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The island in the eastern part is called Cyprus. Nicosia is the capital of both countries located on the island, located on the "green line" - the border between them.Cyprus NicosiaThis is the last capital in the world, divided into two parts. This happened in 1974, when Turkish troops invaded the island, and as a result of the bloody battles, the creation of the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) was announced.

Territorial division of the island

The island of Cyprus is now divided into three parts. Nicosia - for two. Why is that? Because and until 1974 the Republic of Cyprus, which existed then in the singular, occupied 98% of the island’s territory. Two percent of the land belongs to the British military bases - Akrotiri and Dhekelia. They remained after the Turkish invasion, the third on the island of Cyprus. Nicosia remained the capital of two island states - Greek and Turkish. Now the territory of the island is divided as follows - 60% belong to the Republic of Cyprus (population - Greeks), 38% - TRNC, 2% - to British bases.

Lefkosa - northern part of Nicosia

In the north of the lower part is Turkish Cyprus. Nicosia is divided by the border right in the center, and one of the main attractions of the capital - the Old Town - also crossed the "green line".north cyprus nicosiaSo from the 11 bastions of the fortress wall built by the Venetians, 5 are located in Turkish territory. The northern part of the capital, belonging to the Turks, is called Lefkosa. This city, founded in the area of ​​the XI-VII centuries BC, has its own remarkable history.

Island history

At the time of Antiquity, the present Nicosia was a city-state, which by 330 AD er loses its meaning and turns into a small village. The Byzantines, who seized the island in 965, transform Lefkoteon (then Nicosia) into Fema (military administrative district of Eastern Roman Empire) Cyprus. The next owner of the island becomes Guy de Lusignan, to whom Richard I the Lionheart in 1192 transfers the conquered Cyprus. As a result, the Kingdom of Cyprus with the capital of Nicosia appears here. Then for centuries the island was ruled by the Venetians (1489-1571), the Turks (1571-1878), the British (1878-1960). Since 1960, it is an independent Republic of Cyprus.

Unrecognized by the world community state

But in 1974 everything changed again, and Northern Cyprus appeared on the map of the island.Nicosia, or Lefkosa, although it is the capital of a state recognized as one Turkey, remained, as it was, a tempting tourist destination. True, there are no direct flights to Lefkoush, as the local airport is not listed on the IATA (International Air Carrier Association), but there are regular flights from ​​of nicosia cyprus

The cities of Northern Cyprus have two names - Turkish and Greek. The main ones are called Famagusta (the Turkish name is Gizi Magos), Guzelyurt (Morfu) and Kyrenia (Girene).

Beautiful tourist site

The neighboring country is recognized by the world community, there exists an international airport, tourists are issued visas. In Northern Cyprus, the stamp is placed not on the passport, but on a separate piece of paper. But all this does not detract from the beauty of the Mediterranean coast, the blue of the sea and sky. The Turks in the north are very proud of their independence and are constantly trying to prove that they are getting better. In the end, such a competitive process is only on hand for the rest - the prices in this territory of Cyprus are very democratic. And the service is no worse than that of its neighbors, and there are enough attractions, and the capital, like its neighbors, is the city of Nicosia.Cyprus - everywhere Cyprus: both in the north and in the south. North Nicosia is the administrative, commercial, business and cultural center of its Turkish part.

Sights of Northern Cyprus

On the site, limited by the Venetian wall, many attractions are concentrated. It should be noted that the international airport located here is closed. UN peacekeeping forces are located on its territory.

sights of nicosia cyprus

The capital itself is located almost in the center of the island, on the large plain of Mesaoria, enclosed between the Troodos and Kyrenia ridges. The Akaki River flows nearby. In all Mediterranean resorts, beach holidays are interspersed with excursions, because there is something to see, since this area is the cradle of civilization. Not an exception Nicosia attractions. Cyprus is rich in history and its capital is full of priceless historical and architectural monuments such as the Kyrenia Gate, the remains of the city walls, the Gate of Famagusta and many, many others. Each era of government has left its priceless objects on the island. The Greeks, Venetians, Turks and British - the culture and traditions of these peoples left their mark.The palace of the president of Northern Cyprus is located inside the bastion of Cephane (Quirni).

In Cyprus, as in Greece, there is everything

Cyprus itself, its capital, each of its parts is so rich in sights that a simple listing will take more than one page. Each of them has comprehensive information on the web. It should be noted that, according to the testimony of people who know, a good rest in Cyprus is possible for $ 2,000. There are hotels for every taste and budget, excellent infrastructure, amazing cuisine, the sea and scenic attractions, such as the Rock of Aphrodite. After all, it is here that the goddess of love was born from the sea foam.

Clear advantages

Mostly rave reviews get hotels in Nicosia. Cyprus has a long tradition in the tourism industry. More than 50 hotels are located only in the capital: from the most luxurious (for example, the 5-star “Castle Messardier”) to completely democratic, in which there is a flexible system of discounts, free advance booking and other ways to attract customers. It is cheap hotels that are famous for the capital of Cyprus, especially its northern nicosia cyprus

The most optimal option can be chosen without leaving your home.Comprehensive information about everything related to holidays in Cyprus is widely available. Cheapness of rest depends on the season. You can see the sights not only from May to October, when the swimming season is in full swing, and there is nothing to breathe on the street. True, dozens of cozy cafes and restaurants, coffee shops and bars, equipped with air conditioning, famous Cypriot wines and real Turkish coffee can make a very pleasant and very hot day.

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