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The world is such that it is better to be a cynical girl than a naive one. Firstly, there are no illusions about the surrounding reality, secondly, the nerves are more whole, and thirdly, it is easier to live this way. It follows that a naive girl is one who still believes in the noble impulses and motives of people. She does not know what is calculation and self-interest. We can say that she is an incarnated angel. In our article we will analyze this ideal and establish whether it is viable.

First love is always naive

naive it

Where does the naivety itself come from? Parents (at least their absolute majority) believe that a child, especially a girl, should not be recognized immediately, at once, about the whole abomination of this world. Therefore, they carefully hide the reverse side of being. And if mom and dad were still able to live decently and not get a divorce until their daughter grew up, the girl grows up very naive, it is not surprising at all.

Then she meets her first bully (or an exemplary boy). They have a dumb love.They believe that they will be together to the grave, build a house with a white fence, and then give birth to a lot of children. Say, naive love? That's how she is. Moreover, it should even be that way.

Then they, of course, part. As a rule, for no particular reason. He had another one, not so correct, kind, honest, “dirtier” and more depraved.

Under the first blows of life, good-natured girls burst. She no longer believes that the world is bright and sweet. This is both correct and tragic. And she soon will have another bully. She will understand that cynicism is good. About our heroine it is already impossible to say “naive girl”, because she has become different.

Poor lisa

naive girl

Now we turn to literature. In it, as a rule, subjects are more interesting than in life. We all know the story of poor Lisa, who fell in love with a young aristocrat-rake, and he (her bad man) deceived her, and the girl drowned. According to rumors, Erast also suffered for a long time with a sense of guilt, but he lived a long time, albeit unfortunately. In general, the sufferings of Erast do not really believe. But it is not about that now. The focus of attention - a naive girl Lisa, who lost.

What was she hoping for? Of course, in place of the lady.No one wants to live in poverty all his life. Lisa was naive (we know what that means), but not by conviction, but from a lack of education. She hoped to the last that Erast would spit on social prejudices and take her beloved in marriage.

And Erast (bad man) got his and hid in the war. When he returned, he said that he should marry a rich but terrible and old widow. When the war was going on, he fought mostly at the card table and made debts.

Lisa, unable to withstand such directness, drowned herself in a pond. Her life would not be cut short if the word “naive” did not characterize it as well as possible.


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The story of Cinderella is so well known that she doesn't want to express it. But It is worth noting that her fate is a fairy tale about how a naive girl (it is a synonym for good, good) defeated the evil and cynical world. True, not herself, she was helped by magic.

If we compare two literary images, it will turn out that naivety has no chance to survive in the real world. So, people are somehow involved in the fact that angels are crucified.

Someone destroys winged creatures only in themselves, the rest lead a full-scale war with the sky and sate with cynicism and all the rest. Is it good or bad? It is difficult to say, but in the end, one way or another, a person stops believing in goodness and selflessness.

Can you be naive today?

naive love

This is a matter of basic human confidence in the world. If he does not believe anyone - this is bad, if he believes in everything - also bad. Montaigne called to reason sensibly, therefore, obeying his imperative, we say: everyone needs relatives and friends. A person (man or woman) must believe in dear people, of course, he must rely on his parents. But to open the face of the world and expose the back is now dangerous.

Capitalism with an inhuman face in our country makes people competitors. Do you know why Americans have friends instead of psychoanalysts? Because a follower of Freud and Jung has a medical ethic that forbids him to disclose information received from a client, but his friends do not have such ethics. Wildly, yes? Nevertheless, we still have confidence, naivety and faith in people. And we have people make love unions, but they do not sign marriage contracts.

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