Park "Birch Grove" (Novosibirsk): history, review, reviews

Summer began. Novosibirsk is basking in the sun, and the townspeople and visitors of the city are thinking: "Where are we going for a walk today?" Most of the city's parks have become noisy and crowded, but in the capital of Siberia there is one excellent place for walking - the park of culture and recreation "Birch Grove". Novosibirsk is famous for this beautiful square.

This park is considered to be one of the mostmajor places for recreation in the city. It has an interesting and sad history, but do not go for it, because today you can safely walk, ride on attractions and bicycles on the asphalt paths among the centennial birches.

park birch grove novosibirsk

A sad past

At the beginning of the XX century in the territory of the present parkNew City and Zakamenskoye cemeteries were opened. They were closed in 1960. The city buildings in those years were very far from this place. And nothing broke the rest in a birch grove. At the churchyard there was a church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. She survived the years of persecution (1930's).

In the post-war years, Novosibirsk became rapidlygrow. Its development did not follow the plan of town planners. So, the pogosts were surrounded by multi-storey houses. Cemeteries soon closed, as they came to desolation. Most of the graves were not well maintained, and some are completely abandoned. The city authorities decided to use this territory with benefit for the cause.


In 1963 on this site it was decided to laya park. The graves were simply demolished. And the garden workers even nowadays find the bones of Siberians during excavations. Somewhere in the dense thickets of the park zone there are gravestones. However, all these terrible facts did not prevent the Novosibirsk people to love the birch islet!

In 2008, a large-scalelandscaping, the program of which included: cutting down old and dangerous trees, planting young seedlings (pine, birch and cedar), replacing the old asphalt covering, breaking up flower beds, lawns and so on.

After 5 years, namely in 2013, in the park"Birch Grove" (Novosibirsk) opened a four-level fountain, equipped with lighting. This event was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the city - the 120th anniversary of the capital of Siberia.

park of culture and recreation birch grove novosibirsk


Despite the sad history of creating a place forrecreation of citizens, the park has a well-developed infrastructure. At the main entrance, the bright blue domes of the Church of the Assumption of the Theotokos rise. For lovers of outdoor activities, sports equipment is rented. In winter, visitors skate and ski. The territory of the park is well illuminated. And even in the dark, you can walk around calmly. Attractions are located on the east side of the territory. In the opposite, that is, the western part, the House of Culture "Stroitel" operates. Animal lovers can visit the contact zoo in the birch garden.

You will be surprised and think: "How can a park contain so many objects?" The answer is simple! The thing is that the park covers an area of ​​30 hectares.

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Flora and fauna

Time passed, and a place for sorrow and sadnessturned into one of the cozy and beautiful corners of the city. The park changed and changed every year. Every spring and autumn new trees and shrubs appear on its land.

You already guessed by the name that the park is growinga lot of age-old birches. But over the years, there began to appear cherry, rowan, larch, maple, pine, and from the bushes added breeds of dogrose, lilac, cornel, snow leopard and other plants.

Thus, today the park "Birch Grove" (Novosibirsk) has a special and bright atmosphere.

Now the walking zone in the park is very beautiful andcalm. Along the paths there are benches so that travelers can rest, read a book or a magazine. It was this zone that the red mistresses of the park loved-the squirrels. They are almost tame here. Do not be afraid of visitors and very often arranged on a bench next to a man in order to treat them with treats.

park administration birch grove novosibirsk

Services for visitors

The administration of the park made sure that the rest was not only comfortable, but also varied. Athletes will appreciate the beautiful rope park.

Novosibirsk and "Birch Grove" developed simultaneously, so the garden is full of many services, namely:

  • rental of skis;
  • rink;
  • shooting in a dash;
  • laser tag;
  • a complex of snow slides "King of the Mountain";
  • a lot of attractions;
  • riding on animals;
  • hippotherapy;
  • rent of snowmobiles for children and adults;
  • rent of arbors, as well as convenient mangal sites;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • shish kebabs;
  • variety scenes;
  • show program.

Operating mode

In Novosibirsk, the park "Birch Grove" is open all year round from 11:00 to 22:00.

The ticket office is closed for half an hour before closing, that is at 21:30. Consider this factor at an evening walk, otherwise you can stay without a ticket for rides.

Like any urban institution, the garden has leaders. The administration of the park "Birch Grove" (Novosibirsk) is located at: Planetnaya Street, 53.

Remember that the management works on its schedule: 9:00 - 17:30. Lunch is from 12:30 to 13:00.

Despite the fact that a hundred years ago there wascemetery, today the guests of the city nothing reminds of this! The authorities and employees of the park managed to create a cosiness, joy and fun in the park "Birch Grove" (Novosibirsk). Reviews about this place are only positive.

birch grove novosibirsk reviews

Four sectors

Administration during the improvement made a decision - to divide the park into four zones, each of them has its own meaning:

  • Walking - filled with alleys, paths and benches.
  • Memorial - has a monument to soldiers who died of wounds in hospitals in Novosibirsk, as well as a mortgage stone called "Generation XXI".
  • Active - the busiest terrain of the park. The presence of attractions and rental of sports equipment make it a favorite point of citizens.
  • The last, sports zone, has a tennis court, horizontal bars and treadmills, which are always occupied by vacationers.

In other words, the park "Birch Grove" (Novosibirsk) is one of the most favorite places for rest in summer and winter days. Come and see for yourself.

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