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Vitas - this name knows, probably, everyone, even a person far from the world of show business. And all because of this singer legends and fables. His peculiar voice could not leave anyone indifferent. It was rumored that in order to achieve a similar effect, he had to have an operation on the vocal cords and implant his gills. And many began to consider him as a man-fish, and even asked if Vitas could stay under water for a long time. Biography, personal life and his personal portrait nevertheless remain in the shadows. However, even at first glance it becomes clear that this slightly shy young man with a charming smile simply cannot be bad. And everything else that is said about him is only the result of a PR campaign aimed at inciting interest in the audience.Vitas biography

Something about personal

The real name of Vitas is Vitaly Grachev. He was born in 1979 on February 19 in the city of Daugavpils. In short, the biography of Vitas shows that he spent the first years of his life in one of the most beautiful littletowns of Lithuania. However, the Grachev family did not live long in the Baltic States and soon moved to Odessa, where Vitalik’s grandfather lived. Together with enrollment in school number 35 of the city of Odessa, the parents also sent the boy to the music school, to the accordion class. The boy grew up very musical and plastic. His idol in the world of show business was Michael Jackson, and he tried to parody his movements. Later he began working in the theater of voice parody and plastic.Vitas biography

In Moscow

At the age of 16 he traveled from Odessa to Moscow. Biography Vitas from this moment makes a new round. In the capital of the Russian Federation, he released a video entitled “Opera No. 2”, and also got a job on TV channel 6. Soon he found a producer - Sergey Pudovkin, whom he had once met in Odessa. It was during this period that it was decided that he would speak under the name Vitas. His biography has since closely intertwined with the world of show business. Soon he began to act as a soloist. It was the end of 2000. The public immediately took it. After all, he was not like anyone. It was then that many began to have questions about the unusual manner of singing a falsetto singer.To this, his producer replied to everyone that Vitas had an unusual device of the throat. Curious articles about him began to appear in the press. All in one voice asserted that this project was invented to shock the audience and listeners and arouse interest.Vitas biography family wife children

Bad luck

2003 was the most terrible year, with terrible events, which tells Vitas biography. A criminal case was opened against him under the article on the illegal sale of weapons. However, the case against Grachev was soon closed, as some sources show, in connection with the singer’s repentance. However, this was not the only case in Vitas’s life when he dealt with the law. On May 10, 2013, he hit a street in Moscow. The victim of the accident was the cyclist Olga Kholodova. Having made a hit, the singer was in no hurry to assist the victim, but tried to escape. Eleven days later, a criminal case was opened against him. However, since there were no fatal victims in the course of the case, he was released after paying a fairly large fine.


Vitas biography in 2012 was replenished with a very important event: the singer’s benefit performance took place on the first channel, in the show of Andrey Malakhov.According to official data, this program was watched by about 30 percent of the entire television audience. Of course, this indicated that the audience was not indifferent to his person. A year later, he traveled around the world with a solo program. In the same period, he tried himself in the role of an actor, starring in the Korean feature film “Mulan”. By the way, in the east - in China and Korea - the attitude towards his person is special. However strange it may sound, a monument was erected in his honor in Shanghai. To the talents of a young artist you can also add the gift of the poet, he writes great poems. And I would also like to add that Vitas was shot not only in the Korean film, but also in the domestic detective comedy series Evlampiya Romanov (2006-2007), as well as in the movie “Passion for the Cinema”.Vitas biography personal life

Star duos

Vitas-singer is a frequent participant of various television shows, for example, “Exactly”, etc. He also sings quite often in blowing with these or other domestic and foreign pop stars. For example, with Nikolai Gnatiuk, Demis Roussos, Lucio Dalla, as well as with his famous grandfather - A.D. Marantzman.

Vitaly Grachev (Vitas): biography, family, wife, children ...

Despite the fact that there are various rumors about him, for example, that he belongs to a minority with a non-traditional sexual orientation, a pop and movie star, one of the most eccentric Russian artists Vitas is married and has two children. His legitimate wife is Svetlana Grankovskaya. They have been married for over 8 years. In late 2008, Alla, a daughter, was born in the family of Vitas and Sveta. But the New Year's Eve in 2015, the singer and his wife spent in the hospital.

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