"Powder go away": what does this sign mean

Visiting large shopping centers or supermarkets, almost every person paid attention to a sign with an incomprehensible inscription and inadvertently wondered: “Powder go away” - what does this mean? The combination of words is unusually strange, but it cannot forbid shopping to powder. It is worth more detail to understand what it means "Powder go away."

The inscription and its meaning

In addition to this tablet, there is another one that says "Do not enter the powder!". Such alerts can save people's lives when a fire powder fire suppression system is activated during a fire.

powder go away what does that mean

Of course, the most famous and common method used in the fight against a flame is water, as well as the use of fire hydrants or the usual fire extinguishers.

The use of powder to extinguish fires is considered little known. Before a more detailed understanding of what “Powder leave” means, you should pay attention to some details.

When did powder fire extinguishers

What does the powder go away signify? It should be noted that most of the shopping centers, shops and passages located underground, at the beginning of the XXI century, were equipped with warning light systems that warned citizens that the powder fire extinguishing system was working. On the plates appeared the inscription "Powder go away".

what the plate knows powder go away

The first mentions of the methods of extinguishing a fire using powders appeared in 1770, and this technology was applied by a German colonel, who used a barrel where aluminum alum was stored to fight the flame. On the territory of our country, this technology began to develop since the 60s.

But at the beginning of the XXI century powder automatic systems appeared everywhere that could cope with fires. In connection with this, the equipment with plates with interesting inscriptions began, and together with them the question: “Powder go away” - what does this mean?

The principle of the alert system. What actions need to be taken?

As soon as a fire is detected, powder should start to flow with the desired intensity through the nozzles.Such a system is able to cope with fires from class A to C, as well as if the flame covers electrical equipment.

And only in the first decade of the 21st century, powder automatic fire extinguishing systems began to be actively used, whose annunciators caused our interest.

Automatic systems do not apply to rooms that can accommodate more than fifty people, and where rapid evacuation is not possible, before spraying powder begins. Today, such systems are not installed in the premises for people.

what do you mean powder go away

As soon as the automation starts working, a sound and light alert is given. Plates with the words "Powder go away" should be clearly visible. The entrance, in turn, is equipped with another warning - “Do not enter powder”. It should also be equipped with an alert room duty officer at the facility.

When the plate is on, it is necessary to immediately leave the premises. As a rule, powders do not pose a danger to human health, but suffocation can occur due to contact of the respiratory organs with chemical composition and loss of orientation in space.

Where are the signs and what else do you need to know?

Such inscriptions can be found in crowded places where there is equipment with an automatic system for extinguishing fires, which is triggered as soon as smoke appears or the temperature rises.

It is important to remember that if it enters the respiratory organs or on the skin, the powder can cause serious harm to human health, and therefore 60 seconds before the spraying starts, the inscription next to the “Powder go away” light up and near the “Do not enter powder” entrance .

From the article it becomes clear that the warning words do not refer to powders, but to people who should not enter the room where the fire is extinguished. There is no comma in these appeals, and this corresponds to the grammar. Despite the fact that the words seem incomprehensible and ridiculous to someone, they perform an important role.

Each sign in a short time should inform visitors that there is a danger to life. And they also suggest in what order to act, if an extreme situation has arisen. It is worth thinking for a second if the doors were supplied with huge announcements like: “To the attention of citizens! In this room, a fire is about to start, which will be extinguished using ..., then how many unnecessary questions they would cause, and in addition, create panic during the evacuation.Now it becomes clear what “Powder go away” means.

what does the inscription powder mean go away

The capacious phrase "Powder go away" will not cause bewilderment, but will speak about the seriousness of the situation that has arisen and the speedy leaving of the dangerous premises. This article provides detailed information on what “Powder go away” means and what actions need to be taken when such an inscription appears.

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