Physical qualities of a person and their development

Certainly, passing by the playground, you thoughwould stop once and with tenderness observed how the children are sporting. Children run, jump, make unimaginable movements. Adult people, looking at the energetic kids, involuntarily think about where they share the speed, flexibility, dexterity, endurance, strength inherent in children. The fact is that these physical qualities of a person need to be intensively developed from the earliest years. Only then will they remain at an optimal level in mature years. For example, an increase in strength is characterized by an increase in muscle mass, and an increase in endurance - improving the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

characteristic of physical qualities of a personCharacteristics of physical qualities of a person

Let's start with dexterity, because in the first placepreschool children should develop this quality. The child must be able to quickly learn new movements and, in accordance with the changing conditions of the external environment, to rebuild the motor activity. The development of dexterity best occurs in the process of sports and outdoor games, gymnastics. Assistance in the training of coordination of movements is provided by all kinds of adaptations: crossbeams, gymnastic rings, swings, balls, ropes, skipping ropes, hoops, etc. Thanks to them, a child can learn to cope with various motor tasks.

What other physical qualities of a personare extremely important for the formation and development of an active child? In the mastery of sports coordination activities, speed plays a huge role. This quality in boys develops quite stably, and in girls the peak of its development falls on 7-10 years, then, during puberty, the speed is lost. Just at this age, and should be strengthened to improve it. This can be achieved through short races, sports games.

physical qualities of a person strengthWe develop the physical qualities of man: strength

It is believed that for normal lifeorganism in childhood is the strength - the leading quality. If it is well developed, then the processes of thinking, memory, attention are better. Strength is the ability to overcome or resist an external resistance due to muscle tension. Measure the level of its strength can be a special device - a dynamometer. In general, the muscles of a person contract in a dynamic and static regime. The dynamic regime can be overcoming (when the muscles are shortened) and inferior (when the muscles are lengthened). A classic example is push-ups and sips: when we bend our arms, the muscles work in breaking mode, when straightening - in the inferior. In order to develop your power capabilities well, you should work with your own body using weights (dumbbells, barbells) and resistance, which consists in carrying out exercises with a partner or applying a rubber bandage, an expander.

physical qualities of a personNow let us recall such physical qualitieshuman being, like flexibility and plasticity. The ability with a large amplitude to perform a variety of movements is very important for physical improvement. Flexibility depends on the elongation of ligaments and muscles, the mobility of the joints. It is most effective to develop it in childhood, although to some extent you can stretch the muscles at any age. Effective exercises are hand movements in various directions by hands and feet, rotation (corners of the body, slopes).

Physical qualities of man. What is endurance?

If strength is the prevailing quality in the childage, then endurance - in the adult. It is understood as the ability to perform for a long time some work without reducing its effectiveness. To develop endurance follows with the help of cyclic exercises, such as running, skiing, rowing, skating. During these exercises, anaerobic and aerobic mechanisms of energy education are improved.

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Physical qualities of a person and their development Physical qualities of a person and their development Physical qualities of a person and their development Physical qualities of a person and their development Physical qualities of a person and their development Physical qualities of a person and their development Physical qualities of a person and their development