Nameday Andrew. Glorified saints with this name

The names of Andrey on the church calendar are celebrated in almost every month of the year.

Translated from the Greek language, this name means "courageous." If we talk about the names of Andrew, you first need to note that every day of the calendar in Orthodoxy is dedicated to the memory of some saint, and sometimes to several. A person at baptism is given the name of his heavenly patron. Name day is also called the day of the angel. However, one should not confuse the guardian angel who is given at baptism with the patron saint, in whose honor the baptized is named.

Name day

St. Theodore of Edessa writes that the Lord gives each man two guardians, the first is the guardian angel who saves him from all evils and evil and helps to do good deeds. And the second is holy. He intercedes before God in prayers for his ward. They are constantly striving to fill the soul with love for their Creator and their neighbors.

Ambrose of Optina said that your life will be your name.A person named after a saint must understand that this is not only his patron, but also a worthy role model. And for this you need to know his life well. Is it possible to imitate Christ for the holy fool? Of course not, but we must learn to cultivate the will, humility and patience in oneself in order to endure all the difficulties of life. We must be able to deal with pride and pride, as all saints did.

Apostle Andrew the First Called

Andrew the First Called. Name day

Jesus Christ called for the brothers Simon (Peter) and Andrew. They were born in Bethsaida. Andrew was a disciple of John the Baptist, and from him he learned about the lamb of God - the Savior Jesus Christ, who came not to show miracles, but to save all of humanity. In the Scripture, little is written about the Apostle Andrew, but some of the details of his actions can be found in the life of a saint who was martyred in the 60th year.

If we talk about the names of Andrew, then first of all we need to recall from the Gospel how the apostles went to different countries by lot to glorify the Lord and carry his word to the world.

Andrey's path lay to the coast of Pontus Evksinsky (to the Black Sea and to the Crimean southern coast).Then the whole territory was under the authority of the Roman Empire. Andrew visited the northern Black Sea coast, where barbarians lived, or Scythians, as they are called. No one knows how far he has come in this direction.

Andrew Pervozvanny


In the later tradition one can read that St. Andrew climbed up the Dnieper and consecrated the place where the city of Kiev was built later. Later, he allegedly reached the Novgorod land, where he was surprised by the Russian baths, but in earlier sources there is no information about these wanderings of the holy Apostle. It is believed that it was the Apostle Andrew who first began to spread Christianity in Russia and, most likely, visited Chersonesos, the future of Sevastopol.

He preached a lot, healed and resurrected, he prayed to his Master. St. Andrew, that there are forces that defended Christians, who were thrown into prisons, tortured, and then cruelly killed. The same fate awaited the apostle: they crucified him on an oblique cross in the form of the letter "X", hence the name "St. Andrew's Cross". Two days he hung on it, and then died.

Orthodox names of Andrei are celebrated on December 13 (June 30).

Andrey Bogolyubov

Andrey Bogolyubsky

The great ruler of Russia and the saint is called the Passion-bearer.His date of birth is in the period between 1111 and 1125 years. His memory is honored 4 (July 17). It is necessary to recognize the fact that the holy Prince Andrew was able to distinguish himself in many areas: science, culture, religion, art, politics and, of course, military affairs. His father - Yuri Dolgoruky, who was preparing real warriors from among his sons. Andrey's mother was the daughter of the Polovtsian Khan Aepa (Osenevich).

Andrew was a very religious man. One night he had a vision: the revived icon prompted him to go to Vladimir, although his father sent him to rule in Vyshgorod.

Andrei Bogolyubsky in his life rebuilt, decorated and arranged more than thirty white-stone churches. Money is not spared. He was a great intellectual, he knew 6 languages. Under him, the Vladimir-Suzdal state became very powerful.

Grand Duke

Bogolyubsky wanted to unite scattered Russia, but the princes did not want to lose their independence. The Grand Duke had a lot of like-minded people, but there were plenty of enemies too. The conspirators treacherously killed the prince on July 12, 1174. First, a weapon was stolen from him, and then a group of armed men rushed into his room and brutally killed him.According to modern expertise, he received 45 stabbing wounds with swords, spears, daggers and swords.

If the prince had not been killed, and if he had still managed to unite the princes, then in half a century the Russian people would not have to suffer from the Mongols. And, perhaps, the history of the future Russia would have been completely different.

Holy Trinity

Andrey Rublev

Rev. Andrei Rublev is one of the most famous ancient icon painters of the 15th century. Biographical information about Rublev is very small. He was born around the 1360s in the Moscow principality. Previously, nicknames were given because of the craft in which a person was engaged, and the "ruble" is a tool for rolling leather. The icon saved from that time has the signature “Andrey Ivanov son Rublev”. Perhaps his father's name was Ivan.

The names of Andrei (Rublev) celebrate July 4 (17) - the day of their death on July 6 (19).

The chronicles indicate that Rublev, along with Daniel Cherny and other assistants, painted the cathedral in the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius and produced an iconostasis, which included the icon of the Holy Trinity, famous today. In it, he uses the biblical story: the moment when the Holy Trinity visited Abraham. Today the picture is in the Tretyakov Gallery and is one of the greatest monuments of ancient Russian art.

Named Name Andrew. Conclusion

In addition to the saints that have been cited above, there are also names of those who are glorified in the face of saints. The names of Andrey are also celebrated on July 17 (4) in honor of St. Andrew, Archbishop of Crete (712-726); October 15 (2) - Christ for the holy fool, a Slav from Novgorod, Constantinople (10th century), Blessed Andrew; June 25 (12) - Rev. Andrew of Egypt and many other righteous who dedicated their lives to serving the Lord. Some did not spare their lives and preached the Gospel, for which they were severely punished by all-powerful godless rulers.

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