Powerlifting: regulations, the main nuances

What is this mysterious sport? Powerlifting is called powerlifting and in recent years is gaining popularity among athletes. During the competition in this sport, you must perform three exercises (hence the name power triathlon). Let's consider what athletes are invited to perform:

  • Squatting with a barbell located on the top of the shoulder blades.
  • Bench press in the prone position (exercise is performed on a special bench).
  • Traction.

Basic requirements for performing powerlifting exercises

As in any sport, there are certain requirements for the implementation of exercises. The technique of doing the exercises is very important and they pay no less attention to it than to the standards of powerlifting. For example, if an exercise was performed without a team of judges, then it does not count towards the result. Also, in no case should not allow double movements during exercise.

What is powerlifting?

Requirements for performing exercises on squats with a barbell

The judges take into account not only the number of exercises performed, but also their quality. During barbell squats, always look at the depth of the squat (the exercise is considered to be performed correctly if the hip joint drops below the knee). If an athlete drops the barbell during the performance of the discharge powerlifting standard, then he will be punished with a loss of points.

It should be remembered that not a single action of an athlete performing a squatting exercise should be performed before the team from the judge comes. Performing this exercise, the athlete may, at its discretion, choose the width of the arrangement of the legs. Also here you need to take into account your weight, the weight of the projectile and your standards for powerlifting without equipment. Every movement must be accurate and consistent.


How to perform exercises on the bench

Performing exercises on the bench also has its own nuances. As in the crouching exercise, each action is preceded by a “start” judge team. This team means that the athlete must lower the barbell so that it touches his body.The “bench” command for powerlifting regulations means that the athlete squeezes the barbell into straight arms. The command "rack" is necessary to return the bar to the rack. If during the exercise the barbell is pressed into the chest or abdomen of the athlete, if the barbell does not feed into straight arms, but in the lower position, then the exercise is considered unfulfilled.

In addition, while fulfilling CMS powerlifting regulations in the bench exercise, the athlete should not allow changes in the position of the legs. Also, the exercise will not be counted if, in the process of its implementation, the athlete lifts the head, buttocks or shoulder blades from the surface of the bench. The only thing that the judge does not pay attention to in this exercise is the width of the grip, but the position of the athlete’s fingers will interest him, as it is forbidden to perform exercises on the bench using the grip of the open palm.

Young athlete

Perform exercises on the pitch

Exercises on the power, in accordance with the standards of powerlifting, can be performed in two ways: "sumo" and classical. At what width to put the legs during the run, as well as the width of the grip bar, the athlete can decide on their own, depending on how comfortable it is, on their weight and weight of the projectile.During the exercise, the athletes must not support the barbell with their hips or use special straps. If these violations are detected, the athlete will be punished with points.

Athlete at Powerlifting Competition

In order for the CCM regulations on powerlifting to be fulfilled, it is necessary to fulfill all the requirements of the judge. If in the process of doing the exercise, the shoulders of the athlete do not go beyond the bar, then it is considered that it was done incorrectly, as a result of which his results are not counted. It is allowed to move the barbell down while the athlete pulls his shoulders back; this will not be calculated as a double motion. In an exercise in order for the powerlifting standards to be fulfilled, it is necessary to lift the barbell without a team, but it is prohibited to lower it onto the platform without the permission of the judge. This is considered a violation of the rules.


It should be remembered that the indicators of participants of the same weight category are always compared. The participant is evaluated after completing all three exercises (the indicators are added up and their sum is the result). The victory is awarded to the one whose indicator is higher, if the indicators are the same, then the winner is the participant whose mass is smaller.

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