"Mercedes Classic Sprinter" - why it?

More than 18 years on the roads of Europe driving cars,bearing the proud name of the "Mercedes Classic Sprinter." However, only the owners of these vehicles know the average name, as well as the engineers of the Daimler service centers, whose brainchild is the Mercedes trade mark. modest postscript on the back of the car.

Mercedes classic sprinter

During his long life this car did not passone modification, the release of various versions, but all cars were distinguished by one characteristic feature - the price. But, as you know, for quality, as well as for the brand you have to pay. And judging by the opinions of the owners of this van, the price is often justified, and the car is able to compete with minivans of other manufacturers. Although the base of this van was a large number of all kinds of cars, they all wore one common name - "Mercedes Classic Sprinter". It is about this model and its modern use that will be our brief review.

Why "Sprinter"?

First, we'll figure out why, buyingcar, still worth paying attention to the "Sprinter". Note that the "Mercedes" has other vans, but despite this, engineers all these 18 years did not refuse to work on new versions of the old car. However, in 2013 the engineers made the "move of the horse", but about it later.

Mercedes Sprinter Classic Passenger

One of the key features of this modelcan be called the movement of a large number of passengers or cargo. Thanks to this "Mercedes" took the leading position in the enterprises involved in the transportation of people. It is of particular interest for large families and companies, as personal or corporate transport.

Engine volume of 2.2 liters and a five-speed boxgears have long proven themselves as reliable and workable options. It should be noted that the "Mercedes" package even in the basic version often surpasses the luxury versions from other manufacturers.

Mercedes Sprinter Classic Price

However, do not think that "Mercedes SprinterThe classic was a passenger minivan and only in 18 years the developers produced many cars that did not even have an all-metal van, but nevertheless, they were also included in this class.With the 109 hp motor and side door, the width of which is 1 , 2 m, the "Sprinter" has found application as a purely cargo van.The large second door, double hinged rear allows you to transport a variety of goods.If you agree to donate the cargo area, then an additional partition is installed in the cabin, the sprinter "Mercedes Classic Sprinter", where some people can sit in front (next to the driver sofa for 2 seats), and a part in the cabin.

New Generations

The never-ending glory of the "Sprinter" forceddevelopers several times to postpone the development of other vans. The "Sprinter" itself has undergone several serious modifications, which make it possible to call them not a new update, but a new generation. True, according to the latest official data, "Sprinter" will soon leave Germany, and the assembly will move overseas - to Argentina. But Russian consumers should not worry much. In 2013, the Germans signed an agreement with the GAZ Group, and new cars will be assembled in Nizhny Novgorod. How much it will answer the legendary "Sprinter", we learn very soon. So far, according to the plant, the machine will be put YaMZ, and a wide set of bodies will be greatly reduced. Declared two modifications - a 20-seat "minibus" and an all-metal cargo van.

Price policy

Based on the realities of Russian production, you canexpect a decline in the price of new cars. In fact, the buyer will be offered a difficult task to choose between used, but a German car, or a new domestic assembly. If you ask for a car in 2012 for 1.5-1.7 million rubles, then for a new Mercedes Sprinter Classic the price will be around 1.8 million for a minibus variant. The van can be cheaper.


Despite the fact that the first van left the factoryalmost 20 years ago, this car is still very popular. Marshrutka, an indoor truck, a car for a large family - you can list for a long time. And this version of the van deserves long years of production and life (of course, with the appropriate modifications) - it's the Mercedes Classic Sprinter.

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