Paint "Garnier": reviews, palette

In the modern cosmetic market, you canmeet a lot of hair dyes, manufacturers who promise a persistent color and a complete shading of gray hair. However, among such diversity, it is difficult for women to choose the ideal remedy for their hair. In this article you will learn about the advantages of the paint "Garnier", which has a rich palette of saturated shades.

Features of paint "Garnier"

Paint "Garnier", reviews about whichmainly positive and from ordinary consumers, and from professionals, has a fairly strong position among the leaders of the cosmetic market. The French company has been producing high-quality products for many years now, which differs from the competitors' offers with bright colors and persistent coloring effect.

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To date, there are several series of paint "Garnier", which differ from each other not only palette, but also properties:

  • "Color Naturals";
  • "Olia";
  • "Color and Shine";
  • "Color Sensation";
  • "Belle Color".

At the same time, every woman can choose her ownan ideal shade in any series, appreciating its advantages and compatibility with its type of hair. Using modern hair dyes, do not be afraid that as a result you will get over-dried tips and unnatural appearance. The latest achievements make it possible to achieve a natural coloration, which will also help restore the structure of the hair.

Advantages of using hair color "Garnier"

According to users, there are a number of advantages that make the paint so popular:

  1. A wide palette of colors, allowing any woman to create a unique image.
  2. The choice of both ammonia and bezammia paint. In this respect, the manufacturer took care of the safety of its customers.
  3. Low price for products. So, the paint "Garnier", reviews of which prove its effectiveness, will cost the buyer 120 - 250 rubles. At the same time, you can purchase the product practically at any cosmetics store or household chemical goods.
  4. The presence of natural nutrients in the paint. Organic ingredients allow restoring the structure of the hair after the staining procedure and fixing the result obtained.
  5. A stable result, able to maintain the original color up to 4-6 weeks. In this case, the tone indicated on the package fully corresponds to the result of the staining.

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Palette "Garnier Color Naturals"

Paint "Garnier Color Nuchehrs", reviews aboutwhich is proved by its effectiveness in stable coloration, has in its palette of 30 saturated shades: from a platinum blonde to a burning black. In this case, each of them is called upon to actively paint the gray hair. The name of the series speaks for itself, because all colors are as close as possible to the natural shades of female hair.

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The paint has a pleasant creamy texture, which allows you to perform painting at home without the help of outsiders. The mixture applied to the hair will not flow and will carefully color all the hair.

The series contains natural oilsolive, avocado and shea (carite). It is these components that allow the hair to be fed from the inside, ensuring their shine and smoothness. Do not overdry the tips, but the color remains saturated for more than a month.

If you dream of a natural hair color, thenyour ideal choice is the paint "Garnier Color Nuchets". The opinions of professionals say that thanks to this remedy you can achieve an amazing result in everyday coloring.

Palette "Garnier Olia"

If your hair is tired of frequent paintingchemical means, then choose the "Garnier Olia" palette. This paint is suitable for brittle and lifeless hair, which are difficult to treat with various masks.

A wide palette, in 25 colors, will allow you to findan ideal tone for both blondes and bright girls with red and chestnut hair. At the same time, all shades are as close to natural as possible, which will not create a surprise effect after staining.

The peculiarity of the series "Oliya" is itsunusual composition. As a rule, paints are bred by special oxygenants and developers accompanying the process of staining with the pungent odor of ammonia. But the paint "Garnier Olia" is activated by a special composition of oils, which avoids an aggressive chemical reaction.

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It is known that women all over the world have grown fond oforganic cosmetics. Therefore, the creators of the paint "Garnier Olia" keep pace with the times, offering an innovative color scheme based solely on natural ingredients. Hair after such a procedure is almost completely restored, acquiring a natural shine and natural color. This effect is a distinguishing feature, which is characterized by the paint "Garnier". "Light brown", the reviews about which is the most popular, is the most intense and natural shade in the series. At the same time, it can be used both by blondes and owners of chestnut hair, since the paint has a lightening effect.

Palette "Garnier Color and Shine"

This series contains 15 colors that will come intaste any modern fashionista. At the same time, every shade, whether light blond or dark brown, has natural sunlight that starts to play in daylight. The Garnier Color and Shine series is an excellent choice for bright girls who want to emphasize their natural beauty. Active components of the product - avocado oil and olive oil - will achieve a saturated color without harm to the hair. This effect can only give the paint "Garnier". Palette, reviews about which are the most positive even from professional stylists, will help create an image of a Hollywood diva without going to a beauty salon.

Palette "Garnier Color Sensation"

This palette contains 25 bright and saturatedshades, which differ in the high content of coloring pigments. The paint "Garnier Color Senseishen", the reviews of which prove its persistent effect, is an ideal choice for those women who want to be bright even in everyday life. "Sunny Blonde", "Red Chestnut", "Blue-black" - these and many other shades of the palette allow you to create a unique image at home.

Despite the strong effect of the paint, whichis able to paint 100% of gray hair, it has a fairly mild effect. And the use of nutritious balm will restore the hair after the dyeing procedure in just a few minutes. The paint "Garnier Color Senseishen", reviews of which only prove its positive effect on the hair, is one of the best-selling sedatives in the world.

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Palette "Garnier Belle Color"

This palette, consisting of 20 shades, is not sois popular in Russia, both in Europe. However, it can be found in specialized cosmetics stores. The composition of the series is also developed on the basis of natural components, taking into account the safety of staining. Active substances from the palette of "Belle Color" are the oils of wheat and jojoba, which take care of the hair and ensure their moisturizing. This series is ideal for women who want to try new shades without injuring the structure of their hair.

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Instructions for the use of paint

Like any other paint, "Garnier" should be applied to unwashed hair. In this case, the diluted mixture must be applied immediately, distributing from the roots to the tips.

The exposure time of the ink depends on the desiredhue. Means with clarifying effect, as a rule, require more time for manifestation. While dark and black shades are fastened to the hair very quickly. The paint "Garnier", the reviews of which prove its effectiveness in painting gray hair, can give a vibrant and natural color to any type of hair.

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It is required to wash off the paint without using a shampoo. And to restore hair and fix the result, you must always use the balm, which is included.

Paint "Garnier": consumer reviews

The French paint manufacturer is keeping pace withtime. Therefore, what allows to justify why the choice of thousands of women was the paint "Garnier" - reviews. The photo of the results of staining allows you to clearly see the effect, and the opinion of consumers - to evaluate the advantages of using a dye.

Among women, however, it is believed that the paintcontains too much ammonia, which causes a strong pungent odor during the staining procedure. The manufacturer on this account only makes a helpless gesture, pushing out versions that counterfeits of the well-known brands can be sold on the shelves of stores. Therefore, it is worth buying dyes exclusively in professional beauty salons.

Paint "Garnier Senseishen", reviews about whichare extremely positive, is the most popular among women. Consumers note the color saturation, rich shades of the palette, which really retain their brightness up to 4 weeks after staining. That's why thousands of women around the world give their preference to this series.

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