Our children vs business?

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If you suddenly do not know, then in the Tax Code of the Russian Federation there is a definition of what is entrepreneurial activity and what is its purpose. I will not quote the source, I will only indicate that the main goal is profit.
This is logical, but is it moral? And can moral norms and other social values ​​be applicable when it comes to business?
Baby food manufacturers believe, for example, that they don’t. In their opinion, which I read here in this article, “only” 4.6% of fakes on the market is a trifle, a permissible, so to speak, error against the background of the general process of receiving profits from the sale of products.
Ok friends. But let's calculate what these 4.6% are? This is every 20th bank, which stands on the shelves in stores.
What is baby food for a child? This is often the only way to get a full meal if there is no breastfeeding (for a variety of reasons: milk is gone, for example). And now imagine that 19 children received a normal meal, and 20 gave a counterfeit, which was produced in an underground shop in unsanitary conditions by Krivorot migrant workers.Submitted? Now imagine that this is your child.
Problems with the intestines in this case - this is the smallest thing that can follow, often such food can lead to the beginning of irreversible changes in the life of a little man who has just been born! For life spoil health or even kill it!
From what they introduce enhanced protection against counterfeiting for alcohol? Because healthy men died from Palen. Why then do we not give a damn about the kids, who, in fact, our common future ??
Why chip fur coats, but again do not think about the children then? I'd just offered first of all medicines, water and baby food!
Returning to the topic. I understand that business is, above all, making a profit. But besides the fact that we are engaged in business, let us remember that we, first of all, are people who live in society. And it depends only on our common attitude towards each other how exactly we will live.

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