Morning coffee: a few simple recipes

Most conversations about its harm are greatly exaggerated or lobbying the interests of other beverages. There is even a saying: everything is transient, and morning coffee is eternal! It probably is. But it’s not enough to really love an invigorating drink, you also need to know how to properly prepare it. And then, you know, all these newfangled trends in the form of machines or coffee machines led to the fact that very few of today's youth (using these truly “bearish” services) know how to make normal morning coffee within their own kitchen. But the day begins with him and how it will pass, sometimes depends on a small sip!Morning coffee

Cup of morning coffee

This drink (by the way, second in demand throughout the world) has always left its admirers indifferent. For example, it is known that in some regions of Germany city dwellers rallied for the right to drink morning coffee, and a woman in the Ottoman Empire filed for divorce from her husband if he could not ensure her addiction to a drink.Under the aroma of coffee were the first chess competitions in the world. The invigorating drink Bach sang in the Coffee Cantata. It was morning coffee that won the beer championship in due time for the right to be called the most popular drink in New York.

Classics of the genre

The classic recipe is probably known even to residents of the tundra and the Far North. Preparing is quite simple: you need to grind a small amount of grains (manually or in an electric grinder). Further: we pour 2 small spoons of the finished powder in the Turk. Sugar is added to taste (some drink at all without it or with a substitute). We mix and put on a small fire, so that a little warmed up. And after we add purified water, bring the drink to a boil, but do not boil. When the stump begins to rise, the dzhezva is lifted above the fire, hold it in that position for about ten seconds. The procedure is repeated two or three times. Your morning coffee (photo with the image of a cup of aromatic drink stirs, is not it?) Ready. By the way, you can throw a small ice cube into the drink (after preparation) - and enjoy the resulting fragrant drink.morning coffee photo

Fruit coffee with ginger and peach

How to make a bright fruit drink oriental? Mix the following ingredients: peach syrup, sugar, cream, strong brewed coffee, a little cinnamon and ground ginger - on the tip of a knife. Over low heat bring to a boil, but do not cook. Then pour in the coffee pot. Serving for breakfast.

Italian Ristretto

To cheer up, you need to try an Italian ristretto. This drink is one of the strongest. It is prepared in small quantities, just a few sips. Freshly ground grains (two or three tablespoons of powder) are poured with boiling water, stirred and drunk from the cup - it is possible even on the go if time is short.cup of morning coffee

With nutmeg and cinnamon

And the taste is simply indescribable! And it's not so difficult to cook: in a cezve we throw a spoonful of sugar from cane, add a little water (so that it melts on low heat). After pouring coffee dark roast (fine grinding) at the rate of 3 small spoons per cup. Add water to the Turk (up to half the capacity) and wait until the finished drink “speaks” (that is, it starts to gurgle). Add some more water, pouring it from a height, in a thin stream so that it can take more oxygen.In the final, add nutmeg, cinnamon - literally at the tip of a knife. Bring to a boil, remove from heat and leave for a few minutes.

With honey and garlic

Want to be original? Then you need half a glass of water, a spoon of ground coffee, a clove of garlic and a spoon of honey. Put the ingredients in Turku in the following order: first coffee powder, then garlic, after honey. All this is heated on low heat for 5 seconds. After - add hot water, bring to a boil, but do not boil. You can also enjoy this creative, very invigorating drink in the morning.

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