are often cheaper than the first and have a good percentage of absorption.
  • There is a hypoallergenic diet. It is more complicated and expensive. You should not buy it in the absence of urgent need, since if the child does not have any allergic reactions, there is no need to use it.

What problems may arise when feeding?

infant feeding mixed reviews

With the introduction of the mixture in the baby can be observed various kinds of physiological reactions. For example, it may be a distention of the tummy, redness, the appearance of pimples. You can also notice how the newborn's chair has changed when mixed feeding. Minor changes are a normal reaction to a new product. But if after two days the child does not pass any negative manifestations, then definitely need to change the mixture.

It is important to know another nuance when practicing mixed feeding of newborns. The baby’s chair may become denser — this is a normal reaction to a new food. In order for this phenomenon not to become permanent, it is necessary for the child to give more water. Gradually, the body will get used to new products, and the problem in the form of constipation will disappear by itself.

What else do moms need to know?

Often parents for a long time do not dare to transfer their children, even partially, to artificial feeding. Many people believe that there are chemical components in the mixture that will adversely affect the growing body. Yes, such nutrition cannot be called a full-fledged substitute for mother's milk, but today it is very close to it in its properties. All mixtures are thoroughly tested. The only thing that can be the cause of rejection is the personal individual intolerance of the product.

When to feed?

Also, parents often ask about why the mixture should be given to the child after natural feeding, and not vice versa. Everything is very simple and easy to explain. When a baby sucks a breast, it applies maximum strength.And the natural feeding process stretches for a few minutes. But the absorption of food from a bottle - a simple matter that does not require a lot of energy. Therefore, the child, feeding in this way, very quickly gets his dose, but at the same time he does not feel full and satisfied.Mixed infant feeding

Mixed feeding of newborns - the process is simple and harmless, but requires the right approach. If you give the baby a mixture at the beginning, then he may refuse to apply the effort. And mother's healthy milk will continue to disappear as unnecessary. Therefore, experts recommend giving first breast, and then - a mixture.

Opinion of parents

For all parents who doubt whether they need to practice mixed feeding of newborns, the reviews will help make a decision. Most of them are positive. Parents note the positive dynamics in weight gain, the glorious mood of the baby, good absorption of food. A child who receives a mixture is no different from a baby who eats mother’s milk. But parents ask themselves the questions: "What do you need to know about the combined method? What to consider?"mixed feeding newborn chair

How correctly mixed feeding of the newborn is carried out, we have already told. Do not be afraid - this is a great way to feed the child in case of problems with mom.


Parents who are faced with the question of whether to introduce a mixture into their child’s diet or not can say with confidence that there is no need to be afraid of this process in panic. If the baby does not experience allergic reactions due to individual intolerance, the product can be consumed further. But before use, it is better to consult a doctor. It is very important before buying the mixture to carefully examine the composition and check the expiration date.

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