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Everything in our life sooner or later acquires its meaning and name. This and the phenomenon of gratuitous assistance, patronage and promotion of development, calls patronage, charity or sponsorship.

All these concepts are united by a single meaning, but still there are features that distinguish them. In Russia, from ancient times to this day, each of these areas is present. The sponsor, philanthropist, philanthropist - these are people who provide assistance, but can one call it absolutely gratuitous? Let's figure it out together ...

Terminology - a ray of light in the wilds of concepts

So, there are people who are ready to give their “hard-earned money” in order to support and promote the development of literature, music, other art and just people who need help. Why not combine heroes under one name? What are the nuances?patron of it

The philanthropist is a person who provides disinterested and free aid to the needy. The person himself decides where, how, to whom and how he can help. In return, philanthropists do not ask for anything and often provide assistance anonymously.Whole charitable foundations are created, where not indifferent people can contribute to the misfortune (or development) of outsiders: children, refugees, the sick, etc. Often, charitable gatherings go to support nature or animals. By the way, not only money belongs to charitable assistance.

A philanthropist is a person who voluntarily and free of charge assists the development of science and culture. He attracts his personal financial means for this noble cause.

Sponsor - investing money in the development and prosperity of someone or something. A sponsor can be either a person or an entire organization. A specific person, company, direction, idea, or any other activity can also receive sponsorship. The notion of “investor” is similar in meaning, but the sponsor, unlike the investor, does not receive material benefits from the invested funds. Although his interest is present. Most often, sponsors allocate funding to “light up” in the media.

Anyway, giving free aid, each person expects to receive something in return: gratitude, attention, his own peace of mind or reverent joy from perfect good deeds.

The history of patronage in Russia

In Rome, under the rule of Octavius ​​Augustus, the assistant and confidant of the emperor was Guy Maecenas. He was much permitted, Augustus listened to his opinion. Guy helped the creative people who fell into disfavor of political power in every possible way. The name of Maecenas entered the history as a common noun, denoting help, patronage, financial support of scientists and art workers.

Charity in Russia originated in the XIII century as a direction of charity. Patrons of Russia are rich people who have achieved success in various fields. But they received fame mainly due to patronage of arts.

Philanthropists and patrons of art, the most famous in Russia

  • Merchant G. G. Solodovnikov (1826–1901) donated more than 20 million to charity. Gavril Gavrilovich himself was not a very literate man, but very hardworking and thrifty.

patrons of Russia

  • Nobleman Yu.S. Nechaev-Maltsov (1834-1913). Yuri Stepanovich, as the story goes, was unusually stingy. But thanks to initiative people (in particular, Professor I. Tsvetaeva) donated 3 million rubles for the construction of the Museum of Fine Arts. Interestingly, a nobleman for 10 years of construction suffered enormous losses and did a lot to complete it, moreover anonymously.

  • Tretyakov merchants donated more than 3 million rubles.Pavel Mikhailovich and Sergei Mikhailovich not only gave Russia the richest and most famous collection of paintings. Their investments and assistance to the Russian people cannot be overestimated.

  • Merchant S.I. Mammoths (1841-1918). It was not possible to accurately calculate the size of the charity, but their scope is very large.

  • Merchant S.T. Morozov (1862-1905) donated over 500 thousand of his fortune to charity.

  • Merchant V.A. Morozov (1850-1917) and M.K. Morozov (1873-1958) made a significant contribution to the spiritual development of the Russian people.

Contemporary patrons of Russia

Years go by, science does not stand still, art changes, and only one thing remains unchanged - there is not much money for development. Fortunately, there are people in modern society who are ready to support scientists, artists, musicians and other artists.

  • Vladimir O. Potanin, President of the Interros holding company, is a well-known Russian philanthropist. It was he who formed the foundation aimed at the development of education and culture. Not so long ago, he bequeathed all his fortune to charity.

benefactors and philanthropists

  • Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska also makes large financial investments from personal funds for the development of culture, science and sports.

  • Dmitry Borisovich Zimin takes an honorable place in the list of Patrons of Russia. He retired from a prosperous company and devoted himself entirely to patronage activities aimed at the development of basic science.

  • Often, large, financially stable companies act as patrons of the arts in our country: OAO GAZPROM, CB Alfa-Bank, CB Zenit.

How to get financial support?

If an unforeseen situation has happened in your life, for the resolution of which you urgently need money, you can contact a charitable foundation. Today in Russia there are a large number of funds that actually provide assistance to the population. Ask your local government administration if there is an opportunity for local authorities to assist. Write to influential people and apply to several funds. All information about them is easy to find. It is important to describe the problem in detail, clearly state the request and attach copies of diagnoses, prescriptions and other documents. If trouble touched your loved ones, the main thing is not to give up and fight. Good people will definitely be there, and everything will be fine with you.modern patrons of art

If you are a talented artist, musician or promising scholar who has his own unique idea, sooner or later you will need support.Financial or informational assistance is needed for every talented person for development. In order to get it, you must declare yourself. Participate in various competitions, conferences, “fill” contacts, do not hesitate to contact for support in small and large organizations. Somewhere there is your philanthropist, this is real, although not easy. Be creative, improve, move!

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