Original DIY foam crafts

Crafts from foam plastic are popular both among experienced handmade craftsmen and beginner craftsmen. The material is very easy to buy at any hardware store, it is light in weight and in processing. Garden figures are made of it, they are used in the interior of the premises, they draw up wall panels, sculptural compositions for holidays.

For crafts made of foam use thick pieces and thin plates. For a large volumetric figure, several sheets are glued together, and after drying, the contours of the figure are cut out with a sharp cutter. If you want to decorate a garden with a sculpture created by yourself, then after cutting it can be pierced and painted, weighed down, put on a heavy base or reinforced the crafts with pieces of reinforcement or wire.

In the article we will consider several options for the manufacture of foam plastic crafts with our own hands, which people who have no special artistic abilities can easily make.The main thing is to want to do the job, to show interest in a new kind of creativity. In the absence of drawing skills, a schematic image can be printed from the Internet on a printer. Making the figures presented in the article does not require any special cash outlays, so people can even make small objects of foam plastic.

Artificial lake swan

To cut such a large sculpture, you need to assemble a large parallelepiped from a sheet of foam, cut into rectangles of the desired size. For high-quality gluing, purchase the following products of your choice:

  • liquid Nails;
  • adhesive designed for foam;
  • silicone sealant;
  • facade glue that can withstand frosty temperatures;
  • polyurethane foam.
garden swan

When everything is dry, on one side of the volumetric figure draw the outlines of a swan - side view. It is recommended to first make a sketch on a sheet of drawing paper, and only then transfer it with a marker to the material.

To cut a large figure use a hacksaw, cutters, a sharp knife. Of course, after such work, the edges of our swan will crumble and look unaesthetic.Therefore, the next stage of the work is to cover the entire surface of the foam craft with gypsum putty. Spatula is best to take a small rubber. Stir the gypsum powder with water in an unnecessary bowl to a thick cream. Cover the swan with a thin layer. Then you need to let the shape dry. If necessary, smooth out the remaining irregularities, you can add to the solution of water and wipe the figure with it with a sponge again.

Acrylic paints are best suited for painting a swan, although some craftsmen use a regular facade. The final touch in the work is covering the figure with varnish. Now she is not afraid of rain, the work can be washed with a sponge. In order for the figure not to fall from gusts of wind, it can be glued to the stone.

Openwork house

The craft "house" of the foam is most convenient to do from the ceiling. It is sold in squares, has a small thickness, so you can cut along the contours drawn with a simple knife or chisel. A house is made of 6 parts. 2 sides are drawn together with the triangles of the roof, 2 others - the squares of the walls. It remains to cut two parts for the slopes of the roof.If you want to make an openwork craft of foam with your own hands, a ornate pattern is applied to the ceiling panels.

how to make a house out of foam

Do not forget to put a wooden board under the foam. After all the parts are made, they can be glued together in the shape of a house. The floor is not done, because inside you can put a small night light, which at night will create an indescribable comfort in the room.

Handicraft made of foam "dog"

2018, according to the eastern calendar, is the year of the Dog. Many, decorating the room for the holiday, put the figures of this animal under the Christmas tree or on the bookshelf. We offer an interesting version of the congratulatory stand with the advent of the New Year on the example of a dog.

foam dog

On a thin foam sheet draw the outlines of a dog that sits on a large bone. On a separate segment, we draw the numbers we need, denoting the coming year. Then all the details cut out with a sharp cutter. The contours of the resulting bone are circled again and the same bone is cut out, only with emptiness inside. Then all the details are painted with paints and the picture is put together.

To place the numbers you need on the bottom strip of the bone contour to cut out excess foam.The photo shows how to do it. Congratulatory crafts can be put under the tree, hang on the door at work or at home, put on the holiday table.

New Year's Foam Crafts

For a holiday, arrange a room in a school class or group room in a kindergarten, any office or lobby of a large enterprise, decorate a shop window or a single department window with foam images of a snowman, sleigh, gifts with bows, Santa Claus deer and his carriage, hang small snowflakes on Christmas tree on the street in front of the house or set in front of the supermarket.

New Year's foam craft

For the stability of the figure, you can pin it on rods screwed into a heavy stand. Consider a few simple options for the manufacture of Christmas crafts from foam.


In order to cut a beautiful symmetrical snowflake, you need to be able to draw it, because we don’t want to perform a low-quality and inaccurate Christmas-tree toy. Therefore, you first need to either draw on paper using a ruler and a simple pencil scheme, or print a ready-made template.

snowflake cutout stencil

Then, using copy paper, transfer the pattern to the base material.With this method it remains possible to correct any irregularities of the image.

snowflake on the Christmas tree

Then a sharp knife on the contours of the pattern is cut. To hang a snowflake on one of its rays, you need to punch a hole and thread a thread or thin rain.

Ready-made snowman

To decorate the room for the holiday, you can make a snowman out of ready-made foam balls. You can buy them in the shops of sewing accessories.

snowman foam balls

To keep the balls one on another, they need to be cut a little at the junction, creating a flat surface, and then glued to each other. Then the work goes only on the attachment of decorating parts - hats, scarves, you can attach hands in mittens, glue eyes and nose from semi-beads, draw with paints or a mouth marker. If desired, you can even make a broom from twigs. For sewing small parts is best to use felt.

From the text of the article, you have already understood that it is very easy to make crafts from such a beautiful and cheap material; you can create both tiny charms and large garden figures.

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