Nicknames of dogs and their significance in the life of pets

Choosing a nickname for a pet is very importantevent. The fact is that the fate of the dog will depend on the correct name. Before calling a pet, it's worth seeing the nicknames of dogs and their meaning. Sometimes the most euphonious nickname can have obscene or offensive meaning. When choosing a name, one should also think about the future of the pet. For example, the dog was called a diminutive name, which does not have a more severe and serious form. If the pet is a dwarf ornamental species, then this is normal. And if the dog grows into a huge wolfhound? Is it still appropriate to call it Pusik?

Do not underestimate the nicknames of dogs and their meaningin the life of pets. The nickname should not be too cumbersome. This will quickly hail the dog and give him a command. Too long a hard-to-pronounce name will become a real pain for the owner when communicating with the pet, for example, during training. It is especially worthwhile to look through the dog's nicknames and their meaning. When selecting a name, you need to check if there are any diminutive variants of the name. It is known that all puppies that have appeared from one litter are usually called the same letter. This can lead to the stupor of the most patient owner. However, you can choose a name by referring to the reference materials. Also good nicknames are obtained from mixing the name of the father and the mother of the puppies. The value of a dog's nickname can be found in most cases from dictionaries. Many of them come from foreign words. The presence of a strict form in the name of the pet is necessary for discipline and education. Pets should know when the owner addresses them by their full name. For example, it is appropriate already at the exit for a walk. Dog names and their meaning can be written out in advance, if it is difficult to determine the choice immediately. Do not dwell on too exotic nicknames, which are hard to remember. Do not give the new dog the nickname of the already dead pet. This is inconvenient for the owner. Each dog is unique and has its own character. By the way, character often determines the name of the pet. Sometimes, looking at the puppy, you can give him a nickname without thinking.

If the dog is thoroughbred, then it is most likely alreadyhas a name, and quite long. After all, she has a pedigree. Therefore, if you want, you can give her one more - home, something that will be convenient to use in life. A complete leave for a passport and various activities. The dog's name greatly affects the life of a four-legged friend. It expresses the attitude of the owner to the pet. Therefore, it should be decent and not contain offensive or disparaging meaning. It is interesting that before in the hunting dog breeding of large landlords very responsibly approached the choice of nicknames. They did not neglect the meaning of the name, it was always specified. It was believed that the name of the dog will directly affect his fate and even the well-being of the owner. And this approach has always justified itself. Dogs, whose names have been carefully chosen, have always brought good luck and numerous offspring. And the puppies cost not cheap.

Today, of course, many choose a name for dogs,based on his euphonicity or following the dictates of fashion. Fashion, however, is a bad adviser. Calling a dog after some pop star or actor, you can cause a lot of ridicule. Therefore it is better to call the dog more traditionally. Nicknames of dogs and their significance are very important.

More recently, in Russia, there was a fashion to calldogs in honor of currency. Nicknames such as Bucks, Frank, Pound, spread all over the place. The hosts, making a choice in favor of the unknown newfangled name, very much risked. Because the fate of pets with such nicknames is uncertain, it can be traced only with the passage of time. In the case of "money" names, nothing good happened. The dogs had a very unfortunate fate. Today such names, fortunately, are a thing of the past.

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Nicknames of dogs and their significance in the life of pets Nicknames of dogs and their significance in the life of pets Nicknames of dogs and their significance in the life of pets Nicknames of dogs and their significance in the life of pets Nicknames of dogs and their significance in the life of pets