Professional holidays in March

In the world there are a lot of different professions,which are important for us. Whatever you do and what profession you have, you will always be important for this world and the people around you. Whichever profession you choose for yourself, be it a doctor, a teacher or a janitor, you will be an integral part of a huge system. And it's silly to ask a question in your youth: who needs to be, what profession to choose? All the professions, invented by man, are very important for the existence of this world. In support of these considerations and as a token of gratitude to every employee of this or that profession, people came up with professional holidays. These holidays are very important in the life of working people, and they are eagerly awaiting their special day. Since there are a lot of professions now, almost every day of the year is dedicated to any kind of activity.

In order to always be aware of the events andorient yourself in holidays, you need to have a calendar of professional holidays on hand. It's time for spring, and the tender March sun begins to warm the first warm rays. In this wonderful time of the year, many representatives of various professions are eagerly awaiting their professional holidays. And in March there are a lot of them, although not everyone knows about it. And to know which professional holiday today, whom and when from your close people need to be congratulated, let's look in detail which professional holidays the world celebrates in March. Of course, each country has its own "red dates", so we will consider it only with the example of our country.

So, if you or one of your close peopleis a writer, then you know, all the writers of the world celebrate their holiday on March 3. Yeah, really important is this profession, not only for individuals who like the work of famous writers, but also for ordinary people. The next professional holiday is the DJ's day, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month. Yes, yes, the same DJ who makes the audience have fun at discos and brings a lot of positive things to vacationers. If we talk about holidays, we can not fail to mention such as the International Women's Day, which is traditionally celebrated on March 8.

By the way, this holiday is not onlyAll-Russia, therefore it is celebrated in many countries of the world. This is the only holiday in March, which is marked in red on calendars and is a day off. But on the second Saturday of March, and this year is the tenth day, all land surveyors will celebrate their holiday. Since the land is our wealth and common property, then the people working with it are truly valuable. And now we are talking about workers who care about the fact that in every house there are light, water and gas. These are workers of housing and communal services and consumer services of the population, without their help our houses and apartments could not manage. Therefore, they deservedly celebrate their holiday on the third Sunday in March, and this year it will fall on the 18th.

But do not forget all your friends taxi driverscongratulate on March 22, as on this day all taxi drivers of the world will celebrate their holiday. The fact that this profession is also no less important than the rest should not be told for very long. It's just worth recalling who we are looking forward to, if very urgently you need to get somewhere. So we reviewed some professional holidays that will be celebrated in March. Of course, there are a lot more of them, since practically every day in the country and in the world one or another "special day" is celebrated.

And in conclusion I would like to repeat myself and say that all professions in the world are important and there is no need to single out the most important among them, therefore, always tolerate any kind of activity.

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