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Cosmetics "Faberlik" for many years is one of the most popular in the world market. In its production uses modern equipment, and all products comply with European quality standards. Therefore, mascara "Faberlik" reviews almost always receives only positive. This item of decorative cosmetics is safe for the skin and is able to transform the appearance of a woman.

The range of products of the company

Those women who like to order cosmetics from catalogs, turned their attention to the great variety of the company "Faberlic" mascara.Some species promise lengthening, others create a thick effect, and still others guarantee rich color and a noticeable difference before and after.

The most popular mascara is of high quality and availability for every woman. You can choose exactly what you need to transform the exterior. The range of cosmetics "Faberlik" large, among the carcasses can be noted such varieties:

  • waterproof mascara with cream base;
  • mascara "Push-Up", raising the eyelashes from the roots and giving them a large volume;
  • grooming mascara with false eyelash effect, separating them;
  • option "Instant volume" paints even the shortest cilia in the corners of the eyes;
  • mascara "Your Oscar" moisturizes and nourishes the eyelashes, ensuring the thickness from the inside;
  • "Maximum volume and twist" gives the look of unspeakable charm;
  • The new formula "To the maximum" provides not only volume, but also perfect modeling;
  • twisting mascara "Exciting bend" raises and twists each eyelash;
  • clearly separates and perfectly lengthens the eyelashes variety with the name "Without compromise."mascara faberlik reviews

General characteristics of carcass

Products of the company "Faberlik" knowingly won many positive reviews. A wide variety of shades and types of mascara allows each woman to choose the option that will help her to create a unique image. This cosmetics is made using plant-friendly ingredients and natural oils. Therefore, it not only models the eyelashes during application, but also cares for them, nourishing and moisturizing.

This makeup is applied easily, without lumps, does not glue eyelashes, does not weigh them down. They look natural, and the soft texture of the carcass protects them from the negative effects of the external environment.

The company "Faberlik" uses for the production of its products the classic form of brushes, and also creates innovative brushes from modern materials. They allow you to apply mascara even on the shortest cilia, separating them. Each of them turns out to be dyed. For example, a material such as fiber perfectly separates the cilia, lifts them from the very roots and even twists them a little.faberlik mascara

The advantages of carcass "Faberlik"

Reviews about the cosmetics of this company note that it is not only high quality and safe. Compared to other similar products, this mascara has many useful properties:

  • has an average cost - in the range of 200-400 rubles;
  • helps to give the look greater expressiveness due to lengthening and an increase in the volume of eyelashes;
  • retains its resistance even in the most adverse weather conditions - during rain, snowfall or while swimming in the sea;
  • stays on eyelashes up to 18 hours;
  • temperature drops are not terrible to this cosmetics, and in the cold and in the heat it retains its charm;
  • it is put without lumps, does not stick together eyelashes, does not make them heavier;
  • contains components safe for skin, many of them - natural;
  • besides creating volume, Faberlic mascara cares for eyelashes, nourishing and moisturizing them;
  • has the unique convenient brushes of a different form made of modern materials.cosmetics faberlik

Properties and composition of carcasses

Cosmetics "Faberlik" is made using special formulas. For its production using natural safe components and materials. It is because of this mascara "Faberlik" reviews has won mostly positive. Due to its special composition, it does not cause allergies and is even suitable for women with sensitive skin.

Mascara is made using such components:

  • amino acids;
  • hydrolyzed sea elastin;
  • natural protein collagen;
  • extracts from honey;
  • natural waxes and protective polymers;
  • Castor oil;
  • plant extracts.

A special feature of this product is the unique structure of the fiber brush. The creators promise that such a brush can get more ink. A large number of elastic bristles, as promised by the manufacturers of the company "Faberlic", contributes to the maximum separation of eyelashes and to create a natural effect.Brushes have a different shape and size in accordance with the purpose of the faberlik volume

Volume Mascara

The company "Faberlic" produces many varieties of decorative cosmetics, giving extra volume to the eyelashes. This is achieved through a unique brush, paint over each eyelash, as well as a special composition. Mascara "Faberlik. Art of volume" is very popular because it has an instant effect and creates a unique image. The eyes are expressive, and the eyelashes look natural. They are separated, there are no lumps on them, but they become lush and beautiful.

A unique formula has the mascara "Faberlik. To the maximum." Due to the special shape of the brush, it ensures separation of each cilia and extreme volume from the roots. It models the image without lumps, gluing or art volume faberlik

How to use

Mascara "Faberlik" like women for its ease of use. No need to paint each eyelash for a long time - unique brushes will do it instantly themselves. They raise the cilia from the roots, separating them and painting each one at a time.Even if you apply Faberlik mascara quite a bit, your eyes will look more expressive.

In order for this cosmetic product to fully show all its properties and preserve them for a long time, it is recommended to use the advice of professionals:

  • need to type mascara, twisting the brush, and not moving it back and forth;
  • tightly close the bottle after use;
  • a little eyelashes should be slightly powdered before applying mascara;
  • it is better to install the mirror so that the look is directed downwards;
  • Start applying mascara from the outer corners of the eyes.Faberlic mascara to the maximum

Mascara "Faberlik": reviews

Many of the women who have been fortunate enough to use such a cosmetic have noted the low cost of this product. And despite this, the mascara really meets the stated qualities. That is, it helps to change the image, modeling eyelashes. The special formula of the products, as well as the unique brushes for each version, allow you to choose cosmetics that will allow you to become irresistible.

Especially this mascara relished those shoppers who have bright eyelashes. Thus, it was with the help of “Faberlick” that girls could easily get the maximum effect and surprise everyone with their changed image.I like this makeup and those representatives of the beautiful half who have extended eyelashes. The girls unanimously note that with the Faberlic mascara the effect is several times more expressive and beautiful. Moreover, it is easily washed off and does not affect the quality of the extended eyelashes.

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