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Anton Shipulin - the world famous biathlete. The biography of Shipulin's wife, Louise Sabitova, is interesting to sports fans as much as the biography of her famous spouse. The girl rarely gives interviews, but Anton himself in his conversations with journalists does not stint compliments to his wife. So who is Louise Sabitova, how and where did she meet a famous athlete, what does the Shipulin couple like to do in her spare time? The answers to these questions and not only you can find in this article!

Biography of Louise Shipulina (Sabitova)

Louise Tairovna Shipulina, in her maiden name, bore the surname Sabitova. Her date of birth is June 7, 1988. On a horoscope she is Gemini. Louise was born in a small village Andra, which is located in the Tyumen region. This deaf village can only be reached by ferry, so the girl always wanted to live elsewhere. After graduation, she immediately moved to Tyumen. There, Louise entered the local college on a specialty "management".Attempts to find oneself in the work were not crowned with success, although Louise Sabitova changed several professions.

At the moment she is studying at the Ural Institute of the Stock Market, but she is not going to work in her specialty. In an interview with one publication, she admitted that she considers parenting her main purpose. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find more information on the Internet about the biography of Louise Sabitova before meeting with Anton Shipulin on the Internet.

Louise Shipulina

Personal life

Louise Sabitova is happily married to athlete Anton Shipulin, who is only one year older. In this marriage they had one child. Now the family lives in Yekaterinburg, spending time together mainly in the summer. The rest of the time, Anton goes to camps, but calls up daily with his family on Skype to keep abreast of all matters happening to his family.

Louise communicates well with other biathlon spouses. They often watch sports competitions where their husbands participate, support them and are very worried. In many of his interviews, Anton confessed how his wife’s support helped him in winning gold medals.

Shipulins family

Meet Anton Shipulin

The young people met the way most lovers now meet: Anton saw a beautiful girl in the open spaces of the world wide web, and he immediately liked her. The athlete wrote to Louise Sabitova, and correspondence began between them. Coincidentally, after a while, Anton Shipulin was in Tyumen, where Louise was already living then. They met and realized that they wanted to be together already in real, not virtual life. These summer dates were the beginning of a romantic relationship, and in the fall the young man introduced the lady of the heart to her parents. She liked them very much, and they gave their blessing to continue this story. Further, Louise accompanied Shipulina on his trip to Austria for training camps. Before the advent of the child, she went with him to almost all long-distance and overseas trips. In order not to part at all, Louise moved to Anton's hometown, Yekaterinburg. There they began to live together and build their family nest.

Marriage proposal and wedding

The relationship Sabitova and Shipulina moved to a new level, when Louise told her young man that they would soon become parents.On the seventh of May, Anton made a very original proposal of the hand and heart to the bride. The unsuspecting girl went to the cinema for the film “The Dawns Are Quiet Here,” to which she was invited by a famous biathlete. Everything went as usual, and before the beginning of the session on the screen twisted commercials. Suddenly one of them broke off and Anton appeared on the screen of the cinema, saying pleasant words about his darling, about himself and their feelings. Shots with Shipulin's speech were replaced by photos and videos from the life of lovers. While the girl in tears of happiness watched what was happening on the screen, Anton appeared with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, dropped to one knee and, to the applause of the hall, asked if Louise would become his wife. The girl, of course, answered positively, and after a month and a half on the huge raft on the lake, the young people signed.

An offer of marriage

The celebration came out as unusual as a marriage proposal. Noisy wedding walked in huge tents, decorated with fresh flowers. At the celebration, besides friends and relatives of young people, biathlete colleagues were invited - well-known athletes Dmitry Malyshko, Yevgeny Garanichev, Ivan Tcherezov and others, as well as members of the Ural dumplings KVN team and even the governor.6 months after the festivities, the Shipulins became the parents of the boy, who was named Dmitry.

Wedding Shipulin


The first fame came when the photo of Louise Sabitova scattered over the Internet. The girl just posted photos, where Anton Shipulin teaches her to ski, on his personal page in one of the social networks. These pictures scored a large number of likes and comments. It became interesting to everyone that the girl was able to conquer the heart of an athlete with international recognition.

Now on her page, Louise shares happy family photos, as well as her photos, which receive many admiring comments. Girls want to know how, after the birth of a child, Louise managed to keep such a beautiful figure, and men do not stint compliments of the interesting and attractive appearance of Shipulin. Louise herself often says that she owes her own forms to genetics and an athlete husband who motivates her to keep a close eye on herself.


A pair of Anton and Louise prefer active recreation. One of the most favorite hobbies of the couple, which is not surprising, is skiing.They can be found on the snowy slopes of our country, as well as European ski resorts. They are also happy to go camping with tents, although much less often after the birth of a baby. The Shipulins' common dream is to go to Lake Baikal for several days with tents and nights by the fire.

Shipulins family

Often in Louise's Instagram, one can see photos of riding horses. In the summer, the couple go to the park to go rollerblading.

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