Miracle-drink "Mountain Dew"

Today, probably, you can not meet a man,who does not like carbonated drinks. They not only have great taste, but also cool on a sultry day. Especially popular in this case is the American company PepsiCo, which produces sweet carbonated drinks at any, as they say, taste and color. They are all dearly loved by the consumer, therefore they occupy a leading position in sales.

Today we will talk about such a cool drink as "Mountain Dew". It is loved by many, but not everyone knows the history of its origin and composition.

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Exquisite Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew ("Mountain Dew"), the recipe of which wasinvented in 1940 in Nosquill, is a highly carbonated beverage without alcohol content, released under the trademark PepsiCo. It has a yellow-green color, takes the fourth place in the US among the best-selling soda, after Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and Diet-Cola. And the dietary version of Mountain Dew is the ninth largest in terms of annual sales.

The composition of Mountain Dew is very simple. This drink consists of purified water, carbon dioxide, caffeine and sugar, sea kale and citric acid, as well as ascorbic acid, esters, gum arabic and sodium citrate.

Recently, in the entire range of productsMountain Dew are sugar substitutes. So, in this kind of carbonated soft drinks add corn syrup, in which there is a huge amount of fructose. Aspartame is placed in a diet version of the drink, and sugar - only in Mountain Dew Throwback.

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Mountain Dew was first produced in 1940 in theKnoxville. It had a yellowish-green color. In 1996, he appears in the UK, until 1998 remains the most popular beverage that does not contain alcohol. He liked the young people very much, because, they claimed, they gave them energy. Great distribution was received by Mountain Dew in Syria and Russia. In the Russian market this energy drink has been in use since 2007. He became famous here thanks to advertising with cyclists and leopard.

In 2008, PepsiCo began to implementa huge marketing strategy that contained many activities aimed at changing the logo and visual design of the drink. After that, all the logos of the company's products changed radically. Therefore, the "Mountain Dew" formed a new logo, it became known as Mtn Dew. But in Russia today the old logo and name are used.

Types of drinks Mountain Dew

types of drinks

Today, besides the original drinkyellowish-green color is a large number of its varieties, which differ not only in color but also in taste. Among them you can find those that do not contain caffeine, as well as dietary, containing low-calorie sweeteners.

So, in addition to the main option, there areMountain Dew Caffeine Free, Diet Mountain Dew (without caloric sweetener content), Mountain Dew Live Wire (Orange), Mountain Dew Code Red (Cherry), Mountain Dew Voltage (raspberry, , Dun Baja Blast (fruity), Mountain Dew White Out (lemon), Mountain Dew Throwback (original with sugar), and Diet Mountain Dew SuperNova (strawberry, ginseng, melon, sugar-free), Mountain Dew Halo 4 Double XP (the drink is discontinued).

Whatever the taste of the energizing tonic drink Mountain Dew, it will be unforgettable and original.


Now the carbonated drink "Mountain Dew" canpurchase in different packages. So, it can be a bank for three hundred and thirty milliliters, a plastic bottle for half a liter, one liter and seventy five milliliters or two liters and twenty five milliliters. This is very convenient, since the consumer has the opportunity to choose the best option for himself.

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"Lava lamp"

Fans of cocktails are familiar with Mountain Dew,because today there is a huge number of them, where this drink is used. For example, consider how to make a cocktail "Lava lamp". This requires ninety milligrams of "Cinnamon Schnapps" and two hundred and seventy milligrams of Mountain Dew. Ingredients are poured in layers into a chilled wine glass. A cocktail is served without ice.

Thus, today toning upa highly carbonated drink that does not contain alcohol, Mountain Dew is one of the popular not only in the US, but in many other countries. He is loved for the exquisite taste and energy that he brings. Of course, because of the composition of the drink they are not recommended to abuse, but on a sultry day you can be pampered with a sip of a cold refreshing "Mountain Dew". And the one who likes to drink cocktails, should know that this drink is a part of many of them, and the taste turns out to be unforgettable. PepsiCo company once again pleased us with an unrivaled refreshing drink, charging energy and positive for the whole day.

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