NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 graphics card: review, features and reviews

Among the least productive and most affordable graphics cards belongs to NVIDIA GeForce GT 220. Most often, such an accelerator can be found in low-cost office electronic computers. It is this technical solution of the leading video card manufacturer that will be considered in this material.

nvidia geforce gt 220


As part of the 200th series of graphics accelerators, NVIDIA video cards were distributed as follows:

  • The initial, ultrabudget class solutions were presented to the GT 220, GT 230 and GT 240. The modest technical specifications and the weak controller of the RAM did not allow them to be used as the ultimate gaming accelerators, but for office use their capabilities were quite enough. At the same time the cost was minimal. A possible alternative to them are integrated adapters. But if previously it was extremely rare to find motherboards with such a component,and ultrabudget graphics cards were in high demand, now almost all PCs are equipped with integrated graphics cards, and there is no particular need for the solutions in question.
  • The adapter level of the initial game level was occupied by the GTS 240 and GTS 250. Most of the toys could be run on them at low image settings. Accordingly, the cost in this case increased.
  • The average game segment was occupied by the GTX 260 and GTX 275. The improved characteristics of their chips made it possible to run any toys at low and medium settings. In some cases, you could even set the maximum settings. The price also increased.
  • The uncompromising level of speed was provided by adapters of the models GTX 280 and GTX 285. In this case, it is possible to launch any application software, including the most demanding of hardware. But the cost in this case was exorbitant.

In accordance with the above classification, the GT 220 is the most budgetary solution of this series of accelerators with the lowest performance.


To begin with, it should be noted that it is not necessary to expect an expanded configuration from any budget solution.In this case, manufacturers tend to save to the maximum and significantly reduce the cost of the device. As a result, this list only includes the main one. The following bundle boasts NVIDIA GeForce GT 220:

  • Graphics adapter.
  • User guide.
  • Disk with service and management application software.
  • Coupon with a guarantee.

nvidia geforce gt 220 video card

Graphics processor Its characteristics and specifications

NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 boasts very modest parameters. The characteristics of this chip indicate that it was referred to as the GT 216 according to the NVIDIA nomenclature. The real core frequency is 625 MHz. There are 48 shader units in this chip, and they operate at 1360 MHz. There are 16 TMU modules and 8 rasterization blocks. The memory subsystem is capable of, at best, processing 32.4 GB of information in one second. Certainly such speed for the solution of resource-intensive tasks will certainly not be enough. For the simplest applications, including browser, office suite and playback of multimedia content in low resolution, problems should not arise in this case.

Memory. RAM Specifications

The NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 boasts an extended set of supported types of RAM. DDR2 is the least productive type, and it was most often found in the adapters of this model. The clock frequency of the memory chips is 1000 MHz. Also in this case, DDR3 and GDDR3 are supported. In the first case, the frequency of operation is 1580 MHz, and in the second - 2024 MHz. The width of the bus connection of memory chips is 128 bits.

The capacity corresponds to 16 Gb / s for the standard DDR2, 25.3 Gb / s. for DDR3 and 32.4 Gb / s. for GDDR3. The amount of memory could be equal to 512 MB or 1 GB. The presence of allocated memory allows this accelerator to bypass the performance of any integrated solution devoid of such an attribute.

nvidia geforce gt 220 characteristics


A typical set of ports for image output is implemented in the NVIDIA GeForce GT 220. It has one analog VGA socket. It is complemented by digital ports DVI and, of course, DVI. In this case, PCI Ex in the 16x version is used for installation in the expansion slot of the motherboard. The most optimal way to install it is to use revision 2.0. But you can also run in earlier versions of this interface, but it will decrease the speed of the graphic subsystem of the personal computer.There are no restrictions also in the case of using more recent modifications of this connection method, but the combination of the interface itself will not be fully used in this combination.

Energy consumption. Technological features

40nm is a production technology of a semiconductor chip, which is the basis of the NVIDIA Geforce GT 220. Its characteristics indicate that its power consumption level is not more than 58 W. The maximum power that a PCI E expansion slot in a 16X version has is 75W. As a result, there is no need to implement any additional connection from the power supply side. Also, a heat pack of 58 W allows the use of passive cooling systems based on aluminum radiators. You can meet on the market considered accelerators in this version quite often. The advantage of it is that the noise level in this case is 0 dB. The maximum temperature of this semiconductor solution is 1030C. Separately, it should be noted that the number of transistor elements that are deposited on its semiconductor substrate is 486 million units.

nvidia geforce gt 220 palit

Software. Drivers and system software

The situation is pretty good with the drivers for NVIDIA GeForce GT 220. Windows 7 is the main operating system for this hardware. Drivers for it are on the disk, which comes in the basic delivery of such an accelerator. There are also drivers for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista. They focus on the same media. Later, support was added for a newer system software in the face of “Windows” with serial numbers 8, 8.1 and 10. Only now the drivers for them will have to be downloaded from the official Internet resource of the developer company. Also in full at the developer level, support is provided for the Apple operating system, MacOS. Well, to top it off it should be noted that this graphics accelerator has drivers for various modifications of “Linux”. The only operating system that is deprived of the attention of developers is UNIX. But it is mainly found on network servers on which such a video card is almost never used. So the disadvantages of the lack of official drivers for UNIX in this case certainly can not be attributed.

Installation procedureAlgorithm setting

You must perform the following steps to install and configure the NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 graphics card:

  • Remove from the box video accelerator.
  • Turn off the computer and disconnect all the wires from it.
  • Removing the side panel from the computer case.
  • We install the card into the expansion slot so that the latches in it close.
  • Screw the metal plate of the adapter to the housing fastening panel with a screw.
  • We return the side panel in place, fix it with the cases.
  • We install the system unit to the initial place and connect it back. At the same time, it is necessary to connect the wire from the monitor to the ports of the newly installed adapter.
  • Turn on the PC and then wait for the end of the boot process.
  • The next step is to install the drivers. It will be more correct to download them from the official website of the manufacturer or, in the absence of a connection, use a CD for this purpose.
  • After installing them, restart the PC. We check the correctness of the installation. To do this, go to the device manager.

nvidia geforce gt 220 windows 7

Testing in games

As noted earlier, impressive performance in most demanding applications cannot be expected from NVIDIA GeForce GT 220. The games belong to such software.As opponents in the tests for the hero of this review, the most optimal choice is GeForce 9500GT (a representative of the previous generation of accelerators in this price category), Radeon HD4650 and Radeon HD4670 (competing solutions from AMD). The test bench was based on the Q250 Core2 Quad processor (4 cores of 3.95 GHz each), X48 series motherboard on the LGA775 processor socket and included 4 GB of RAM (2 2 GB DDR2 slots with 1200 MHz frequencies).

Declared power supply in nominal mode - 700 watts. Separately, it should be noted that the test results will be given for two modifications of the GT 220. One of them uses a slower video buffer of the DDR2 standard, and the speed of the second one increases due to the use of a faster DDR3 memory. The synthetic test package 3DMark 06 scored the following results:

  1. HD4670 - 8612.
  2. GT 220 (with DDR3 RAM) - 7969.
  3. GT 220 (DDR2) - 5100.
  4. HD4650 - 4654.
  5. 9500GT - 4629.

The results obtained are quite easily explained in terms of the technical characteristics and speed of the RAM. The best parameters for the HD4650, as well as the memory subsystem. Therefore, he scored 8612 points. Its opposite is the 9500GT. Comparison of the GT 220 in different versions indicates a 36% increase in performance in the performance of DDR3.But this is just a synthetic test, which does not always show the real picture. Therefore, it is more correct to compare accelerators in game tests. To begin with, we present the results in the Last Remnant game in fps:

  1. GT 220 (DDR3) - 53.3.
  2. HD4670 - 52.4.
  3. GT 220 (DDR 2) - 31.2.
  4. 9500GT - 27.6.
  5. HD4650 - 24.5.

The leader in this case is changing, and the GT 220 with DDR3 video buffer with 53.3fps shows the best result. This software is optimized for NVIDIA solutions, and in this case, competing AMD solutions have a hard time. Therefore, HD4650, despite the improved performance, loses 1 frame direct competitor. The younger GT 220 with DDR2 standard memory shows the minimum number of fps at 31.2. This is the border of playability. The rest of the tested solutions show an unacceptable number of frames per second, and in this mode, play normally will not work. Finally, it should be noted that the image quality is low, and its resolution is 1280 X 1024. In the Trine game, parity and forces in fps are distributed as follows:

  1. GT 220 (DDR3) - 65.
  2. HD4670 - 65.
  3. GT 220 (DDR 2) - 44.1.
  4. HD4650 - 39.
  5. 9500GT - 38.5.

Test leaders show identical results. The less productive GT 220 bypasses the younger models by 5-6 frames. Even younger models show acceptable performance. It should be noted that the picture was displayed in the lowest possible quality. Therefore, it is good to play demanding games that won't work on the NVIDIA GeForce GT 220.The price in this case acts as an additional argument, and this is certainly a budget decision.

nvidia geforce gt 220 games

Cost of

We still have stocks and, as a result, we can find NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 series graphics accelerators for sale. Palit, MSI and ASUS are the main producers of this solution. The cost, depending on the type of memory used, can range from 2,000 rubles for DDR2 cards to 3,000 rubles for adapters with GDDR3. There is no particular difference in performance. Therefore, to overpay for a faster memory in this case does not make sense.

Reviews Strengths and major weaknesses

Here are the strengths and weaknesses that appear in the reviews of the owners of NVIDIA GeForce GT 220. The video adapter has the following disadvantages:

  • Poor performance
  • Modest parameters in technical terms.

The advantages in this case are:

  • Excellent energy efficiency.
  • Low cost.
  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Ability to work in conjunction with a passive cooling system and a minimum level of noise in the process.

nvidia geforce gt 220 ddr2


NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 is a decent budget graphics solution for creating a discrete graphics subsystem. It has a higher speed compared to the integrated graphics due to a dedicated video buffer.But still, its parameters do not allow to show good results in terms of performance. But for budget PCs it is an excellent product, and it is designed for such an application.

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