Passage of "Transformers". Passage of parts of the game "Transformers"

In this material we offer you the passage of "Transformers" - the famous trilogy of games. Let's start from the very beginning, that is, from the first part, which was published in 2007.


the passage of transformersSo, in front of us "Transformers" (part 1), the passage begins with the choice of the side on which we have to fight. Select "good" and load the first mission, which is called "Suburb". Transform into a car and go on a trip. The car can be accelerated. We reach the point indicated on the navigator. On site we are met by opponents, we defeat them in battle. Mission passed.

Back on the road

Transformers passageNext, we see a screensaver, after which you can continue the passage of "Transformers". Persist. Again, we transform into a car and go on the road. Along the way, we collect all the important elements. We arrive at the place and observe a small family conversation.Suddenly we meet opponents who are transformed into cars. They need to be overtaken as soon as possible. We can not allow their separation from us. After winning another mission will be completed, however, to achieve a result, you may have to try several times.

Car market

passing game transformersNext in turn is the next chapter of the Transformers game, the passage begins with the fact that the family we already know goes to buy a car. The boy will acquire exactly the one in which the robot controlled by us is hiding. After that, another battle will break out. Several spectacular chases and the mission passed.


passing the transformers 1Next in turn is the next chapter of the Transformers game, passing will continue our meeting with a couple of young people who, after discussing the origin of the robot, will switch to the praises of our hero for saving the bus. Then we will be contacted and informed that we are obliged at all costs to protect the person we met. We will appear in front of the house, on which you need to climb and destroy a special device on the roof. After that, another, but already on the ground. Next, we transform into a car and go to the next object, we should hurry here, because our time is limited. We destroy antennas and other equipment again. Overcoming the resistance of the enemy.By destroying all the transmitters, we will ensure the safety of the person who is entrusted under our patronage, since the enemy will not be able to find him. The next object is explosive, so we need to destroy it with great care. The chapter ends with a spectacular explosion of all the elements to be destroyed.


passing game transformers 1We continue the passage of "Transformers-1". Our hero, along with his allies, is next to a person already familiar to us. Optimus Prime, one of the robots, appears to humans and reports that he needs their help. Next, we learn that we managed to ensure Sam’s safety, but only for a certain time. Optimus tells people about the key to the source of life transformers. The conversation ends with the attack of enemy helicopters, from which we need to escape. At the same time, we will start playing for another robot. We will have to hurry again, because time is limited. A little trick. It is necessary to destroy gas stations, so you can get extra time to achieve the goal. So, we need to rush through the entire city and destroy all the objects marked in a special way in order to divert the attention of the enemy.


TransformersPassage of "Transformers" is continued by leaving the ambush and the battle with an incredibly clever opponent in hand-to-hand combat. To defeat him, it is best to hit him with accurate throws of various heavy objects. In addition, we will attack the tank, which also will have to cope. The fact is that a state of emergency has been declared in the city, military units have been introduced. Our task is to help all the allies who are under attack by the enemy. The next opponent cannot be overcome without a special secret. First you need to knock it down with a heavy object, for example, a tank. And when he falls, we raise the enemy and throw as far as possible. Only after that it will be damaged. The chapter will end after our victory.


Passage of the game "Transformers-1" continues the screen saver, from which we learn that it is necessary to check the terrain in search of the enemy. This time we have to play in the guise of Optimus Prime. Next, we see a group of police helicopters detaining a friendly robot Bumblebee. We pursue the aircraft. In this case, you can not allow them to hide, otherwise all hopes of saving Bumblebee will be lost.

Further developments

We have not managed to save a friend yet, but the passage of Transformers does not end there. Next, we learn that a certain mysterious group that calls itself "Sector 7" kidnapped Bumblebee, Sam and his friend Mikael. We need to help out friends. The passage of "Transformers-1" continues the screensaver, from which it is clear that Bumblebee managed to escape from captivity, and then we need to help him get out of the lair of opponents. To do this, break armored doors and stop security drones. In the end, we need to get into the control room. However, drones should be deactivated before, as they are capable of triggering an alarm. Should hurry. After the control room, we have to go along the winding path of the dungeon, while burning fragments will fall from the ceiling on our hero. Destroy them before they hit us. After that, several objects will appear on the map. These are special cooling systems that we have to destroy. This is followed by another chapter in which we appear in front of the building. Climb it and demolish the structure. A similar action must be repeated several times.As a result, Bumblebee managed to leave the bunker, taking Sam and Michaela with him. A new chapter begins, it transfers us control over a new robot, which at that moment the enemy is attacking. Events unfold on the streets of the city. We turn to protection. At the next stage, our robot enters into negotiations with a surviving enemy and invites him to surrender. However, he transformed into a plane and trying to leave. You must not let him escape. At the same time, we should evade enemy air attacks. As soon as the enemy will be plunged, we will begin to attack the helicopter, which will also be dealt with. We proceed to the next level and see how one of the Allied robots is destroyed. We need revenge. The final is near. Overcoming the resistance of the enemy to complete victory.

Revenge of the Fallen

Begin the passage of the game "Transformers-2". First of all, a certain training level opens up for us. Note that to switch between cameras, we will use the Alt key. Button I allows you to zoom. So let's get started. We follow the radar and jump the beacon. Next, climb the wall and get to the new goal.Nearby there are 3 more lighthouses, we go to them. Note that the speed of movement of our character has increased significantly compared with the first part. Next, we pass the imitation of melee with the enemy to test their skills. We work out a strong attack. Each of the characters has a special ability. We test it in practice. We move into combat form and fire opponents. We select everything that falls out of enemies. If necessary, switch between primary and secondary weapons. Also available to us to capture the target, but only for some types of weapons. We test rocket effectiveness. Go to the next beacon to learn the basics of riding. Go to the transport form and find the following 5 goals. For the defeat of each of them, we get 10 extra seconds on the timer. We work out the method of acceleration in the transport form. Also check how the car is able to attack the enemy. Continuing through the game "Transformers-2" jump in the form of transport. From the car we work on the attack in melee. Experiencing a special blow to the ground. At the new beacon we will test our strength in a real battle.Win three opponents. Next, we get control over the robot, the main weapon of which is a sniper rifle. We test sight in practice. We switch to flight mode and check what the transformer is capable of in the air. We touch in the air each of the designated goals. Apply roll, this will improve the accuracy of turns. We turn to aerobatics and accelerate its aircraft. We test the weapon, it is accepted to call it here "death from heaven". Go to the transform attack. We get to the last lighthouse. This completes the training level, and the skills acquired here will allow us to overcome all the obstacles that will be encountered along the way. The game has a system for the gradual improvement of the character.

The past reminds of itself

passing transformers 3The next step is the passage of "Transformers-3". We look at the splash screen, from which we learn that the Earth is the last island of good, and immediately enter the battle. In this part, significantly improved graphics. Our character has incredibly high detail. Add one of the available weapons. We change the look and overcome obstacles on the car. Control is carried out with the mouse.We need to develop maximum speed and fly over the obstacle. The following opponents must be won in hand-to-hand combat. We reach the destroyed railway. Move the train and move on. We fall on another station. We get a new weapon. We reach our friends and follow further in the team. We need to get an ancient artifact. If you like this game, the passing of the Transformers parts that we brought today will be useful for you.

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