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Mogilev Kuleshov University (MSU) has been working in Belarus for more than 100 years. At the very beginning of its journey, the university was an institution. However, such status did not prevent him from qualitatively preparing specialists for his native country. Teachers who worked before in an educational institution, have always been true professionals in their field. They tirelessly laid the foundations of the future. Today the Kogushov Mogilev State University is a regional research and education center that deserves separate consideration.

From the founding of the university to the beginning of the war

Mogilev State University (MSU) named after Kuleshov is a fairly prestigious university in the country. It is difficult to imagine that he was once a small educational institution with several dozens of students. And this is not fiction. The university began its educational activities in 1913 in the form of a teacher’s institute. The first set was small. There were just over 30 students.

In 1918, the institute was no longer a teacher’s, but a pedagogical one. This was the first step towards development. In the next 20 years, nothing large-scale with the university did not happen. It gradually developed and could further improve if the Great Patriotic War did not come in 1941. This terrible event crossed the long-term activities of the institute. The city was captured at the very beginning of the war by the Germans. The work of the university was terminated.

History of Mogilev State University

Recovery activities

In June 1944, the Soviet army liberated Mogilev. About a month later, the pedagogical institute resumed its work. For those who wished, 2 forms of study (full-time and part-time), 3 faculties (language and literature, historical and geographical) were opened. So the university took the path of recovery and further development.

After the war, there were very few teachers in the pedagogical institute - only 16. However, they successfully coped with the training of students. Gradually the number of teachers increased, new faculties opened. Began to appear also specialties that are not related to teaching. The university engaged in training and for other spheres of public life.This led to the fact that in 1997 the school was renamed Mogilev State University.

Our days

Today, Kuleshov University continues to be a classical educational institution. The areas and specialties in which the university conducts training belong to various areas of modern life, but it is the pedagogical professions that are still in priority. Preparing teachers for MSU is a tradition from which the university does not intend to refuse, because this is its past, its history.

Mogilev University named after Kuleshov is now considered a fairly large educational institution. His educational and material base includes:

  • 5 educational buildings with equipped classrooms and laboratories, which number more than 200;
  • a library with a collection of more than 659 thousand copies of books;
  • 2 educational and sports complexes;
  • training center;
  • 5 hostels.
International activities of Moscow State University Kuleshov

Gorki Pedagogical College in the structure of the university

Kuleshov University is a higher education institution, but this does not prevent it from implementing secondary vocational education programs. They are offered in 2 colleges owned by Moscow State University - Goretsky Pedagogical and Social-Humanitarian.

Goretsky College of Education for over 40 years has been training middle managers. He began his educational activities in the form of a school. Further fruitful work led to obtaining college status and joining a large university. Today, secondary vocational school is engaged in training graduates of 9 classes. Two specialties are open for them - “primary education” and “pre-school education”.

Social and Humanitarian College at Moscow State University Kuleshov

The Social and Humanitarian College, which is part of the Kuleshov University, has a longer period of existence as compared with the first specialized college. The countdown of its history began in 1923 with the formation of a technical school. In 1956, the school was renamed the school, and in 1992 - in college.

The doors of the secondary vocational school are open for graduates of 9th and 11th grades. They are offered a choice of 2 specialties:

  • "Software of information technologies", specialization - "system programming";
  • “Pre-school education”, specialization - “foreign language (English, German)”.
College of Moscow State University Kuleshov

List of faculties and opportunities for students

In Mogilev State University.Kuleshov has 7 faculties:

  • foreign languages;
  • mathematics and science;
  • music and primary education;
  • pedagogy and psychology of childhood;
  • historical and philological;
  • physical education;
  • economics and law.

About 5 thousand people study in the listed divisions. Among the students there are not only residents of Belarus, but also citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China and other countries. All students have comfortable conditions for receiving a quality education. First, all classes are conducted in well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and computer labs. Secondly, students are given the opportunity to learn from the experience and knowledge of highly qualified teachers of the university, among which there are 20 doctors of science, 15 professors, 136 candidates.

Educational activities of MSU Kuleshov in Belarus

International activities of Moscow State University

At Kuleshov State University, special attention is paid to international cooperation. The educational institution has concluded more than 50 agreements with partner universities and international organizations of such countries as France, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, China, India, Serbia, Azerbaijan. These documents allow employees of Moscow State University every year.Kuleshov to pass internships abroad.

The opportunity to temporarily visit abroad is provided to students. The best students go to foreign universities where they study for a certain time. There they develop practical skills in their specialty, improve a foreign language, and join new trends in world development.

An important component of the international activities of the university is the “Invited Professor” program. Within its framework, the specialist of the American educational institution (Campbell University) Frank Laney regularly lectures to students of the Mogilev University of Kuleshov in English. The same program involved Sedykh A. P. - Doctor of Philology, Professor of Belgorod State University. He also lectures to those studying at Moscow State University.

MSU students Kuleshov

Conditions for creativity

Very different people study at the University of Kuleshov. Each student has certain hobbies. For the development of talents and the disclosure of creative potential, special associations have been created, of which there are more than 60. As an example, the vocal ensembles Harmony, Kvacen, a student choir, poetry clubs, the Allegretto folk instrument orchestra, the KVN team, etc. .In any circle and association with pleasure accept beginners.

Of particular interest to students are traditional annual events. This is the "Best Future Teacher of the Year", and "Mr. University", and "Day of the Freshman." In these activities are very many students. Someone is engaged in inventing an interesting program, someone directly takes part in scenes and performances, and someone just decides to be a spectator.

Creativity at the University of Kuleshov

Future plans

Mogilev Kuleshov University has a glorious century-long history. For almost the entire period, it developed dynamically, passed a difficult path from a teacher’s institute to a classical university. In the future, the university also plans to improve, to reach new heights in its activities.

The main strategic goal of Moscow State University Kuleshov is to prepare high-quality and competitive specialists who are in demand in the labor market. To achieve it is planned:

  • update the material and technical base;
  • develop remote technologies;
  • increase practice-oriented learning;
  • create new structural units, pedagogical skills offices, laboratories.
Classes at Mogilev State University

Mogilev State University (MSU) named after Kuleshov is one of the oldest educational institutions of Belarus, which offers high-quality educational services. Here students acquire good theoretical training, gain valuable practical skills. Thanks to the teachers, a professional “I” is being formed among the students. After graduating from Moscow State University, graduates start confidently, find application for their knowledge, successfully build a career.

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