Musical Theater of Krasnoyarsk: history, repertoire, troupe

Krasnoyarsk is a Siberian city in the center of our country, although small, but it has a rather rich cultural life. For example, there are more than ten different theaters in it, some older ones, some newer, but each has its own rich history and its own repertoire. And how did the musical theater of Krasnoyarsk appear?

History of

Despite the fact that the official date of its opening is considered to be February 20, 1959, this is not entirely true. The first attempts to create a theater of musical comedy in Krasnoyarsk were undertaken as far back as the thirties of the last century, but they were not successful. The theater lived for two years, after which it was closed for "ideological" reasons, in the USSR they did not accept "frivolous" genres of art. Ten years later they tried again, they even wrote to A. Kosygin, so that he would assist in the creation. This time the theater was open, but lasted six years.

“God loves a trinity” is a famous Russian proverb. So in the case of the musical theater in Krasnoyarsk, it turned out that it was only the third time. In 1959, he earned, opening the production of "Free Wind". At first, the theater was occupied by the DK of railway workers (until 1981). The troupe consisted of young people - talented graduates of academies and conservatories from all over the country: from Moscow, Lvov, Odessa, Kharkov. It was with such a composition that the second in the Soviet Union (the first was in Odessa) musical “My Fair Lady” F. Lowe was successfully held on the stage of the musical theater of Krasnoyarsk in 1965.

In 1981, the building was closed for renovation, which lasted for ten years. During this time, the artists successfully toured, having traveled with the performances all over the immense homeland - from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Everywhere they were received warmly and cordially. In Krasnoyarsk, artists roamed around tiny venues, which did not prevent them from releasing premieres. So, it was during these years that the first rock operas appeared in the repertoire of the theater.

musical theater krasnoyarskThe new building, which the theater still occupies today, was erected by the project of the famous architect A. Demirkhanov. In 1991, it opened its doors to the troupe.At first, there was only one room in the room, but in 2006 a second one appeared, so now everyone has their own name — Large (accommodates almost 800 people) and Small. Among other things, there is a museum on the premises representing the scenic history of the theater of musical comedy. In Krasnoyarsk, this is no longer met.

musical theater krasnoyarsk playbillAt the beginning of the new century, the musical theater of Krasnoyarsk pleased the residents of the city with the premiere of Incognito from St. Petersburg. She passed with great triumph, instantly won the love of the audience and even received a diploma at the Golden Mask festival.

The current name of the theater, obtained in 2008, is more true - after all, the troupe performs not only with comedies. The repertoire of artists includes operettas, rock operas, musicals, and vaudeville, and even musical dramas.

There are four “departments” in the theater: soloists, ballet dancers, choir artists and an orchestra. Since 2016, the main director is Nikolai Pokotylo, a graduate of GITIS.


The poster of the musical theater of Krasnoyarsk every season pleases the audience with interesting premieres. During its existence, the troupe has presented more than two hundred different performances of all stripes.More recently, the theater began to cooperate with well-known Moscow directors, in particular, with Kim Breitburg, whose musicals “Blue Cameo” and “Casanova” thundered throughout Krasnoyarsk.

Musical Comedy Theater KrasnoyarskThe audience had the opportunity to see such productions as The Bat, The Servant of Two Masters, or Truffaldino Pranks, Silva, Zoykina Flat, Ovod, Christmas Eve, Beauty of Cabaret, Juno and Avos "and so on. Many of them go to this day and invariably collect notices. This theater is considered to be one of the most popular in Krasnoyarsk.

The poster of the musical comedy theater for the new season 2017-2018 presented the premiere of "Dead Souls", it will be held in late September. In the announcement, the production was announced as a “light opera”. Also, viewers will be able to see the long-beloved performances: “Nameless Star”, “Hello, I'm Your Aunt”, “The Scarlet Flower”, “Ordinary Miracle”, “The Twelve Chairs” and others.


The troupe is represented by 39 vocalists, 17 ballet dancers, 23 dancers of the choir. In the orchestra - 45 musicians. Among the soloists of the Krasnoyarsk Musical Comedy Theater are 11 honored artists of Russia.Among them is the famous actor Vladislav Pitalsky, who plays in most performances, and Valentina Litvina is not only an actress, but also a singer who successfully performs solo. Crowds of admirers of her voice and talent always come to Valentina's concerts.


Krasnoyarsk Musical Theater is located in the very center of the city, not far from the railway station. Nearby is the Red Square, the three main streets of Krasnoyarsk - Mira, Lenin and Marx. Hand submit and to the central square of the city - Theatrical. You can’t walk past a musical theater: in addition to signs that attract the attention of passersby, a large rooster’s flower figure proudly towers near the entrance to the theater.Musical Comedy Theater Krasnoyarsk playbill

For everyone who loves performances, sincerely empathizes to the participants of performances, wants to relax and just have a nice evening in a warm company and a friendly atmosphere, the Krasnoyarsk Musical Theater is exactly what you need.

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