Metro station "Sukharevskaya"

The metro station "Sukharevskaya" is well known to several generations of Muscovites and guests of the capital. Those who are older remember it under a different name. Let's take a closer look at this familiar object of urban transport infrastructure.

From the history of the Moscow Metro

The metro station "Sukharevskaya" took the first passengers in January 1972. She entered the series of operating under the name "Kolkhoznaya" on the launch site of the Kaluga-Riga line. This section was laid under the central part of the capital and connected into a single whole the two peripheral radii of this route that already existed by that time. The city received a modern transport highway connecting the northern and southern parts of it.Sukharevskaya metro stationThere is no need to prove how important it was for such a large and rapidly developing metropolis as Moscow. Metro "Sukharevskaya" was only one of the stations of the new line. On the Moscow metro scheme, the Kaluga-Riga line is traditionally denoted in orange.


The current name of the metro station "Sukharevskaya" received in the autumn of 1990. Such was the general trend of the time. During these years, Moscow was getting rid of what was reminiscent of the Soviet era. At the same time, many historical place names appeared on the map of the capital. The metro station "Sukharevskaya" was renamed from "Kolkhoznaya" simultaneously with the Big and Small Sukharevsky squares, under which it is located. Most of the ancient names are firmly rooted in the history of Russia. It is difficult to disagree with the fact that they are quite organic for Moscow.

Engineering construction features

According to its design, the Sukharevskaya metro is a three-vaulted deep-laid station with a straight island platform. Most of the stations of the Moscow Metro, located in the central part of the city, are of this type. It has no ground entrance halls.Moscow metro SukharevskayaThe exit to the city is through a single escalator tunnel. It leads to the underpass under Sadovo-Sukharevskaya street. Currently, there is no complete certainty regarding the future of the Sukharevskaya metro station. Unknownin the distant future, will it become part of interchange nodes, the creation of which in the central part of the city initially involves a radial-circular metro scheme? "Sukharevskaya" today remains one of the few stations inside the ring, from which it is impossible to move to another line.

Architecture and design

In the Moscow metro you can find many outstanding works of Soviet-era architecture. They represent the whole range of styles and aesthetic trends of their time. The architectural design of the metro station "Sukharevskaya" is restrained. Stylistically, it traces elements of constructivism. The impressive faceliness of the interior is given by massive faceted pylons stylized as sheaves of wheat. Sukharevskaya metro schemeThe concept of this agricultural image is due to the first name of the station - "Kolkhoznaya". It is in accordance with this concept that the interior of the station is faced with marble of a light yellow color palette. It symbolizes the same ocher color of ripe sheaves and ears of wheat from a collective farm field. For contrast with pylon and wall panels, the flooring is made of gray granite.At the base of the arch there are decorative cornices with lamps. The track walls are decorated with embossed panels on the theme of floristics.

Exit to the city

An underground passage under Sadovo-Sukharevskaya Street takes passengers from the Sukharevskaya metro station to the Garden Ring and Sretenka Street. This is an old Moscow district. Once on this place stood the famous Sukharev Tower, which divided the space into Bolshaya and Malaya Sukharevskiy Squares. This monument of architecture was demolished in the thirties under the pretext that it obstructed the traffic on the Garden Ring. The metro station "Sukharevskaya" has a relatively low passenger traffic. This is a little surprising when you consider that it is located on a rather brisk place in the immediate vicinity of the Garden Ring. In addition to elite residential complexes, there are many administrative institutions and commercial structures, educational institutions and entertainment centers. Sukharevskaya metro stationPerpendicular to Sadovo-Sukharevskaya street is Sretenka. It is a well-preserved, almost intact, old Moscow street with a large number of cultural and architectural monuments.It is here that should be sent to all who wish to see how the capital looked in former times. With all the external changes, Sretenka allows you to feel the atmosphere of old Moscow. Many trade institutions on it exist with some changes for dozens and even hundreds of years.

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