Nina Berberova - poet, novelist, publisher and just a man

Berberova Nina Nikolaevna is a talented Russian writer and poetess who emigrated after the October Revolution of 1917, the creator of documentary-biographical, publicist works. Recognition found abroad. The stories in the collection “Bijankursky holidays” (1928–1940), works based on life and historical facts “Last and First” (1930), “The Lady” (1932), “Without Decline” (1938) found their grateful readers. The fate of the famous composer (“Tchaikovsky, the story of a lonely life”, 1936) in the literary artistic setting was a huge success and was repeatedly translated into many languages. Also another literary biography was written - “Borodin” (1938). The books of Nina Berberova are distinguished for their high literary style, accuracy of thought, and artistic imagery.

Nina Berberova

At a later time, the autobiographical work “Italics My”, a documentary story about M.Budberg Iron Woman (1981), an extensive, fact-based study, People and Lodges. Russian masons of the 20th century ”(1986). There were also stories and a great many articles in various publications. But the main goal in the life of Nina Berberova is to tell the general public about the life of people without a homeland, to help preserve Russian culture to those who by fate turned out to be far from their home.

Nina Berberova: biography

Now let's take a look at the main moments of the life of this great writer. Conventionally, we divide it into three stages: life in Russia, in emigration and in the USA.

In Russia

Nina Berber's book

July 26 (August 8, old style) at the very beginning of the twentieth century, namely in 1901, in the family of a prominent official, a small fragile girl was born, who was named Nina. The Berber family took its roots from the Crimean Armenians. Once, under Catherine II, the ancestors of Nina Berberova were expelled from the peninsula. Then the Crimean Armenians founded the settlement of Nakhichevan-on-Don. Now this town has merged with Rostov-on-Don. Berberov Ivan Minasovich, Nina's grandfather, studied in Paris, became a doctor with an excellent reputation. And his son, Nikolai Ivanovich, also gave an excellent education.Nikolay Berberov graduated from Moscow University, worked in the Ministry of Finance until the revolution of 1917, was a very wealthy person. Nina's mother was also from a rich family of landowners Karaulovs, a name notorious in the highest circles. Ninochka was an only child, in which all souls didn’t tea, pampered and cherished, tried to give the best.

Nina Berberova biography

Ninochka graduated from high school in St. Petersburg, but in 1919 the family moved to Rostov-on-Don, away from the revolutionary turmoil of Petrograd, the ruin and dangers of the big city. In the same 1919, Nina entered the Don University. But she studied there for only two years. The irrepressible revolutionary spirit of contradiction is seething in young blood, and the girl returned to Petrograd again. Here Nina Berberova writes her first poems, she is accepted in poetic circles. A group of like-minded "Serapion Brothers" chucked out a small edition of its journal, where in 1922 they published the first poem Berberova. At the same time, the young poetess joins the All-Russian Union of Poets.

In emigration

In the summer of 1922, the girl has to make a decision about the correctness of which she will be thinking for the rest of her life.Together with her husband, the poet VF Khodasevich, she was leaving for Germany. No refund. Forever. From this moment on, her “pursuit of happiness” begins, which she will later describe in her works. Germany, Czechoslovakia, Italy - it seemed that the wanderings will be forever. Since 1925, the couple moved to Paris, the city of love and happiness. It seemed there would be everything: inspiration, love, prosperity ... During this period, Berberova wrote a lot for the emigrant editions of Russian Thought and Latest News. And meets new love. The year 1932 marked the final break with Khodasevich, and in 1936 Nina formalized the relationship with the talented artist N. V. Makeyev, who is only two years older than her. However, the divorce did not cause quarrels and offenses, the former spouses continued companionship until 1939, when the poet VF Khodasevich was no more.

Berberova Nina Nikolaevna

The family happiness, mutual suspicions, jealousy and reproaches did not long last undermine the strength of the relationship. Then the Second World War. The fascists entered Paris, the dull days of occupation, unsettled life, fear and tears stretched. In 1947, Nina Berberova experienced a second divorce, and in 1950 she left in search of happiness "overseas".

Life in usa

The fast-paced, lively and fast business city of skyscrapers New York hit Nina Nikolaevna. Compared to him, Paris is a stagnant swamp, rotten from vicious love. Maybe her happiness here? Energy reappeared, the enthusiasm. Nina Nikolaevna Berberova creates her own almanac "Commonwealth", which is designed for the reader - an immigrant from Russia. In 1954, he linked his fate with a teacher and musician Georgy Alexandrovich Kochevitsky, and in 1959 he became a US citizen.

Despite such a stormy and rich in traveling life, on Armenian roots, Nina Berberova always remained truly Russian in her heart. There was no such day when Nina Nikolaevna would not talk about Russia, look for news “from there”, not think about life “there.” Homesickness did not give peace and a feeling of complete happiness. Therefore, since 1958, she taught Russian students to Yale University. From 1963 to 1971, she discovered the wealth of Russian literature at Princeton University. And retired Nina Berberova not sitting without work. She is invited to lecture at various well-known foreign universities. In the years 1958-1968 was in the editorial board of the German literary almanac "Bridges", which was published in Munich.

1983 brought new disappointments and disappointments. Divorce from pianist S. G. Kochevitsky.Another hope for a happy relationship failed. At 82 years old, Nina Nikolaevna ardently and sincerely dreams only about one thing - to go home. To see their homes, then death is not terrible. And in 1989, finally, the dream came true! Nina Berberova visited the Soviet Union, communicated with beginning and experienced writers of Leningrad and Moscow, shared memories and impressions, read her poems.

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