Name Day - Angel Day. Congratulations on Angel Day

Angel Day is a special holiday. Every person heard about its existence at least once. However, many of us tend to be confused in the definitions and believe that this means the person’s birthday. But this is an erroneous idea, and it is not at all true. This article will tell about the history of the holiday, contains useful information that will help prepare those people who are going to become caring parents in the future.

Essence of the concept

Angel Day is not at all exactly when a person was born. According to Christian belief, each of us has our own guardian angel who accompanies us from birth. Name days means the celebration of the day of this invisible angel, giving protection and patronage.

Day Angel

The name of the intangible custodian was usually associated with the name of the saint born at the same time. So, January 25 is called the day of Tatiana, in honor of the holy great martyr.This means that the birthday girl Tanya can celebrate on a given day of the month with good reason. We note, however, that the child’s birthday can be anytime: in the spring and in the summer.

Customs and traditions

Christians celebrate birthdays more solemnly than their own birthdays. Often it even happens that they forget about their personal holiday, but the day of the angel is celebrated quite magnificently. Such an approach is very fair, because the birthdays are dedicated to the saint, while the individual birthday is only for yourself beloved. Note that Christian beliefs teach to be more restrained, modest and humble. Therefore, congratulations on the Day of the Angel are accepted by believers more readily than any wishes of health and happiness on the day of birth.

angel day greetings

The name that the newborn received always correlated with this or that saint. A man had to know not only the history of his name, but also to have an idea about the spiritual person in honor of whom he was named. It must be said, our ancestors did very wisely: they actually helped the newcomer to gain patronage from the heavenly forces, and this is important.It was believed that the guardian angel is with the person entrusted to him all the earthly life of the latter and protects him from all sorts of misfortunes, evils, disappointments and fear.

The habit of naming a child in honor of relatives already deceased or living now also went from antiquity. It was believed that the positive traits, qualities of character are inherited by descendants, and the name contains powerful energy information, which will necessarily manifest itself from its owner. At present, some people believe that it is impossible to name a baby after someone so as not to break the desire for individuality in him.

How was this holiday celebrated before?

On the day of the birthday it was decided not just to remember the name of the saint in whose honor the person is named, but it is mandatory to bake cabbage pies and treat them to their loved ones. Moreover, the birthday man himself was supposed to offer delicious food to others and do it with the greatest feeling of gratitude. Therefore, as our existence, we owe it to the Almighty and our spiritual mentors, who help us to go through life.

angel days church

It was believed that the birthday should treat not only his family, but also the king.Therefore, the first step was to come to the representative of the authorities and present him with the largest and most tasty piece of cake.

Day Angel. January

Each month of the year corresponds to the names of the saints whose birthdays are celebrated by Christians. So, in January, the names of Tatyana, Timofey, Peter, Mikhail, Maxim, Gregory, Anisya, and Pavel are celebrated. Of course, these are not all names. The well-known Tatiana's Day is the only one that is seen by non-Orthodox people in their daily life. It is also called the day of students.

name day angel

It is believed that on the day of the guardian angels you need to behave modestly, nobly, to show a feeling of immense gratitude. You should not boast, parade your successes and achievements. Angel Day greetings are accepted with a sincere smile on your face and refrain from any replying comments in your address.

Why do angels relate to babies?

A newly born child is considered a symbol of innocence. He brings purity into the world, his heart is open, he still does not know how to dissemble and live according to the laws of society. Artists and people of art often depict babies as angels, drawing wings on their backs.In fact, this is not a metaphor. Small children are really so pure and open that, looking at them, you feel how the heart becomes lighter, the soul is cleansed. It seems that nowhere new forces appear, a whole stream of life-giving energy comes.

Guardian Angels Day

Notice how a pregnant woman is transformed and prettier! And the thing is that she carries a piece of divine grace. She is no longer disturbed by petty domestic problems, she often does not pay attention to the trouble, all her thoughts are occupied by the future child. And at this moment the baby for her is the most important creature in the world. By giving birth to an angel, a woman is mentally purified and thus fulfills her natural destiny.

How to choose a baby name?

Angel's church days make it possible to name the child in accordance with old traditions. If parents are believers, then they will certainly want all customs to be observed. According to church orders, the name of the baby is given on the eighth day after birth. However, one should not rush or limit oneself: the choice should first of all be conscious, go from the heart.

angel day january

Focus on your taste and preferences. Perhaps, even shortly before birth, one should start to be interested in names, read special literature, ask the opinion of relatives. Of course, you yourself will choose and decide what to call a baby, but close people can offer such an option that you’ll like. Sometimes it happens that when looking at a newborn, you can understand how his “name” is, as if he already has a name, as if he came with him. And then doubts disappear by themselves. After a feeling of deep satisfaction.

Instead of conclusion

Name-days (Angel's Day), admittedly, are celebrated by no means in all families. Often only true Christians take care of this. Sometimes these days are safely forgotten and "fly out" from memory. If possible, you should try to remember your spiritual patrons and to celebrate the holiday at least with the sincere desire to become better, to purify the soul and thereby become closer to God. It should be remembered that in the name day you express a sense of gratitude and learn to show humility. Therefore, at least for one day, try to drop all negative feelings and turn within yourself to the bright beginning.

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