Notebook Asus N53S: reviews, specifications

Asus is in a special account in the CIS. Users love the products created by the Taiwanese office, which is actively confirmed by the ruble. Each new product is very warmly received by critics and professionals, and ordinary users, in search of a reasonable solution for the house, choose Asus. So, engineers from Taiwan showed the world a very successful Asus N53S.

According to Asus, the company has reinvented the middle class multimedia computers. The Asus N53S is a combination of unique design, high performance and the latest technological innovations. A laptop in which the bet is placed on everything at once, an uncompromising solution for those who want to get the most from one device. In this material we will analyze in detail what this gadget is.



Asus did not stint and equipped a laptop with a decent set of wired interfaces. On the back side of the laptop there is a hole for connecting with a Kensington key (like a bicycle lock), a port for connecting a charger and a port for connecting VGA displays.On the left side there was a place for two ports of USB-A format of the second and third generation, a card reader, a network port and HDMI (for connecting modern monitors and an HD-TV). On the right side are connectors for connecting audio equipment, two ports of USB-A format of the second generation. There is also a DVD drive (it works with Blu-Ray discs).

This computer does not suffer from the lack of interfaces, but they are clearly unsuccessfully located. Not only are they all too close to the front of the notebook, but also in the order known only to Asus. Everything is very crooked, coarse and unnatural, which is not at all suitable for computer design.

ASUS n53s laptop


The exterior of this notebook is similar to that of other series configurations. In general, the general style and direction has been preserved. The most important elements in the design of a laptop are: the chassis, which has an unusual angular transition to the main part of the device, and massive asymmetrical speaker grilles, resembling a prestigious car radiator. As for the chassis, then, despite the original solutions in the design, it looks reliable, holds the display well, the hinges inspire confidence.

The predominant material in the case is plastic (matte, not collecting minor scratches and dust). The display frames and the area selected by the brush are made of aluminum.


The first is to talk about the keyboard, which is very ambiguous impressions. Despite the fact that Asus was clearly trying to make a quick and efficient input method, they made some mistakes. First, the buttons turned out to be too soft and shaky. This feeling is reinforced by a very short keystroke. It is unlikely that those who like to type a lot will like the keyboard, pressing which resembles working with a touch screen. Secondly, some keys are very close to each other, which can lead to confusion and accidental keystrokes.

ASUS N53S Specifications

The touchpad is also not of high quality. Just like in other Asus notebooks, it causes absolutely no emotions, everything is just as unpleasant, not too slippery and practically unnecessary. And this despite all attempts by the manufacturer to improve it programmatically.


  • Display: Samsung SEC; The resolution is 1366 by 768 pixels.
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge; four cores; frequency - up to 2200 megahertz.
  • Memory: RAM - 8 gigabytes DD3, module size - 2 gigabytes; ROM - Seagate 500 gigabytes, speed - 7200 revolutions per minute.
  • Video card: HD 3000 and Nvidia GT 540M.


The display panel of this computer is not of high quality, a rather mediocre matrix is ​​installed, resolution suffers. Due to poor resolution (for a 15-inch display), the picture appears grainy (single pixels are easily noticeable). Nevertheless, the manufacturer has preoccupied with the introduction of technology that allows to convert video from HD-resolution to Full HD, and overestimated the frame rate to make watching movies more comfortable.


Also in the new product is a four-core chip made by Intel. A distinctive feature of the processor from Intel is a clear balance between power consumption and performance. The processor is manufactured on a 32-nanometer process technology, third-level cache is 6 megabytes. The same chip is equipped with a graphics video subsystem with a memory capacity of 1 gigabyte. The capabilities of this processor is enough for simple tasks, work on the Internet. In the case of launching games or demanding applications, the technology Turbo Boost, doubling the frequency of each core, is used.

laptop n53s reviews


The amount of RAM often becomes the cornerstone in the issue of performance on Windows-based computers, and the Asus N53S is no exception. The characteristics of the RAM of this model are akin to other people from this series. Under the hood, hide 4 modules of 2 GB of DDR3 format memory. Hyundai Electronics is engaged in the production of modules.

Discrete graphics

Asus N53S is installed a fairly powerful graphics module. Nvidia's latest development is tightly integrated with Intel’s system and integrated graphics. The video card has 1 gigabyte of video memory. Skipping capacity is 28.8 gigabits per second, which is generally a good indicator. The laptop easily gains 8400 points in the 3DMark test.

Audio system

The manufacturer pays special attention to the built-in speakers and software innovations that were developed in collaboration with SonicMaster. According to engineers from Asus, this audio system allows you to listen to audio files in lossless formats, providing a really high-quality, loud and rich sound, which is a rarity in laptops. Another advantage of this model is the presence of a combined audio output, which allows you to connect digital stereos and broadcast lossless audio.

ASUS n53s laptop specifications


The battery life of the computer varies depending on the tasks assigned. Independent tests showed that with a minimum load, or rather its absence, the computer is able to live for almost 4 and a half hours. With a moderate load (for example, access to the Internet via a wireless network or watching a movie) this time is halved to 2 and a half hours. At maximum load, the computer is able to "live" no more than an hour. Indicators are not very different from those of competitors. Weak autonomy is the scourge of all powerful computers, and the Asus N53S laptop is no exception.


In general, users praise the computer. Negative reviews are almost absent, people just can not find flaws in such a meticulously produced laptop. But positive - the sea. All as one praise the design of the computer, the appearance is different from the solutions that offer competitors, and it is captivating.

Not deprived of attention and productive component of the computer. None of the owners of the gadget did not complain about poor performance, suspension or a drop in the frame rate in games. Some users have noted a low noise level even during games, which is very unusual for computers in a similar design.

ASUS n53s laptop RAM specifications

A small error associated with the operation of a network card, which can be corrected programmatically (the first models coming out from under the conveyor, sinned with a certain marriage, which was later eliminated both on new models and on old ones), is a spoon of tar.

Instead of conclusion

The bottom line before us is a very decent laptop, powerful, stylish, and most importantly, relevant even in 2017, because its hardware is more than enough to run serious applications and games. The ideal solution for those who are not enough stars from the sky and looking for the most practical solution that runs on Windows.

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