Plasticine bunny - different options

After studying the topic “Wild animals” in kindergarten or school, the teacher may suggest making a plasticine hare. This will not be a new task, since children from the youngest group make figures of this animal.

In principle, it is easy to make a simple character, but you can try and create an interesting hack, not the same as everyone. Imagine several options for handicrafts made of clay "Bunny" with detailed explanations, and you already decide which one you like the most.

White bunny

This cute little animal is made from two main parts. The body is made of oval-shaped thick white plasticine. The upper part is bent by pressing a finger from the bottom. Next you need to visually separate the legs on the piece. To do this, on all four sides a finger is pressed through a dent. Then work on the bunny from clay continues, you need to create the shape of the head and ears from one piece.

white bunny

To do this, you need to roll it to oval shape, stretching the nose forward.The other part of the piece is more squeezed and will be slightly thinner. Her stack needs a little incision and bend to the sides of one ear from the second. Using fingers or a round pencil, perform a hollow between the ears of the character. The same is done with the outer sides of the ears. Further, the inner surfaces of the ears and the mouth are created from the pink plasticine sticks, and from the black eyes are made of two small balls. The head is worn on the torso and well wriggled. It remains to roll a small white ball and attach it to the place of the tail.

Brown version

Such a bunny made of plasticine can be placed both on a piece of cardboard, and as a voluminous figure. Most of the details of the crafts are circles of different sizes. The largest central element is given to the body. A small circle attaches to the back. This is the tail. The thickness of the parts must be at least 1 cm. Since the bunny is standing sideways, only two paws are visible. They consist of two parts - a large and a small circle.

hare from circles

The plasticine bunny head is a medium-sized circle on which small details of the animal's face are placed.The eyes consist of two color elements - white and black. Two small parts are made of yellow plasticine and draw dash-whiskers in a stack. The mouth and nose are red. To make our bunny's ears, you first need to make a flat, large oval, then cut it into two parts in the center of the stack. Then miss the edges, so that they are rounded, and attach to the top of the head.

You can make the parts thicker and attach two legs on the back side, then the bunny will be able to assume a vertical position and become a craft on cardboard.

Cartoon character

This is the most complex and detailed version of crafts. Here there are many small parts that are cut in a stack on a plate for sculpting. In the detailed step-by-step diagram in the photo below you can see how a resident of forests and fields is gradually transforming and coming to life.

cartoon bunny

Due to the fact that the details are located at different levels, the image turns out to be voluminous and very much resembles the heroes of popular cartoons. When using several colors at once, the hero's face looks brighter and more alive. The rest of the body sculpted bunny from clay in the usual way. On the paws, you can attach pink pads and make black claws. The craft can be issued both on paper and leave bulk.

Tips for novice sculptors

Before you start modeling, you need to knead well and warm up the clay.

In order for a part to be detached from the surface of the board when rolling a thin sheet, it is better to use food wrap. It is much easier to remove.

In order to keep the craftsmanship from falling apart, the parts need to be well primed and a rod, for example, a toothpick, should be inserted for strength.

The article presents three options for sculpting a bunny loved by children, arranged in order to complicate work. Start with a simple sample and improve your skills!

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