Non-state pension fund Sberbank: customer reviews, rating, benefits. Hot line of Sberbank

A non-state pension fund is a non-profit organization that manages the cumulative part of the pension of its clients in carrying out its own activities. Insurance pension contributions made by employers are transferred to specially opened accounts of APF clients.

In this article, we consider the non-state pension fund of Sberbank. Feedback will also be given.savings bank pension fund reviews

Based on what does APF work?

The system to which APFs adhere in their work is enshrined at the legislative level, and any deviations from it are illegal. The nuances of the work of APF include:

  1. Contributions to compulsory pension insurance are made by the insured person or his employer.
  2. Pension savings reserves are invested in assets for the purpose of preserving and multiplying them, while maintaining the reliability of deposits and taking risks into account.
  3. When the insured person enters the retirement age, in addition to the social pension, not only the accumulated contributions are paid monthly, but also the profits earned from the successful investment. What is popular Sberbank pension fund? Feedback on this will help make the right choice.

About the benefits

The benefit from contributions to APFs can significantly exceed the indexation of savings offered by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. The commission of NPF is not more than 15% of the profits. NPFs have more opportunities for investing deposits, which means that they are more likely to receive growth of pension savings. The most difficult problem in this area at the moment is which foundation to choose. Indeed, in Russia there are more than a hundred APFs functioning, and the choice of the most reliable and profitable is a matter of trust and confidence in the future.

Non-state pension fund of Sberbank seems to many reliable. We will understand this issue.Sberbank non-government pension fund

NPF statistics

Private pension funds are subject to rigorous inspections under the control of the FIU, the Central Bank, the Federal Tax Service and third-party audit companies. The reporting of organizations organizing APFs should be publicly available. Based on the results of the audit and on the basis of the obtained statistical data, ratings are compiled for the following indicators:

  1. According to the scope of investment and the number of types of investments (these can be stocks or bills of exchange).
  2. The most profitable APFs are allocated on the basis of the size of the share capital.
  3. According to the aggregate of investors who have reached retirement age, and the amount of monthly surcharges.
  4. By the number of participants in the funded system.
  5. On reliability and stable profitability of investments. For example, the Sberbank pension fund (reviews confirm this) exists relatively recently, but has already established itself well.

The creators of the largest private pension funds in Russia are the main enterprises of the banking sector, transport, oil and gas industry. Most of them are aimed at preserving the employees' pension savings, however many attract investors from outside.In order to transfer the right to invest your funded pension into a non-state fund, you must personally or remotely enter into an agreement with an APF, and as of January 1 of the following year, your savings will be transferred to your chosen pension fund.advantages of npf savings bank

Problems and disadvantages

Today in our country everywhere it is possible to observe the consolidation of funds, which is due to the accepted norms of legislation. If the pension fund does not have the required share capital, it is unlikely that it will be possible to take a firm position in this area. The fund must have so much money to be able to pay its customers the amounts due. Therefore, to risk in the field of pension savings is not accepted. According to reviews, the Sberbank pension fund is a leader among competitors.

The main problem in the functioning of APFs is the direction of investment. Funds give preference to short-term investments, which is fully justified by the instability of the economic situation in the country and in the world. NPF can not afford long-term transactions due to the high degree of responsibility for the capital of investors.

It happens that even with short-term investments, the NPF loses some of the funds. And in such a situation, it is likely that the fund will leave the niche of pension savings. Investors in this situation go back to the Pension Fund and choose a new option to transfer their savings.

Non-State Pension Fund of Sberbank

One of the leading places in the rating of non-state funds is NPF Sberbank. It was founded in March 1995. The only founder is OJSC Sberbank of Russia itself. The Foundation is organized in the form of an open non-profit social organization, and it is governed by a non-profit organization council. It defines investment objectives and directions, manages all stock activities, approves documentation, etc.cumulative part of pension in npf savings bank

NPF Sberbank has more than eight and a half thousand branches throughout the Russian Federation, in each of which you can sign an agreement to transfer your pension savings to this fund. About 7.6 million clients entrusted their pension savings to Sberbank, thus, NPF assets total more than 470 billion rubles. Since 2010, the fund receives the highest marks in the field of reliability and security of deposits and stable forecasts for further successful existence.These are the advantages of Sberbank NPF.

How to get into the personal account of the NPF?

Any participant of the pension insurance program from Sberbank can get access to his personal account on the NPF website. For this you need:

  1. Sign an agreement on non-state pension insurance in any branch of Sberbank and wait until it takes effect.
  2. A special account should be opened in Sberbank to transfer the funded part of the pension and further deductions.
  3. You must also give consent to the processing of your personal data by the bank. There is also a hotline NPF Sberbank.

What can I do in my account?

In your account, you can not only keep track of the information on your personal account, but also manage pension savings, namely:

  1. Change the pension insurance program.
  2. Contribute according to an individually tailored plan.
  3. Get a statement of the account status with the movements of the depositor’s funds during the specified period
  4. You can make an approximate calculation of your future pension using a special online calculator.
  5. To keep control of deductions from the employer on the funded part of the pension in the NPF Sberbank.

is it worth to transfer pension in npf savings bank

Interest rates and income

Depending on which pension insurance program the investor chooses, a certain interest rate is set. Today, Sberbank NPF offers the following options:

  1. The pension insurance program, which also includes a co-financing program.
  2. Individual pension plans (interest rate is negotiated individually in the contract).
  3. Corporate options for legal entities.

According to statistics, the dynamics of incomes of the Security Council of the Russian Federation is positive, despite the differences in expert opinion on this subject. The management of the fund officially states about the possibility of increasing the savings invested in the NPF. Bank indicators are directly dependent on inflation and the overall economic situation in the country. But the same situation with the state pension fund, in which a person is not entitled to receive their savings before retirement.

So, is it worth transferring a pension to Sberbank APF?NPF Savings Rating

Advantages of Sberbank NPF

The undoubted advantages of Sberbank NPF are its stable and long-term work, high reliability of deposits, as well as an individual approach in concluding contracts.In contrast to the state pension insurance, funds received on the account in the Sberbank NPF are inheritable. The advantages include a clear and accessible website with a personal account, where you can get comprehensive information about existing pension insurance programs, interest rates on deposits, as well as control your finances under already concluded contracts. The number of branches of NPF Sberbank is also convenient (the rating confirms this), which makes it possible to receive pension insurance services in any corner of our vast country. The advantage is the absolute transparency of all information on programs and contributions, here you can not be afraid of any kind of pitfalls, gimmicks and small print.

Phone NPF Sberbank can be clarified in any branch.

Reviews of NPF Sberbank

Reviews on the work of Sberbank NPF can be found today the most controversial. Some praise for efficiency, convenience and a significant increase in savings, others blame for the shortcomings in the field of withdrawal of accumulated funds from the turnover of APFs and poor customer service.

Some reviews complain about delaying payments when a client retires. While other APFs begin to pay out one and a half to two months after the retirement age, Sberbank may delay this process several times. In this case, a significant drawback of the NPF system itself comes up - the waiting period for the commencement of payments is not further line npf savings bank

There have also been situations with a delay in the transfer of accumulated funds from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, provoked by the unfair work of Sberbank NPF employees.
However, the overall weight of the reviews is positive, they high reliability and profitability, people confidently trust most of their future retirement fund. Many depositors have already entered retirement age and are satisfied with the amount of funds received from APFs.

In general, Sberbank NPF is reliability and confidence. Although the crisis of 2011 reduced the fund's profitability from 9.3% in 2010 to 7%, this is uncritical and not fatal. After all, this is not about losing the money invested, but only about a temporary decrease in profits, which is fixable. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an individual pension plan in the NPF Sberbank.


In any case, the choice of an NPF is a serious and crucial step, during the commission of which you should receive the full amount of information on the chosen organization and the program it offers. It should also focus on the size of the fund and the duration of the work.

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