October 23: What is the sign of the zodiac born on this day?

Every person knows his zodiac sign. But you can also be born in transitional periods. That is, it’s a controversial day, which according to various data can be attributed to both one and another signs. Now I want to talk about the date of October 23: what sign of the zodiac rules this day.

October 23 what zodiac sign

About the "border guards"

In astrology, there is such a term as "frontier guards". These are people who are born at the junction of two signs of the zodiac. Born on October 23 are the “frontier guards”. What zodiac sign suits them? Libra or Scorpio? In this and I want to further understand.

So, it should be noted that such people themselves are not easy. They need to find a special approach to understand their essence and become their friend. In their character are mixed features of the two signs of the zodiac - the harmony and tranquility of Libra, as well as the corrosiveness of Scorpios. These are antagonists in nature, which naturally leaves a definite imprint on the lives of such people.

On the nature of the "border guards"

So, born on October 23, which zodiac sign represent? This has yet to be resolved. After all, there is no unequivocal answer to this question. But at this stage I would like to say a few words about the character of such people. As noted above, these are ambiguous personalities. They are characterized by an imbalance of forces, in their character - a mass of contradictions, which causes inconvenience to many people around them. With such personalities live and coexist alongside is very difficult.

A characteristic feature of those born on this day: such people often engage in Samoyedism. After the committed deed, they can sit for hours and scroll through all that happened, each time asking again and again: did everything work out in the best way or could something be changed for the better? It should be noted that such doubts leave a large part of the life of the “frontier guards” of these signs.

But all is not as bad as it may seem at first glance. The mass of contradictions has its positive sides. Astrologers say that such people turn out to be very talented as a result. And it can be any field of activity: sports, writing, automobile business.

 if born on October 23, what is the sign

We consider further the date of October 23. What zodiac sign does it represent? It can be both Libra and Scorpio.It all depends on certain indicators, which will be discussed further. But now we must also note that such people are skillful lovers. However, all is not well here: those born on this day almost always experience a period of so-called Fall. And all because of their heightened sexuality and love of carnal success. Because of this, it is best for such people to search for themselves in creative professions, where such behavior is not condemned as strictly as in puritanical society.

Despite all the above, such people are very vulnerable and sensitive. They are ready to make everyone happy, while expecting the same behavior from others. Therefore, they are often deceived by people in their expectations.

About the sign of the zodiac

So, it's time to figure it out: October 23 - what is the sign of the zodiac? But first it is worth noting that people who were born a little earlier, namely, October 20, 21 and 22, are 100% “border guards”. That is, they can refer themselves to both Scorpio and Libra. Moreover, the features of both signs of the zodiac are inherent in such personalities. As for those born on October 23, then everything is not so simple.

born october 23 what zodiac sign

About October 23

It's time to figure out: if you were born on October 23, what zodiac sign can you assign to a person? Again, there is no definitive answer. You need to know exactly the time of birth. After all, much will depend on it. The following is a table that will tell you what is the sign of the zodiac born on October 23.

Time of birth

Year of birth

0 hours

represents 1966, 1970, 1999, as well as 2003

1 hour

represents 1962 and 1995

2 hours

represents 1954, as well as 1958 and 1991

3 hours

the years 1950, 1983 as well as 1987

4 hours

represents 1946 and 1979

5 o'clock

represents the year 2004 as well as 1942, 1971, 2008 and 1975

6 hours

represents 2000 and 1967

7 o'clock

represents 1992, 1996 and 1963

8 ocloc'k

represents 1988, 1955 and 1959

9 hours

represent 1984 and 1951

10 hours

represents the year 1976, 1980, 2009 and 1947

11 o'clock

represents 1972, 2005 and 1943

12 hours

represents 1968 and 2001

13 hours

years 1964, 1993, and also 1997

14 hours

represents the year 1956 as well as 1960 and 1989

15 hours

represents 1952 and 1985

16 hours

represents the year 1944, 1948, 1969, and also 1977, 1981, and 2010

17 hours

represents 1973 and 2006

18 hours

only 2002

19 hours

represents the year 1961, as well as 1965, 1994, 1998

20 hours

represent 1957 and 1990

21 o'clock

represents the year 1953 as well as 1982 and 1986

22 hours

represents 1945, 1949 and 1978

23 hours

represents 1941, as well as 1974 and 2007

How to understand all this? In the table you need to find your year. If a person is born before the specified hour, then he is also considered to be a sign of Libra border guards, if after - already Scorpio. It's simple.

October 23 which zodiac sign compatibility

About compatibility

So, we looked at the date of October 23 (what is the sign of the zodiac). Compatibility of such people with other personalities - this also needs to be told. Indeed, as has already become clear, this is a very ambiguous and even to some extent problematic date. What then do you need to know and remember? First of all, you need to properly understand, to what sign of the zodiac a person refers exactly. You can figure this out thanks to the table above. Then you need to understand with whom the resulting zodiac sign is compatible. We look:

- Scales. Good relationships can develop with Aquarius, Gemini. With Taurus is the best way to make friendship - such a marriage will not be long.

- Scorpio. Such a person for close relationships fit Pisces and Virgo. Friendship can be made with Cancers and Aries.

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