Perfume "Givenchy" (female): review and reviews

The unique aroma, unique composition, great design - all this is Givenchy women's perfume. These amazingly gentle perfumes are the best gift for any lady. And all because the inspirers and muses of the great creator of perfumery were precisely the successful and gorgeous women of the 20th century: Audrey Hepburn, Eva Herzigova, Liv Tyler, Letitia Casta, etc.lively womens perfume


The well-known brand appeared in the second half of the 20th century, Hubert de Givenchy became its founder. It all started with a small tailoring studio, which eventually turned into a fashion house. At that very moment, the creator thought about expanding his business and decided to try himself in the field of perfumery. The perfume of Givenchy (female and male) began to produce in 1953, the muse of his first perfumery series was the actress Audrey Hepburn. In the same year she began to cooperate with this brand. It was the joint work of Audrey and Hubert that led to the creation of a special and unsurpassed style of Givenchy. Their first brainchild is L`Interdit, an exquisite and exhilarating fragrance, including jasmine, iris flowers, damask rose and Peruvian pepper.

After new Givenchy women's perfume released. Le De - feminine perfume with floral accents. In the late 50s, the first men's series from “Givenchy” appeared. The number of exclusive flavors was limited and was created only for special customers. As their popularity grew very quickly, over time they became available to ordinary people.

At the beginning of the 70s, the next creation of Givenchy's perfumery house, Givenchy 3, appeared. It was a brand new, fresh floral and fruity fragrance that surprised the fashion world. After so many masterpieces, the brand became famous all over the world.

At the end of the 20th century, the perfumer created a sensation at once with three exclusive fragrances: "Isatis", "Amarish" and "Organza". Nowadays perfume "Givenchy" women are sold only in specialized stores.

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Secret of success

Many people think that the reason for the success in advertising the brand, whose face was supermodel Eva Gertsigova. However, the main secret of the popularity of the Givenchy company is the talent and hard work of the world's best perfume masters. It was experts in their field who carefully thought out the composition of exclusive fragrances and worked on the unique design of the bottles.

The second component of success is inspiration and fruitful cooperation. Actress O. Hepburn was the first inspirer and muse of the high-fashion knight Hubert de Givenchy. They inspired each other, and the first fragrance, created by a talented perfumer and fashion designer, was dedicated precisely to the fragile and sophisticated Audrey. Perhaps, if not for their acquaintance, the world and would not have known these masterpieces of perfumery art. The perfumery house "Givenchy" also collaborated at various times with Uma Thurman, Marie Stace, Justin Timberlake and other famous personalities.

Incredibly talented and one-of-a-kind creator of refined and reserved aromas Yu. Givenchy was able to surprise and conquer the world. Exclusive and unique did Givenchy women perfume. The photo confirms how much Hubert loved his work and put his whole soul into it. This is his personal secret of lively womens perfume

New items

Recently, the perfumery house "Givenchy" continues to pamper its fans with new unforgettable compositions. Refined, unforgettable, light and at the same time bright - these are made by the Givenchy company for women's perfume.Dahlia noirCombine in themselves oriental notes and aroma of black dahlia.This perfume was presented in the early 2000s and it immediately gained immense popularity.

To extend the life of this oriental composition, the perfumers "Givenchy" created on its basis a new fragrance - Dahlia Noir Le. It differs from the previous subtlety and ease. As a result - the novelty has sold a huge circulation.

Last year, the perfume house introduced the world to new toilet water - Dahlia Noir Eau. This fragrance is based on the eponymous eau de parfum. He is the epitome of elegance, exceptional femininity and originality.

Ange ou Demon and Very Irresistible Poesie are among the highlights of 2012. These aromas were created on the eve of the winter holidays.

In general, each new perfume from the house "Givenchy" is a masterpiece, thanks to which every woman turns into a queen. This is a gentle and at the same time rich, seductive aromas that seem to envelop a train of mystery and charm.perfume amarish lively women


Perfume "Amarish Givenchy" for women - is a classic exclusive French perfume. This fragrance is suitable for bright, bold and truly happy women. Steady and intoxicating, he seems to beckoning for a delightful train.

"Amarish" is intended for open, independent and cheerful natures.Its owner is both strong and weak, she is so real and sincere that she wants to protect and protect her. This composition makes a woman more positive and bright.

Amaris is a French perfume that went on sale in 1992. The bottle is presented in vintage design and is the epitome of elegance and prestige.

The initial note of the composition is highlighted by orange flowers, violets, neroli oil, nectarine and citrus.

The core is decorated with the aroma of red berries, mimosa, acacia, tuberose, gardenia, dark orchids and jasmine flowers. As well as currant berries, essential oil of ylang-ylang and Sudanese rose. And the final note fascinates with sandalwood, fragrant dipteryx, aroma of musk, vanilla, wood and cedar notes.

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"Dalia Noir"

"Givenchy" (perfume for women) Dahlia Noir- This is the embodiment of mystery and romance. In each drop of this exclusive toilet water tenderness and love. Perfume makes a woman bright, multifaceted, elegant and stylish. Dahlia Noir is a sip of sensuality and audacity, sincerity and uniqueness.

Usually, this fragrance is chosen by rather emotional and romantic natures with a dreamy mood and confident views on life.

Classic rectangular bottle, bright lid, exquisite play, simple and at the same time very stylish.

Opening notes: a combination of juicy citrus fruits with sweet peach flavors.

The playful core is distinguished by a bright floral chord with hints of Madagascar pepper.

The final note is a combination of vanilla sweetness with persistent aromas of amber pheromones, virgin juniper and sandalwood, which give lightness and uniqueness to this composition.

Dahlia Noir is a unique French flavor that was presented in 2012.women dahlia divin

"Dalia Dyvin"

Givenchy (perfume for women) Dahlia Divin is the 2011 bestseller based on Dahlia Noir. The creator of the unique aroma is the perfumer Francois Demachy.

The owner of the fragrance is a strong and charismatic person. The aroma is rich, sexy, but not vulgar, quite persistent, but not cloying. These perfumes will suit both mature women and young girls. Honey-sweet composition gives a feeling of superiority at any time of the day. A versatile, daring, sensual and simply chic perfume.

The design of the bottle is not less luxurious: extravagant shape, golden play and white cap.

Top notes - fragrant plum Mirabelle.

The core of the composition is the stupefying Indian jasmine (sambac), white flowers.

The final notes are wood-chypre chords, which are distinguished by sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli.

The embodiment of the aroma was the singer Alisha Kees.lively perfume for women play


"Givenchy" (perfume for women) "Play"- this is the embodiment of delicacy, exotic and warmth. This is a new perfume that stands out not only for its great fragrance, but also for the original bottle. Oriental composition with a light floral accent, light, warm and at the same time quite fresh and unsuspecting aroma.

The owners of this perfume are adventurous, sincere, cheerful and seductive natures. They easily conquer men, but they value their independence.

The bottle is made in an unusual design, which was created by the sculptor of the house "Givenchy" Serge Manso. The design of the bottle combines modern style and the latest technology. The bottle resembles an mp3 player: a symbol for rewinding and turning on music. It is the play symbol that fully reveals the essence of this fragrance - light, playing, naughty and very refined.

The opening notes of the composition are peach flowers, light pepper, bergamot accent with a spicy aroma of sweet pea flowers.

The heart of the perfume is Tahitian gardenia, magnolia flowers and pink tree.

The final notes of the fragrance are a combination of sensual musk and warm sandalwood.pendants perfume female angel and demon

"Angel and demon"

"Givenchy" (perfume for women) "Angel and Demon" - is the embodiment of mystery, temptation and danger. Aroma has incredible sensuality and passion. This perfume corresponds to the name and reveals the duality of the woman’s nature. The refined floral arrangement was created by the famous perfumer of the Givenchy company Bernard Ellen.

The owner of this fragrance is truly an actress and just a real woman: now she is gentle and romantic, then incredibly mysterious and seductive, then strict and unapproachable. This perfume emphasizes the best qualities of a beautiful and unique lady. It gives confidence, sexuality and envelops with a halo of mystery. And immediately the question arises: “Who are you - an angel or a demon?” Charming, exciting, with a gentle smile, this is what a woman becomes who will try on this fragrance.

The main character of the fragrance was a young Marie Stayss, a model and the daughter of a high-ranking official.It was her face adorned on the advertising posters, depicted in two roles: the angel and the demon.

The design of the bottle is truly unique and incredibly stylish. It is presented in pastel colors and topped with a pointed lid, exclusive and original.

The opening notes of the fragrance are citrus fruits, cranberries and tea accents.

The heart of the perfume - Indian jasmine, a combination of peony and water lily.

The final notes of the composition are a combination of the aroma of light wood, Indian patchouli and delicate light musk.

The perfume is very playful and unique, as it combines a light floral and fruit composition with a warm woody scent. He is very soft, sweet, but not annoying, he has many facets, like the soul of a woman who has not yet decided who she is - an angel or a demon.


perfume women zhivanshi letual

As already mentioned, only in specialized stores of cosmetics can you buy women's perfumes "Givenchy". Letual is an online store and the largest chain of luxury perfumes and cosmetics. Virtual catalogs of the "Letual" store contain on their pages a huge amount of goods from the most famous world brands: Givenchy, Dolce and Gabbana, Lenkom,"Collistar" and many others. Here you can always find about 200 types of women's perfumes of popular and successful brands. This paradise is not only for women, men can always pick up a suitable fragrance (150 positions). The prestigious perfume is fascinating, and the scent is crazy.

Letual is an exclusive product and a huge selection. In this fragrant paradise even the most demanding customers will be able to choose the right option. In addition, "Letual" provides an opportunity to use the system of discounts and bonuses for regular customers and beginners. And therefore there is an opportunity to purchase "Givenchy" at low price. Perfume for women (photo confirms how beautiful this fragrant kingdom) and men's are in a huge range.

On the eve of the New Year holidays, Letual celebrates the birthday of the famous and popular brand Zhivanshi. Every year there are grand events in honor of the creators of this brand. Here you can hear interesting facts about the brand itself, see presentations of new stunning aromas, new product samples. In addition, with the help of qualified cosmetologists on specialized devices, you can check the condition of the skin.Free advice, advice on the selection of aroma in accordance with the temperament, free samples of new masterpieces of the perfume house - all this offers "Givenchy".

Letual will give you high discounts - up to 70%. In addition, for the purchase of a single item you can get a gift. For example, for the purchase of one bottle of perfume, you can get a smart bag from a famous brand as a gift. Also in the list of gifts includes sets of cosmetics, creams for the care of the skin of the face, body and more. And regular customers receive discount cards and acquire prestigious perfumes much cheaper.lively perfume for women reviews

In any case, all customers are satisfied, and this is the main rule of the Letual Specialized Cosmetics and Perfumery Store!


Always unique, unique and fascinating - all this is Givenchy. Perfume for women, reviews of satisfied customers only confirm this fact, the only one of its kind and very exciting, do not leave anyone indifferent.

Someone can not do without them, but someone hates them. This can be explained by the fact that the aroma must be selected in accordance with its temperament.

According to the reviews of the owners, "Amarish" is an aroma of happiness, cheerfulness and independence. Incredibly durable, vintage, and at the same time, it feels completely new notes that have never been heard before. Very resistant and suitable only for courageous women who will not hide their true "I".

As the fans of “Dalia Noir” say, the aroma is quite bright and at the same time gentle. Citruses are pronounced, then sensual musk and a delicate floral bouquet in the train. Opponents of this fragrance claim that it is not very resistant, with a sharp soap train.

Reviews about Dalia Divein are also different. The owners of this fragrance with admiration describe it: bright, sexy, versatile. He is very sweet and at the same time not cloying. Opponents claim that the flavor is too sweet and harsh.

Gentle, warm, fresh and energetic - all this perfume "Givenchy Play" (female). Reviews of fans of this new composition confirm its versatility and originality. Others argue that the scent did not like it, because it is too faceless and not at all resistant.

Fans of the spirits "Angel and Demon" from "Givenchy" talk about its originality, starting from the bottle,finishing with the unique flavor of this masterpiece. Incredibly passionate, sensual, thrilling and simply fascinating. Very persistent aroma, persists even after washing things.

Perfume "Givenchy" women - this is the dream of every woman. The creators put their soul into them, as they were inspired by the true feelings and the most beautiful women in the world. And therefore, the emotion sparkles in every drop of unimaginable aromas that continuously acquire the status of a masterpiece of perfumery art.

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