Memorial complex "Guerrilla Glade" (Bryansk): description, how to get there, history of creation, excursions

Memorial complexes are important for every Russian place of worship for those who made our life peaceful, not sparing to give theirs for the victory over the enemy, for the people and the Fatherland. One of such memorials is the Guerrilla Glade memorial complex in Bryansk.partisan glade

City of Military Glory

The Great Patriotic War is a difficult period not only for the entire Soviet Union, but also for each of its cities. Like many others, Bryansk was an important strategic object in terms of the capture of Soviet territories by fascist troops. Residents of the city selflessly fought with the enemy, rallying off large enemy forces. A month and a half under heavy bombardments, shelling, enduring heavy battles for the city, his defenders kept the enemy on the way to Moscow.Stele map of the partisan movement

In October 1941, Bryansk was captured and destroyed, its lands were occupied until 1943. Many residents were hijacked, tortured and mocked, shot. Nineteen partisan detachments functioned in the forests of Bryansk. An underground organization worked in the city itself. Their activity held large forces of the enemy near Bryansk, the fascists suffered heavy losses from sabotage and raids by partisans and the work of the underground workers. A partisan detachment under the command of D. Ye. Kravtsov also worked in Bryansk itself. The history of the partisan movement in the Bryansk region is reflected in the history of the "Partisan Glade" in Bryansk.

Bryansk: Great Patriotic War Memorial

One of the major memorial monuments to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War in Bryansk is the monument to the Motherland, installed next to Peresvet and Bayan on Pokrovskaya Hill. The figure of the Motherland is made in full growth in bronze and holds in its hands the symbols of the Soviet state - the hammer and sickle.

The Central Memorial of the city, dedicated to all the fallen inhabitants and defenders of Bryansk, became the Barrow of Immortality, located in the park "Nightingales".The twelve-meter-high mound hill, which grew out of the land brought here from all the hero-cities of the Soviet Union and the Bulgarian twin-city Shipka, is crowned with an eighteen-meter image of a five-pointed star. The basis of the mound laid battle gun since the to get to the partisan glade

Bryansk: memorials for motorists and pilots

A monument in the village of Osinovaya Gorka near Bryansk, the birthplace of a special automobile battalion, is dedicated to the motorists who fought against fascism. The monument is a thirty-meter stele, at the foot of which is located the figure of a military chauffeur at his car. Nearby, a museum was set up, located in a reconstructed military dugout. There are military vehicles across the road, complementing the memorial to get to the partisan glade

Another monument of Bryansk is dedicated to the feats of military pilots. This is a plane taking off. The monument was installed in memory of the pilots of the 3rd Fighter Aviation Division, which fought in the skies over Bryansk, and the three Guards Aviation Regiments - 32, 64, 65. The creation of the partisan glade memorial complex is connected with the pages of the military history of Bryansk.

Memorial to the partisans

In Bryansk in the late sixties of the 20th century, a memorial complex was created, which was given a name associated with the history of the partisan movement in the Bryansk region that existed during the war years - "Guerrilla Glade". After all, it was here, on the bank of the Snezhet River, at the beginning of 1941 that the historical gathering of the city and district partisan detachments took place, preparing together to stop the enemy on the outskirts of the city, prevent the occupation and delay the advance of the Hitler army.

The memorial complex, designed by VN Gorodkov near the White Shores, became the place of annual meetings of veterans-partisans and veterans of the underground of Bryansk. The Eternal Flame, built in the shape of a partisan bonfire, burns near the stuck on the Wall of Memory of the lowered banners at the site. Every year, in memorials, partisan heroes who live to our days and the descendants of all those who gave their lives for peace on the Bryansk land bear flowers and wreaths with the names of the heroes to him and to the Wall.partisan glade Bryansk

The composition of the complex

The mode of "Guerrilla glade" is available to any visitor. The complex is open every day for weekends, but the museum’s hours of operation are limited depending on the season.In winter and autumn - from 9.00 to 16.30. In the summer and spring - 9.00 - 17.30. The museum exhibition organizes excursions for both adults and children. And tour operators from the city conduct bus excursions with a visit to the memorial: their route includes visits to partisan dugouts, a museum and a diorama, as well as a sightseeing tour around the territory - from the monument to the monument. Pre-booked excursions are in demand. They can be ordered by phone and the site of the complex.

The central objects of Polyany are the Eternal Flame, a twenty-meter obelisk and the Wall of Memory, which immortalizes the names of eight thousand partisans and underground fighters who sacrificed their lives for saving Bryansk and in the fight against fascism, the museum of the history of partisan movement and the museum of their life, a stele with a partisan map movement in the Bryansk region, an exhibition of military equipment, the Alley of Heroes and the Alley of Memory. Also on the Glade steles rise in memory of partisan brigades named after the hero of the Civil War Nikolai Aleksandrovich Shchors and the head of the partisan detachment of the city of Bryansk Dmitry Yefimovich Kravtsov, who in those years were considered ideal images of the military - patriots of the Motherland.partisan glade Bryansk

"A corner of partisan life"

There are unusual objects in the Guerrilla Glade memorial: reconstructions of military dugouts and dugouts, in one of the dugouts - “A Corner of Partisan Life”. In a small log room in the ground you can see the bunks on which the partisans slept. In the summer they are covered with mowed grass, and in winter - with hay. There is a wooden, roughly cobbled table and the same benches. The room is heated by a stove-stove made of old metal barrels, and illuminated by a lantern, which used to be called a "bat" - in fact, a portable kerosene lamp. The slopes of the roof of the dugout propped up log poles, there is no ceiling. On the end wall - to get to the partisan glade

Two alleys

In the eighties, residents of the city, veterans of the partisan movement, here was broken Alley of Memory. She was landed in 1981 at a memorial meeting of veterans of the partisan and underground movement of Bryansk. And in 2014, there was another alley that immortalized the memory of the heroes-partisans of the Bryansk complex partisan glade

This corner of memory occupies an important place in the ensemble of the memorial complex. Along the black granite wall, 14 members of the partisan movement in Bryansk were frozen in bronze.Among them are twelve Heroes of the Soviet Union and two Heroes of Russia. In the center of the composition, created by sculptor A. Romaszewski, are stars made of granite.partisan glade mode of operation

Among the heroes, the memory of the feat of which will remain for centuries on the avenue of Heroes, and the commander of the brigade of the partisans. Shchorsa Mikhail Romashin, who led her during the operation to detonate the Blue Bridge.

I also particularly want to highlight Valentin Safronov, who is known to the residents of Bryansk as "the daughter of the Bryansk forests". Being wounded, she was captured by the fascists, but during the torture and interrogation she held steadfastly, as a partisan should be. Died in the Nazi dungeons. Like V. Safronov, Nikolay Kuznetsov took part in reconnaissance operations.

Among the heroes there is a native of Kalmykia - Mikhail Selgikov. Like Alexei Izhukin, Mikhail took part in sabotage operations related to the undermining of important strategic objects, as well as in the “hunt” for languages.

Museum of Partisan Movement

In the late seventies, the museum also included a museum of the history of the partisan movement in the Bryansk lands. Despite its small size, glass cases in the height of walls contain a large number of exhibits of the military history of Bryansk.Here you can see the original photographs and documents of the Great Patriotic War, personal belongings of the partisans, weapons and bark newspapers, which produced partisans and underground fighters, partisan household items, and even a fragment of a forge, which the partisans used to repair weapons. The exposition also features the Blue Bridge Explosion diorama.

"Blue Bridge Explosion"

The diorama in the museum of the history of the partisan movement of Bryansk on the territory of the memorial complex "Guerrilla Glade" captured an important moment from the history of the military epic 1941-1945. This bridge is spanned over the Desna River and is located on a branch of the railway going from Bryansk to Gomel. The bridge is made of gray metal, which under special illumination looks blue. Hence the name.creation of a memorial complex partisan glade

During the years of the Nazi invasion, the Blue Bridge was the most important strategic object for both the Russian and Hitler army. During the occupation of Bryansk, the Germans drove echelons with military equipment, ammunition and manpower across the bridge. Understanding all the consequences of the loss of this important military facility, the fascists took care of its protection, erecting a whole system of ditches, pillboxes, bunkers, minefields.But despite all the measures taken, the partisan brigade. Shchorsa, partisan detachment them. Bauman and the partisans of the district Bryansk detachment and detachments of adjacent areas conducted an operation, as a result of which the Blue Bridge was blown up. This important event took place in 1943.

Exhibition of military equipment

In 2007, an exhibition of military equipment from the Great Patriotic War was launched on the territory of the Guerrilla Glade. Here are military tanks and armored personnel carriers, helicopters. There are also firearms here, for example, Shavyrin’s mortar, guns made at the Grabin’s design office and Petrov’s design office, howitzers of various pre-war production models, a crawler tractor and caterpillar self-propelled mortar installations, multiple rocket launchers, reconnaissance and patrol vehicles. Later, the composition of the exposition was supplemented with copies of modern weapons: rocket launchers and rocket shells, high-explosive aerial bombs, etc.

partisan glade Bryansk

In 2014, the construction of the chapel "In the name of all the Saints in the land of the Russian people who shone forth" began on the territory of the memorial complex "Guerrilla Glade".

How to get to the "Guerrilla Glade"? To do this, just need to take a bus going from the city bus station to the memorial complex. Moreover, there are several routes to the "Partisan Glade", and buses travel along them regularly. The address of "Partisan glade" in Bryansk - Privokzalnaya street, near the house 4.

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Memorial complex Guerrilla Glade (Bryansk): description, how to get there, history of creation, excursions 24

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Memorial complex Guerrilla Glade (Bryansk): description, how to get there, history of creation, excursions 81

Memorial complex Guerrilla Glade (Bryansk): description, how to get there, history of creation, excursions 51

Memorial complex Guerrilla Glade (Bryansk): description, how to get there, history of creation, excursions 30

Memorial complex Guerrilla Glade (Bryansk): description, how to get there, history of creation, excursions 67

Memorial complex Guerrilla Glade (Bryansk): description, how to get there, history of creation, excursions 50

Memorial complex Guerrilla Glade (Bryansk): description, how to get there, history of creation, excursions 78