Marinade for chicken kebabs. Marinade recipes

Chicken skewers - a favorite delicacy of adults and children in the warm season. The only drawback of this light and tasty dish is the dryness of chicken meat. However, this problem can be easily solved by making the right marinade for chicken kebabs. In this article we will offer you a few simple recipes that will help make your treat tasty, and the trip to nature - especially enjoyable.marinade for chicken kebabs

Marinade for kebabs with mayonnaise

Chicken, soaked in mayonnaise, is especially tender. For this recipe you can use any part of the bird, but we suggest this time to make a shish kebab from the legs. Since the legs are very inconvenient to string on skewers, use the grill. Read how to cook a marinade for chicken kebabs and roast delicious treats for a large company on the coals:

  • Thoroughly rinse two kilograms of chicken drumsticks under water, place in a deep pan, sprinkle them with salt and pepper, and then mix.Leave the meat alone for 15-20 minutes.
  • Take 150 ml of mayonnaise and spread each sauce evenly on the sauce.
  • Peel five or seven onions, cut them into rings and mix with chicken.
  • Put the legs without onions on the grill and place it on the grill with glowing coals. Fry the skewers on both sides, periodically pouring wine or beer. When the meat is covered with a hot crust, add onion to it and bring the dish to readiness.

Serve the skewers with fresh vegetables, gravy and white bread.chicken kebab. marinade recipes

Marinade for shish kebab with vinegar

If you want to make a juicy kebab, then try to get fresh chilled meat. If you get frozen chicken, defrost it in the refrigerator, not in the microwave or at room temperature. Remember that the most succulent meat is obtained from chicken thighs, and the driest from breast. Therefore, if you decide to cook the fillet, pay special attention to it. Marinade for kebabs with vinegar can be prepared as follows:

  • Mix in a deep dish a glass of 9% vinegar, a glass of tomato juice (this ingredient can be replaced with lemon juice or wine), dried thyme, ground pepper, garlic and salt.
  • Peel two onions, chop them into rings and place them in marinade.
  • Cut the chicken leg into three pieces and dip into the marinade for one hour.
  • String meat on skewers and fry it until cooked on the coals.

Serve the dish with grilled eggplants, onions and tomatoes.marinade for shish kebab with vinegar

Chicken shashlik in walnut marinade

As you know, the marinade for chicken kebabs can be made from a variety of products. This time we suggest you try the original way of cooking chicken fillet. It is believed that only two hours is enough for marinating this tender meat. However, the longer you hold the meat in the sauce, the more tender it will be. To cook a delicious marinade for kebabs, you will need:

  • Peel and finely chop the onion.
  • Chop nuts and fry in vegetable oil.
  • Chicken fillet cut into small pieces, sprinkle them with chopped garlic, onions and nuts.
  • Pour the meat with olive oil, mix and leave alone for half an hour.
  • Salt the meat, pepper and let stand for another hour.
  • String chicken pieces on skewers and cook them on coals, turning as needed.delicious marinade for kebabs

Marinade for heart shashlik

Traditionally, kebabs are made from different parts of the poultry carcass or fillet. However, you can make a tasty treat and chicken hearts. Marinade for kebab of chicken and offal we will do so:

  • Take 500 grams of chicken hearts, rinse them, pour dessert wine mixed with soy sauce, and leave to marinate for a quarter of an hour.
  • String hearts on skewers and fry on coals, as usual.
  • While the kebab is cooked, cut the peppers into slices, the cucumber into thin slices, and the radish and lemon slices.

When the meat is ready, serve it with tomato sauce and prepared vegetables.

Skewers in Chicken Wings Soy Sauce

We suggest you cook another chicken kebab. Chicken wings marinade recipes are based on different products, but we offer you to stop at your favorite soy sauce and lemon juice. How to cook the kebab of wings in soy sauce:

  • Four bulbs free from the husk and cut them into rings.
  • Wash the wings and place the first layer in a five-liter saucepan. Put a layer of onion on them, sprinkle liberally with chicken seasoning, put a couple of bay leaves and pour the preparation with soy sauce.Lay the remaining meat, onions and spices in the same way.
  • When the chicken is folded into the pan, squeeze the juice of one lemon on it, sprinkle with salt and pour the sauce over the meat again.
  • Thoroughly mix the contents of the pan with your hands, close the lid and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.
  • Before you start cooking the skewers, mix the wings again. After that, put them on the grill and fry on coals until tender. If necessary, water the meat with the sauce remaining in the pan.

Serve the ready dish with fresh vegetables.

marinade for kebabs with mayonnaise

Chicken Kebab with Honey

Introducing another popular version of the marinade, which has a lot of fans and positive reviews. How to cook marinade for honey-based kebabs - read below:

  • In a deep saucepan, mix 100 ml of soy sauce, five tablespoons of honey, 50 grams of vegetable oil, ground pepper to taste and salt.
  • Chicken breast (two kilograms) cut into small cubes (about three to four centimeters).
  • Cut two sweet peppers into slices that are similar in size to chicken slices.
  • Peel the five medium onions and cut them into rings.
  • Two cloves of garlic pass through the press.
  • Fold the products in the marinade, mix and put the pan in the refrigerator for three or four hours.
  • String on the skewers or skewers alternately chicken, pepper and onion. Fry the kebab until cooked, not forgetting to turn it over in time and pour the marinade.

Serve the finished dish with fresh herbs and your favorite sauce.

We hope you enjoy cooking this summer chicken kebab. The marinade recipes, which we have collected in our article, will help you to surprise guests every time with new flavors.

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