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Portable electronic devices are increasingly evolving, providing users with new opportunities for mobility and comfort. Take at least a mobile router (WiFi). As is known, there are two generally accepted and most common options for transmitting data in a wireless format - via a mobile network (3G / LTE standards), as well as using a router (when pre-connected to a fixed access point). Today, especially for mobile devices that do not support the ability to receive a signal from a SIM card, there are special combined gadgets (mobile WiFi-routers 3G, 4G, LTE).

mobile wifi router

Briefly about them - about the features, advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of such routers - we'll talk in this article.

general information

We have long known stationary routers that transmit over the air a signal received using a fixed Internet cord. The principle of operation is quite simple - the signal comes from a power outlet and is changed so that the surrounding devices can connect and accept it.Most of the Wi-Fi networks that surround us act this way.

The mobile WiFi router to which this article is devoted operates in a somewhat different way. He, in fact, combines the advantages of mobile Internet and connecting via Wi-Fi, because it has the portability of the first and the speed of the second. If you connect a volume tariff plan to the start package with which such a modem works, then in general the user has the opportunity to launch a really very close analogue of a real access point.

True, this does not mean that a mobile WiFi router is an ideal solution. He also has a lot of flaws. The first is the lack of compactness. If you use the mobile operator’s card in your tablet, you don’t have to carry an additional device (in this case, this modem) with you. This is very convenient, and vice versa: when working with a Wi-Fi access point, get ready for the fact that it will take up space in your bag.

mobile wifi router

The second is a small period of work on one charge. The obvious fact is that the distribution of the Wi-Fi signal is quite a costly (for a device battery) process. Therefore, there is enough of such a modem for a very short time - only 2-4 hours of active work (depending on the state and model).Again, by connecting the mobile Internet directly to the tablet, you can count on its longer work.

Application Methods

Nevertheless, a mobile WiFi router is a pretty popular thing. There are several typical situations in which it is difficult to manage without him. For example, if you bought a cheaper tablet on which the 3G module is not installed. In this case, the device itself is able to connect exclusively to Wi-Fi-networks - we will create it using a mobile modem. As for the 3G connection, as you understand, it will be implemented through an “intermediary” - the modem itself.

The second example is the need for multiple users to work simultaneously. For example, suppose you want to distribute the Internet to several people at once (up to 8). In this case, they can all simultaneously enter this network and download the information of interest.

Mobile WiFi 4G router

The third example is the “division” of the Internet into several devices. Such an opportunity is available, for example, from “Beeline”, “MTS” and “Megaphone”. Its essence is to use the package on several numbers - thus, for example, it is advantageous to put the Internet at a more expensive rate on a smartphone,tablet and on the mobile Internet (say, to connect a computer). Due to such a combination, eventually the user will pay less. And, again, the main task of the device - to enable the user to be online always and everywhere - will be successfully completed.


It's clear that there are a large number of different modems on the market today. They are produced by different manufacturers (such as Huawei or MicroMax), respectively, are equipped with different equipment, thus, giving them different characteristics. From this, accordingly, the quality of work of routers, the duration of their activities without recharging, the presence or absence of any additional functions.

4G LTE WiFi Mobile Router

Since our article describes what constitutes a mobile WiFi-4G router, in particular, released by Huawei. We have prepared a number of evaluation criteria, analyzing which, let us know what these devices differ from each other.


Let's start with the most obvious - speed. Of course, the final level of user comfort depends on how fast the signal is transmitted to the mobile device from the modem.For example, this affects the speed of loading the page, the hang of applications running online, and so on. The faster the mobile WiFi router works, the more comfortable it is for its user.

For example, the Huawei 5220u model can distribute an Internet signal at speeds up to 3.1 Mbps in maximum mode (meaning good reception, high device charge level and a number of other factors). On average, the transfer is carried out at 1.5 Mbit / s, which is also not bad.

The Huawei E5336S-2 device is about one and a half times more expensive (it costs almost $ 50, while the 5220u is about $ 30). At the same time, the download speed of the signal here is kept at 21 Mbit / s, and unloading at the level of 5.76 Mbit / s. As you can see, the speed of distribution is higher, which means that the final quality of the device is better. There are other devices, for example, Huawei EC 5321, the download speed of which is 5.4 Mbit / s.

Other manufacturers have modems that work even faster. For example - ZTE MF65M. Here, the data upload speed can reach 11 Mbps (according to the information provided by the developers).

Duration of work

mobile WiFi router huawei

As already emphasized earlier, another important factor directly affecting the autonomy of the modem is the battery capacity and charge rate.You can easily learn the first one - study the official specifications of the device. They can find such numbers as 1150 mAh (Huawei EC 5220u-1) or Huawei EC 5321u-1 - 1500 mAh. Other models have the same performance - EC5805 and E583c - also have batteries with a capacity of 1150 mAh.

As stated in the official information, their charge is enough for 4-6 hours of operation of the device, however, if you believe the reviews of real users, as a rule, the modem can work only up to 3-4 hours of active distribution on a single charge.


As in the case with any other electronic device, the quality of the modem operation directly depends on the manufacturer. Even despite the differences in technical parameters, the way different devices are assembled under various trademarks determines their future service life. Therefore, choosing a mobile WiFi-router, it is important to choose a model from a reliable supplier.

Mobile WiFi routers 3G 4G LTE

Well, for example, the same Huawei modems have proven themselves in the market quite well. Their lifespan, as well as parameters indicate that this manufacturer offers customers high-quality electronics.

In contrast, this can be cited as an example of cheaper modems from young or little-known brands. In the case of the first, you can try to buy a device and see how it will behave.So, for example, the equipment from ZTE, despite the small age of the company, also shows itself from the good side. As for some noname-manufacturers, it is better not to get involved with them, even if the router is much cheaper. As practice shows, such devices in general may not start after purchase.

Number of devices supported

Mobile 3G WiFi Router Huawei

Do not forget about another criterion by which you can evaluate one or another 4G LTE WiFi signal receiver (mobile router). This is the number of possible connected devices. There are different models, for example, Huawei EC5805 is able to work with 5 gadgets. Another option is a mobile 3G WiFi-router Huawei E5-038, which supports connection with 8 devices. The third illustrative example is the model E5776 from the same manufacturer, which can distribute the Internet immediately to 10 devices.

As you can see, each model may differ in this indicator, so pay attention to it if you plan to connect more than 5 clients to the network.


Do not forget about the interface. Each model has a different structure. There are routers with a miniature LCD display that transmits information about system processes, when the device is dead, the signal level, and much more.There are, on the contrary, devices with a lower level of visualization, on which you will find only a charging indicator and a place for a couple of the most important system alerts.

That is, choose such a device, to work with which you will be more convenient. And do not forget that the screen is an additional charge and a shorter battery life.


Finally, cost is one of the key for many parameters. Of course, it varies depending on what your mobile 4G WiFi router can do, on average between 3 and 6 thousand rubles. This laid the design, fame of the manufacturer, the price of delivery. Do not forget that you can save money on routers if you buy them from Internet providers. For example, in the store a mobile WiFi router Huawei 5330 costs about 300-400 rubles more than in the shops of operators. At the same time, when buying in service providers, you get various bonuses, such as free internet for a couple of months and others.

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