Luis Gustavo is a reliable midfielder

Very often Brazilian players becomestars of European football, even now one of the strongest players in the world is Neymar, who is in favor of the Spanish "Barcelona". However, he is not the only one playing in Europe, for example, you can take a player like Louis Gustavo. This Brazilian defensive midfielder found his place in Germany, where he played for some time for one of the strongest clubs in the world - the Munich "Bavaria". Luis Gustavo is famous for its reliability, as well as good penetrating passes and leadership spirit. What is his career path? Where he played, except for "Bavaria", and also in which club now?

Carier start

Louis Gustavo was born on July 23, 1987 inBrazil, from an early age went to the football academy of the club "Corinthians" from the city of Alagoano. It was there that he practiced sports, progressed as a football player, until in 2005 he received a professional contract. Two years he spent in the team, until he was rented in 2007 by another Brazilian club called "CRB". Rent lasted only a few months, and already in the summer the young talent returned to his native club. It turned out that he was followed by European scouts, and at the age of 22 he went to conquer Europe. The first European club, in which was Luis Gustavo, was the German "Hoffenheim".

Rent and transfer to Hoffenheim

Then the "Hoffenheim" performed in the second Germandivision, and they were very useful to such a defensive talent, which was Louis Gustavo. The footballer helped cement the center of the field, and in many ways thanks to his talent, "Hoffenheim" was in the first Bundesliga. Naturally, the club immediately decided to redeem the rights to the Brazilian football player, especially given that it cost only one million euros. As a full-fledged player of the club Gustavo spent two and a half seasons in Hoffenheim, during which he entered the field 79 times and scored two goals. In the winter of 2011 it turned out that the Munich "Bavaria" just needs a defensive midfielder, and the Brazilian became an ideal candidate. The Munich club paid for it 17 million euros.

Rise in the "Bavaria"

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Naturally, every player dreams of playing fora club of such magnitude as "Bavaria", was no exception and Louis Gustavo. The biography of the midfielder developed as he could not even imagine. Almost the entire period of his stay in the "Bavaria" he was considered as a player of the basics: for two and a half years he played exactly one hundred matches, scoring six goals. And most importantly, he became part of the same machine that won the "trill" in the 12/13 season, that is, won in all three competitions in which participated: in the Bundesliga, in the German Cup and in the Champions League. Right after that, the club changed the coach, and Gustavo did not need a new coach. As a result, in the summer of 2013, it was sold for 16 million euros to Wolfsburg.

A new beginning in Wolfsburg

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While in the "Bavaria" Gustavo couldCount only on the role of reservist, in Wolfsburg he immediately became one of the main stars. In the first season he went on the field 33 times and scored four goals. Soon he received a captain's armband and in the next two seasons played 76 matches, scoring 8 goals and winning in 2015 first the German Cup, and then the Super Bowl. In the current season, Gustavo came on the field only three times, after which he was injured, which is being restored to this day.

National team appearances

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In the Brazilian national team, Luis Gustavo has already played in 41match, although for the first time was summoned to it only when he was already 24 years old: he came on as a substitute in a friendly match against Germany, held in August 2011. In 2013, he went to the national team for the Confederations Cup, where he played at the base of all six matches and contributed to the victory of his team in the tournament. He was also the player of the basis for the 2014 World Cup, where the Brazilians reached the semi-finals, lost there to the Germans, and then lost to the Dutch in the match for third place. The last time Gustavo was called in May 2016 for a friendly match against Panama.

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