Overseas - what is it? Oversize clothing

Today we will tell you about oversight. What it is, consider in detail as well. Also give tips on the combination of clothing in this style.

Sometimes you want to rummage in the men's wardrobe, find a huge warm sweater and drown in it. Women are always impressed with a free-cut shirt, knitted coarse sweaters. This can be explained simply - freedom of movement, coziness and comfort, at the same time security. Designers and fashion designers came to the rescue by creating fashionable things.

Overseas - clothing style

Overseas is a voluminous clothing of a free and unique cut. It differs from its usual size. Learning how to combine things of different sizes in an oversized style is the secret of success. The main emphasis should be on clothing of this style. Choosing things, you need to adhere to some recommendations. Clothing must be 2-3 sizes larger than usual. In the set it should be only one, otherwise the image will be of an indefinite style that does not look quite aesthetically pleasing. Fashion trend can be easily implemented with the help of accessories.If you don’t fit big things and you like this style, use glasses, bracelets, earrings, bags.

oversight what is it

What else is different overseas (style of dress)? To create a successful fashionable bow, you should play on contrasts.

Fashionable things, emphasizing the chosen style, are sweaters, down jackets, women's dresses, as well as sweaters. First, let's talk about the latest version of clothing.


What can I wear with an oversized sweater? Mix styles, turn on the imagination and do not forget the recommendations. One option would be a black pencil skirt, blue, just below the knees. For daring fashionistas, a light short skirt of light fabric is selected. Sweater suit pastel shades. By the way, popular colors for clothing overseas are neutral tones. This style does not provide an abundance of accessories. Fashionable bow looks favorably without them. High heel shoes match the style of a sweater or skirt. In cold weather, wear ankle boots or semi-boots of dark colors. The image completes the bag with a shoulder strap. This image is high girls. They oversized sweater can be worn 3-4 sizes larger. Low-rise girls are recommended a set consisting of black or dark gray skinny jeans plus a swamp-colored sweater. Perfectly fit white shirt.

cardigan oversized

Bow shoes or platform shoes will complete the bow. Also, a gray sweater-tunic will be a fashionable decoration for your look. Tights come in black. From shoes you can give preference to shoes on a low run, be sure to match the tights. This outfit will present minimalism. By the way, this is one of the rules of this style.


A cardigan oversize differs from a sweater in texture and lack of a neck. Clothing sets will be almost identical. It is important not to forget to stick with texture, not colors. Thing should be larger by 2-3 sizes. If there is more than one size, this is not a given style.

oversized clothing style

For older women, a jumper oversized suit. Light tones will make the image more aristocratic and intriguing. The jumper in texture is thinner than a sweater, so a beige long skirt will suit it. Trendy bow will be interesting in white and beige combination.


Long sweaters and sweaters are sometimes used as a dress. Such a thing will definitely not be complete, but will allow you to hide figure flaws. Models and styles can be found for any age.

down jacket

Oversize dress can be both mini and midi.The style provides baggy and spaciousness. For everyday life, suit dress shirt, megapopular among young people. Without unnecessary details, slightly negligent, but so comfortable. Sneakers are a great addition to the dress. For a working day, an oversized sheath dress will suit. A discreet palette of colors, a minimum of accessories will create an individual image. Feminine dress will give shoes with heels.

oversized clothing

Knitted woolen dress will look decent with soldiers' boots. The image can be complemented with golf. An oversize dress with a color print is a new season. The ease of the image will emphasize your individuality. A dress of yellow or mustard color with sneakers is a cheeky, fashionable bow.

oversize dress

Looks stylish overseas shirt. No longer have to borrow it in the wardrobe of men. Fashion designers have tried to create original styles. The popularity of a white oversized shirt is obvious. In any season, she will find a use. Collecting a set, the emphasis is on the shirt. It is in harmony with tight pants. A huge white shirt tucked into pants looks very impressive.

Down jacket

Let's continue the conversation about overseas style.What it is? How to wear such things and not seem poorly dressed? Women who prefer this style, rather than follow fashion trends, and their personal beliefs. Oversize clothing will not be dull and dull. Creating your image in accordance with the recommendations, a woman will always be individual. The main thing is to keep balance. Even outerwear in this style looks, undoubtedly, beautiful.

Down jacket oversized indispensable in cold weather. Convenience, comfort, freedom of movement - the main advantages of this thing. Overly bulky down jacket does not sit on the figure, the image will be multi-layered. But in such a thing comfort and warmth provided. Oversized cozy long down jackets will create a warm atmosphere. But the choice of such a thing must be approached with a clear understanding of how to wear it. First of all, the down jacket should be straight cut. This will be able to hide the extra volumes. This style will suit girls of high stature of different ages. The main addition to outerwear will be rough shoes: boots with a tractor sole, ankle boots. Shoes must fit the image. White blown down cocoon looks great. The name itself speaks for itself.Short down jackets will not suit everyone because of their cut. They are mainly for petite girls. It can be both sporty and casual look. Ripped jeans with cuffs, turtleneck, sneakers - fashionable bow is ready. Not always created kit will be practical. Young and daring teenagers do not think about it, thereby creating an original ensemble in clothes. Megaprostuyu down jacket in black in combination with boats looks "very cool." It is worth to refuse noticeable fittings in outerwear in order not to look tasteless and vulgar. Kits will be fashionable if one thing turns out to be free. The image will not be bulky and huge, if there is a volume top and a narrow bottom.


You already understand what kind of overseas style. What it is, we have already figured out. Now let's talk about the pants in this style. Oversize pants are so versatile and practical that they are suitable for any age category. Their shape can be varied. Pants in this style are preferred by men and women. Denim oversizes are quite popular now. They can be used during a walk, as well as in a business working environment that does not require a dress code.Having correctly collected a set of clothes, you will always be fashionable and bright. Jeans oversized fit any figure. The image can be supplemented with a narrow cut blouse in pastel colors. The always fashionable short jacket in the “Chanel” style will complement the style. And complete the image of shoes: shoes at low speed or shoes.

Denim clothing

Oversized denim style that season does not go out of fashion. Modern young girls stop their choice on a voluminous jacket. She is stylish, practical and so comfortable. In it you can go with friends in a cafe, cinema. A white or black shirt, gray shorts and high boots will create a unique look. The bag is better to change to not very bulky backpack. Oversized denim jackets are relevant to the appliqués, colored sleeves. These additions will bring a zest to such a playful image.

oversized sweater

The advantage of the free cutter is that it combines with almost all colors. A light airy motley dress plus oversized jacket is a great set. This image will be elegant and feminine. Slip-ons will not spoil a fashionable bow, but quite the opposite.

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