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Michael Scofield is a popular American drama series “Escape”, which appeared on screens for four years from 2005 to 2009, after which it was continued in 2017. The project was successful and won a large audience, positive reviews from critics. Printed publications, a mini-series for mobile phones, as well as a computer game were published based on it.

The article will discuss the main character and the performers of this role. Michael Scofield, actor Wentworth Miller is almost inseparable for many fans of the series. The character appears in a pilot series of a project in which he deliberately goes to jail. Next to him is always his brother Lincoln. However, the creators of the series deliberately revealed the image of Michael more widely. First, the viewer sees the history of the organization and implementation of their escape, and then life on the run, in search of truth and justice.

Michael Scofield: a biography

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At the time of the beginning of the story Scofield was 29 years old. He was born on October 8, 1974. Michael's family consists of the brother of Lincoln, the mother of Christina Rosa Scofield and the father of Aldo Burroughs. Before he went to prison, he had a prestigious job as an engineer in a Chicago-based company and his wife, Nika Volek.

Michael attended Morton Ista High School in Cicero, Illinois. He initially gave preference to the applied art class, where an origami circle was opened. It was during these classes that he developed patience and accuracy. Michael finished school with a gold medal. Having a certain gift, he subsequently continued his studies at Loyola University in Chicago and became a certified design engineer.

About abilities

From the outset, it is emphasized that Michael Scofield has a high level of intelligence. The plot of the series is largely based on its amazing ability to examine all the objects of the world in the smallest detail, with scrupulousness, and then use the data to find ways out of the most complicated situations.

In one episode of the show, the prison doctor consults Michael with his psychiatrist about Michael.She learns that a young man has a rare disease - a low level of “latent inhibition”. He cannot sift out unnecessary and unnecessary information from the senses, as others do. In this regard, he perceives any object in the smallest detail. The psychiatrist speaks of this ability of Michael as a creative genius. However, this is noticed not only by friends, but also by foes who wish to use the gift for their own, selfish purposes.

Plot development

michael scofield biography

As already mentioned, the series has 4 seasons, and at the moment on the screens of the fifth season, which fans have been waiting for about 7 years. Throughout their length, the main characters are Michael Scofield and his brother Lincoln Burrows. The beginning of the television series is devoted to the preparation of the protagonist's plan for entering the prison and the subsequent escape from it, together with his brother, who was sentenced to death. Michael has quite a bit of time. The whole first season is devoted to this topic.

In the second season, the viewer will have to worry about the main characters. Having escaped from prison with a few more prisoners, they are forced into hiding. Their main task is to find and obtain evidence of Lincoln’s innocence.

In the third and fourth seasons, the main character again goes to prison, this time in Panama. His beloved and nephew are taken hostage. Now Mike has to do everything to free the prisoners.

In the fifth season, which was released in early April 2017, viewers are transferred toYemenithe prisonHygiene, in which the main character sits.

Personal life of Michael Scofield

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Relations with Mike Nika's first wife in the series are reflected rather sparingly. The viewer practically does not know anything about them. But the storyline is gradually unwound with the doctor of the prison hospital Sarah Tancredi. She from the first days of dating Mike sympathizes with him. The prisoner initially takes advantage of this and asks the doctor to help him with the escape.

Relationships develop in seasons 2, 3 and 4. It is quite logical that after long trials and sufferings they end in a wedding. A couple has a son. In the final two-hour episode, Michael Scofield dies, saving Sarah. He is buried on the beach where their wedding ceremony took place. This end of the series was a surprise to all his fans. However, the death scene itself was missing from the series.A little thought, in 2016, seven years later, the creators of the series decided to return it to the screens, extending to the 5th season. The premiere in Russia took place on April 5, 2017.

Michael Scofield: Actor Wentworth Miller

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American actor and screenwriter Wentworth Miller gained popularity due to the role of Michael Scofield in the TV series “Escape” and Captain Cold in the project “Flash”. He was born on June 2, 1972 in Chipping Norton (Great Britain). It is not for nothing that there is an opinion that beautiful children are born in international marriages. The Miller family united Jamaican, Somali, Indian (Cherokee), German-Jewish and British roots from the side of the father and French, Syrian, Lebanese, Russian and Dutch from the side of the mother.

After the birth of the boy, the family moved to Brooklyn (New York). Wentworth received a secondary education at the Midwood School. He then entered Princeton University. After defending his graduation project, he unexpectedly announced to his parents that he was planning to become an actor, and immediately moved to Los Angeles.

For quite a long time, a variety of rumors circulated around the actor's personal life. Miller himself in 2007, said that he plans to marry, and then have children.He linked the lack of a life partner with a busy schedule. However, on the eve of the international film festival in St. Petersburg, Miller admitted that he was gay. He said that he was forced to hide it, for fear of harming his career.

Actor career

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At first, her acting career did not take shape. In fact, Miller was on the other side of the screen - in the department of Paramount. Only four years later, after a series of castings, he was invited to come to small roles on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Time to Your Life, Best, and Ambulance.

The first worthwhile project was Dinotopia. The series was nominated for an Emmy, but Miller himself did not bring much success, and he again set off for endless auditions. In 2002, he was lucky to get to the director R. Benton in his new film “Blurred Reputation” with E. Hopkins in the lead role. Miller revealed himself as a serious dramatic actor.

In 2005, he appeared in minor roles in the TV series "Talking with ghosts" and "New Jeanne D'Arc." However, the recognition and love of the audience brought him the "Escape" and the main character in it - Michael Scofield.

Films and series with his participation that followed: “Griffins” (2009, dubbing), “Law and Order: Special Corps” (2009), “Resident Evil in 3D: Life after Death” (2010), “Doctor House” (2011), “Loft” (2014), “Flash” (2014-2017), “Legends of Tomorrow” (2016).

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