MTZ 892: characteristic, overview

The plant, which became the face of the entire agriculturalproducts in the machine industry. The plant, whose name was leveled with such qualities as reliability and confidence. Perhaps, it is necessary to reveal the veil of secrecy - this is the Minsk Tractor Plant. Yes, it was he who recently became the record holder among the manufacturers of wheeled and tractor machines. Almost sixty percent of Eastern Europe is covered by MTZ products. And it's about something says. Not less famous, as well as the concern, is the MTZ model 892. Its popularity and prevalence really amaze. But what is the uniqueness of this machine? You can learn about this only after a thorough analysis.

History of creation

MTZ 892 tractor was produced in the 2000sat the Minsk factory. It should be noted that almost immediately many entrepreneurs appreciated this unit. And not by chance. After all, MTZ 892 has been modified several times in its history.mtz 892And this means that the characteristics of the tractor increased. In particular, the engine and several other parts were replaced.


What is MTZ 892? This tractor belongs to the class of heavy traction machines 1.4. 892 has a standard, as for a tractor, wheel formula "four by four". This arrangement gives the best coefficient of patency and maneuverability. And even difficult road conditions, such as wet ground, snow or ice, can not prevent MTZ 892 from completing its mission.

Driver's cab

The only place in the tractor, where at least somehowtook care of the comfort - this is the cabin. Let it not have expensive materials, but everything is done on conscience. So, for example, cheap upholstery velor material looks at first sight not very. But it performs its functions perfectly. And even small cuts can not damage the surface. And for working equipment, these little things are important. A big plus MTZ is a circular review.tractor mtz 892All walls are made of heavy-duty glass,which withstands blows. A qualitative review allows the driver to clearly see the picture and work plan. Also there are electric windshield wipers, that is wipers. On a dirty terrain, this device is simply necessary. It is worth noting that MTZ 892 is adapted to work at all seasons. Confirmation to this is the presence of an air conditioner and a heater, which is not often found in tractors. That is, even at the most critical moments, in summer and winter, the driver of this transport will be in comfortable conditions, which will improve the quality of work.

Devices in management

The theme of comfort has already been touched upon. It should be noted that MTZ 892 has a lot of small things that make it easier to operate. And they can not be forgotten. Driving a heavy car is a rather difficult task.mtz 892 reviewsTherefore, the designers installed a power steering. With him, the management became smooth and soft. The slightest movement is transmitted immediately and without jerks.

МТЗ 892 - reviews about the transmission

The transmission of the tractor is made at the highest level. And all in order that MTZ 892 could confidently perform its tasks. So, this machine has in equipping a nine-speed manual transmission with a special gearbox, which increases the number of gears in half. Thus, in fact, there are eighteen front and four rear gears. In addition, the differential transmission has a locking function that protects from slipping.

МТЗ 892 - characteristics of the model

The main horse of this tractor can be consideredits good technical characteristics. They help "Belarus" with ease to cope with the tasks. The most important element in any car was and will be the engine. Therefore, the review should start with it. MTZ 892 is equipped with a motor of its own production. Its name is MMZ-245,5. The diesel power unit has four cylinders. The total volume of the combustion chamber is four hundred seventy five cubic centimeters.mtz 892 characteristicsThe maximum power that can be developedengine, does not exceed eighty horsepower. Do not forget about the load capacity. This tractor is capable of carrying a cargo weighing not more than one and a half tons.


MTZ 892 was so successful and popular,that on its basis began to produce other tractors. So, for example, on sale there are models with a folding roof in the form of an awning. Also on the market you can find all kinds of modifications with attachments.

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