Nutrition after giving birth to a nursing mother. Maternal nutrition after childbirth

The only nutrition of the newborn is breast milk. This is how the human body works, that it cannot perceive other products (except for adapted mixtures) in the first months of life. Naturally, nursing mothers should take care to preserve lactation, which will allow the baby to get good nutrition.maternal nutrition after childbirthWell, this is a whole topic of conversation. After all, what should be the food after giving birth, many of our mothers and grandmothers know. And not only know, but also with pleasure give wise advice. What to believe, and what not to pay attention to? We will try to understand our article.

Preparing for childbirth

Doctors have long learned to calculate the estimated date of birth. When 2-3 weeks are left before the baby arrives, start gradually changing the diet. Reduce as much as possible the intake of dairy products, all kinds of nuts, sweets (especially baking and chocolate).Discard red fish, shrimp, smoked meats, coffee and cocoa, strawberries and after childbirth

In a newborn baby, diathesis may appear suddenly, even if you ate well during lactation. The fact is that allergens accumulate in the body gradually, and provoking the appearance of the rash is easier than ever. Pay attention to those products that cause allergies in other family members, do not forget about heredity.

How to eat right after childbirth

No need to limit yourself to eating sharply and drink too much liquid. The first 2-3 days the process of adjustment of lactation. If you drink more than 1 liter, you may experience problems with excessive rushes of milk, which is fraught with unpleasant painful sensations. Liquid is used as needed when there is a desire.

A lot of questions related to how to improve nutrition after childbirth. First daysadvised to refrain from eating meat and baking. Include in the diet porridge on the water, baked apples, 1 boiled egg, biscuit. You can eat soups. The fact is that the first bowel movement after childbirth occurs only on the 4th day after the cleansing enema.The use of coarse and heavy foods will aggravate the process of defecation.

Feeding a woman in labor after childbirth should be supplemented with light products and in the event that there are seams on the perineum. After 7-10 days, the diet can be replenished with dishes of boiled or baked meat, eat dairy products (no more than 300 g per day), hard cheeses, fish and stewed vegetables.

What to remove from the diet?

You can limit food (the first month after birth), you should exclude raw vegetables, exotic fruits and citrus fruits (high risk of allergies), watermelons, melons, legumes, smoked meats and canned vegetables.nutrition first month after deliveryForget about convenience foods and fast food. You should not cook dishes from cabbage, especially if your mother increases gas formation in the intestines. The same feelings will be the baby.

Nursing mom should not be hungry!

Of course it is. Childbirth - the most serious physiological process, it is the most difficult work for an organism. Sleep and good nutrition of the mother after childbirth are the main components of a quick recuperation But this does not mean that you need to eat all the time. Doctors have long proved that a woman's body is preparing for the appearance of a baby and for future lactation throughout the entire period of pregnancy. With hormonal changes, fat accumulates in the abdomen, thighs, forearms.It is from here that the “stock” is taken in the production of milk.

Roughly speaking, even with poor nutrition, a woman can continue breastfeeding. But here another problem arises, when for the formation of full-fledged milk useful substances are removed from my mother's body. Reserves are developed and not replenished. It is believed that the nutrition of the mother after childbirth should increase by 600-700 kcal due to the consumption of healthy foods. But overeating will lead to new fat deposits, which will only exacerbate postpartum depression. In the future, getting rid of excess weight will be even more difficult.

Carbohydrates + proteins + fats

These are the main components that must be present in the food of a healthy person.Proper nutrition after childbirthFood for women after childbirth is largely composed of carbohydrates, so they are located in the first place. Porridge, bread, pasta made from durum flour will also be an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Protein enters the body with lean meat, fish, and dairy products. It is a source of zinc and iron, which is needed for normal lactation and nutrition of the baby.

Eating fat and eating fatty foods is not the same thing. Olive or sunflower oil will provide the body with all necessary. But from the fried meatballs, pies or French fries at the time you can refuse.

How to expand the diet?

Over time, the reserves of the female body are drying up, and you need to add new products. The baby gets used to different tastes and sensations, trying mother's milk. If your child is 3 months old, you can expand the menu by adding wheat and pearl barley porridge, nuts (no more than 2 pieces a day), poultry meat, honey, jam and jams, juices, fresh vegetables and fruits.

The food of the mother after childbirth is supplemented gradually, but at the same time, they closely monitor how the baby’s body reacts to a new food for it. Try to eat a slice of fresh apple or tomato. The accumulation of substances in the milk occurs gradually, but if after 1-2 days the baby's cheeks remain clean, there is no rash, you can increase the amount of this product. You should not experiment if the child has a nose, an unstable chair. It is important to correctly create a menu when scheduled vaccination.

Until the infant is six months old, the mother gradually returns to the diet most of the foods she used to eat before pregnancy.If everything is done correctly, nutrition after childbirth will become as complete and will not cause any trouble to a nursing woman or baby.

How much to drink fluids?

Many nursing mothers have heard the advice that drinking a glass of hot tea before feeding improves milk flow. If it is difficult for the baby to suck the breast (due to the physiological characteristics of the structure of the mammary gland), then warm drinking really facilitates feeding.

However, there is no direct link between the amount of fluid consumed and breast milk produced. But doctors have long established that the thoughtless use of water or tea can lead to a decrease in lactation.

Does the mother's nutrition after birth include the mandatory use of tea with condensed milk? Any concentrated products can cause allergies in the baby. It is better to refuse to add whole milk. His pediatricians are advised to include in the diet of a nursing mother no earlier than six months after birth.

What amount of dairy products to eat?

mom's food after childbirth

One of the most common questions of those women who seek to preserve lactation. The main thing is to immediately understand that the nutrition of a nursing mother after birth can be supplemented with fermented milk products only when a woman loves them and eats with pleasure.What is the use of choking curd mass, if from childhood this product is hated.

Moreover, the composition of breast milk will not change if kefir, yogurt and cheese are completely excluded. By the way, the body of many women does not perceive such products at all, there are problems with digestion, bloating appears. And the children's body can respond the same way. So there will be more problems than good. If the mother tolerates dairy products normally, then at least three different types of food are advised per day. In this case, the body will receive a sufficient amount of vitamin D and calcium, which are indispensable for the restoration and formation of bone tissue.

Vegetable menu

Food after childbirthshould includevarious products. It is believed that vegetables and fruits of bright colors (red, yellow, orange) cause allergies in the baby. However, the gifts of the fields and gardens are a source of minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins. To do without them is impossible.nutrition of the nursing mother after the birth

Often, an allergy to a particular product occurs in one of the parents. Absolutely refuse vegetables and fruits is not necessary. But they should be added to the diet gradually, carefully watching how the infant reacts.When the child is 6 months old, doctors advise nursing mothers to eat at least 5 different fruits and vegetables every day.

Special nutrition

A lot of controversy causes a commitment to vegetarianism or the use of low-calorie foods. Conscious rejection of meat and animal products is not always a whim. Far from all can go for another food. In order for the nutrition of the nursing mother after the birth to be complete, be sure to visit the doctor who prescribes a complex of vitamins and minerals. It must be taken throughout the lactation period.

What to eat after cesarean section

Differences only in the first couple of days. After the operation, the pregnant women are transported to the intensive care unit, where they carefully care for and place droppers. Nutrients get into the blood with drugs, and the need to use something is no longer necessary. You can drink mineral water without gas.

Full nutrition after childbirth begins on the second day. You can eat mashed potatoes, boiled porridge, or low-fat broth. On the third day include in the diet boiled lean meat and fish.In the future, food should be fractional, not more than 100 g per meal, at least 5 times a day.

Sample menu options for nursing mothers

The first 10 days after birth, we recommend to use the following products:

  • Broth hips without sugar and mineral water.
  • Porridge without oil (we do not cook rice cereal yet).
  • Vegetable soups without spices.
  • Any boiled vegetables without oil and spices.
  • Baked fruit (more often - apples).
  • Boiled meat.

Next to the end of the month you can add the following products:

  • Compote of dried apples, plums and berries.
  • Butter (add to cereal).
  • Boiled fish.
  • Vegetable stew.
  • Cheese (not more than 30 g per day).

Starting from the second month, gradually introduce into the diet:

  • Dairy products (up to 2.5% fat).
  • Vegetable pancakes.
  • Nuts (1-2 pieces).
  • Cheesecakes, pancakes.
  • Jam, honey (if there is no reaction).
  • Boiled lentils.

Next, we supplement the diet, taking into account taste preferences and family traditions.

Recipes for nursing mothers

Meals after childbirth can be very tasty if you take a few minutes to our advice. For example, meat can be not only cooked, but also baked, and delicious fish cakes can be made from fish.

  • Turkey thigh baked with vegetables in sour cream.Carrots and onions cleaned from the skin, cut. A clove of garlic is ground into plates. In meat, make deep cuts, where they put vegetables. A little salt, pepper. You can leave for 30 minutes to marinate or bake immediately. Put the meat in the form, pour sour cream (250 g), cover with foil. Bake at 200 ° C for 45 minutes, then remove the foil and put it to cooking for another 15-20 women after childbirth
  • Steam fish cakes. The recipe is based on 1 kg of fish. Carp boil a few minutes, cool and separate the meat. Grind peeled onion and potato, mix with fish and grind in a blender. Add 2 tablespoons of semolina, egg, salt and pepper. After kneading, wait 10-15 minutes for the semolina to swell, form the patties and cook in a double boiler.

Diversify the menu with healthy and tasty dishes, enjoy breastfeeding, and the baby will delight you with excellent health and good mood!

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