Natalya Arkhangelskaya: biography, filmography, personal life

Who is Natalya Arkhangelskaya? What films have brought the fame to the actress? What can you say about the personal life of the artist? All of this will be discussed in our material.

early years

Natalya Arkhangelskaya

Natalya Arkhangelskaya was born on December 4, 1937 in Moscow. Since childhood, our heroine has dreamed of becoming an actress, although no one in her family has ever acted in films or played in the theater.

After graduating from a regular school in Moscow, Arkhangelsk entered GITIS acting department. The prestigious educational institution successfully graduated in 1959. Then she was invited to the acting troupe of the Sovremennik Theater. Here, almost immediately became one of the leading artists. At the same time she participated in the productions of the Yermolova Theater.

Theatrical activities

Natalia Arkhangelsk Actress

Since 1959, Natalia Arkhangelskaya - an actress without experience - began to work in the Sovremennik Theater. A talented gifted girl quickly learned the local repertoire.For several years, our heroine played a number of leading roles in successful productions of the creative platform. It was here that Natalya Arkhangelskaya declared herself as an outstanding bright personality.

In 1962, a young actress received an offer to work in the Yermolova Theater. On this creative platform, Natalya also managed to become a leading actress in a short time. As it turned out later, the performances on the stage of the Arkhangelsk Theater were destined to devote more than 40 years of their lives. The actress has forever won the love of the local audience through the skillful embodiment of the images of bold bright and independent characters.

Famous role artist in the theater

Among the works of Arkhangelsk on the theater stage, which brought her undying glory, the roles in the following performances should be noted:

  • "Saturday, Sunday, Monday" - Maria.
  • "The house where hearts are broken" - Hiziona.
  • "Running" - Lyuska.
  • "Speak" - Borzov.
  • "Ball of Thieves" - Lady Hef.
  • "Dresser" - Milady;
  • "Last summer in Chulimsk" - Kashkina.
  • "Sports scenes" - Mikhalev.

Movie debut

private life of Natalia Arkhangelsk

While still a first-year student at GITIS, Natalya Arkhangelskaya decided to take part in a casting for the role in the movie of the film director Sergei Gerasimov entitled “Silent Don”.As the actress herself recalled, that day the tests were carried out by the famous Soviet actress and idol of all Soviet girls Tamara Makarova. As soon as Arkhangelskaya entered the room where the casting was held, the star of the screen immediately said the phrase: “Look, Dunyashka has come.”

Natalia's mother had Georgian blood, and her father came from a kind of Kuban Cossacks. The young actress had dark skin and walked with a fluffy scythe, so she was perfect for the role of Dunyasha Melekhova. Novice actress was easy to shoot. The director of the film noted that a single double was enough to create each episode of the tape for the young actress. Natalia seemed to have been born for this role and was beaming with happiness in front of the cameras.

Natalya Arkhangelskaya: movies

During her film career, the actress has played in many films. Among them:

  • "Quiet Don".
  • "Death Tairov."
  • "Tanya".
  • "Time and the Conway family."
  • "Lack of Mazaeva."
  • "The rink and the violin."
  • "And the light shines in the darkness."
  • "Mountain Nest".
  • "Lyubushka."
  • "Pat, or the game of kings."
  • "I love you".

Personal life of Natalia Arkhangelsk

natalya arkhangelskaya movies

Even while working at the Sovremennik Theater, the actress began to meet with the popular theater actor Vladimir Andreev. Pretty soon, young people decided to get married.Natalya and Vladimir lived together for a long 7 years. Ultimately, the actors broke up. To such a sad ending of a once happy marriage led regular adultery Andreev. Although the husband of our heroine has repeatedly hinted that the dissolution of the union was due to the reluctance of the Archangel to have children.

The second husband of Natalia was the successful journalist Vlad Vishnevsky, who was born in France to a family of Russian émigrés and worked for the popular France Press. Celebrities met in Moscow during one of the social events organized by Nikita Mikhalkov. At first, the couple lived in a civil marriage for a long time, as Vlad raised two children and did not have the opportunity to dissolve the marriage with the previous wife. Then Arkhangelskaya and Vishnevsky were officially married after all. The couple had no common children. The reason was the infertility of Natalia, which emerged from the actress after a forced abortion, committed during the relationship with her first husband, Vladimir Andreev.

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