Little-studied goblin shark

The goblin shark belongs to the class of cartilaginous fishes, the order of the Lamniformes, and the Scapanorin family. Its first description dates back to 1898. At the same time, assumptions were made about its belonging to the fossil Scapanorhynchus, with which there are common features. However, until today, scientists have not yet come to a common opinion on this issue.shark goblinIn our country, it used to be called a house shark or a rhino shark, since the word “goblin” was not clear to a Soviet person.


The goblin shark lives in temperate and warm ocean waters. It is almost impossible to meet near the surface or in coastal waters. Individual specimens were caught at depths ranging from 100 to 1300 m.


The appearance of this fish is very specific. It is impossible to confuse it with any other. The growth on the face and the retractable jaw has only a goblin shark. The photo shows her well. The differences are functional load. On the surface of the outgrowth there are special sensitive cells that allow you to easily navigate and determine the position of the "dinner".Thanks to the retractable jaws, the shark is easier to grab the victim and pull to itself.

shark groupBody, skin, fins

The goblin shark has a pinkish spindle-like body. Her skin is translucent, and blood vessels through it are translucent. The ventral and anal fins are well developed and larger than the dorsal. Surprisingly, all the fins with a bluish tint and rounded. The tail fin is also unusual, its upper lobe is highly developed, and the lower one is absent. Based on the structure of the body, it can be assumed that it can move quickly, only in the depth of the water it has no enemies, from which it would be worth hiding.

Dimensions and unusual liver

Data on the length and weight of these sharks differ, but the largest caught male reached 3.8 m. With a weight of 210 kg. The size of the shark is unknown. Its head is oblong with small eyes and a big mouth. Gill openings are short, there are 5 of them. The liver of an unusual fish is huge, performing, besides the main function, also the work of the swim bladder. Its weight is one fourth of the total weight of the shark.

shark goblin photoFood and Teeth

Shark teeth are arranged in two rows. And in the upper jaw, they are larger than the lower.The front ones, longer and sharper, serve to cut or tear the prey, and the back ones - to crush the shells. It feeds on those on its way. These can be bottom fish, mollusks, crustaceans.

Number of

Scientists find it difficult to determine the number due to the small number of specimens caught or cast ashore, a total of 45 individuals includes this group. The shark has not been studied enough. It is believed that it is egg-breeding. It remains to hope for modern technology, with which it will be possible to investigate it in more detail.

By the way

In the circle of collectors, the unusual jaws of this shark are highly valued. One day, a goblin shark was caught and sent for maintenance at the University of Tokyo. Unfortunately, I lived in captivity just a week. She was alcoholized, but it was not possible to preserve a pinkish color; it turned brown.


The danger for people of the goblin shark is not because of the deep-sea habitat and almost impossible meetings.

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