Liquid glass Willson: reviews of real people

Every car owner seeks to give his vehicle a spectacular look. To do this, apply different means. Many manufacturers are on the market to improve the appearance of the body of various vehicles. Such products today are in demand among buyers.

One of the most popular compositions for tuning is liquid glass Willson. Reviews of the presented tool, characteristics and features will be discussed in the article.


Considering the real reviews of the Willson Silane Guard liquid glass, a large number of positive statements should be noted. This is due to the manufacturer’s special approach to creating its own funds.Liquid glass willson reviews

Liquid glass "Wilson" produces a Japanese company. She works in the market of cosmetics for cars for over 50 years. This manufacturer values ​​its reputation; therefore, high demands are made on the quality of products in the manufacturing process.

Liquid glass presented by the brand is popular all over the world. Japanese quality was appreciated by Russian owners of various vehicles. The demand for the world-famous Wilson liquid glass is constantly growing in our country.

Product features

Liquid glass Willson Silane Guard, according to experts, allows you to give even the old car body a gorgeous look. The color of the paint will become more expressive, and the effect will last for a long time.Liquid glass Willson Silane reviews

Presented means is one-component. It is completely ready for use. No need to mix the composition with other substances. The package includes packaging, the cost of which is from 2.8 thousand rubles. Packages of 70, 110 and 140 ml are on sale.

The presented volume is enough to cover the car with 2-4 layers of liquid glass. They remain on the surface of the body for 1 year. This creates additional protection for the vehicle surface from moisture. Liquid glass repels water and pollution. This is a good opportunity to restore your car without a new painting.

Protective film

Liquid glass for auto Willson Silane, according to reviews, is an effective tool. This polish is many times superior to wax-based compounds in durability. You no longer need to rub the surface of the vehicle frequently. The procedure is carried out no more than once a year.Liquid glass willson guard reviews

A very strong film forms on the surface of the car. It is comparable in quality with silica. It is a durable coating that is not only able to repel liquid, but also prevents the formation of stains. This makes it easier to wash.

The painted surface will be protected from minor damage during washing machine or manual. The film that appears on the surface will be 2 times thicker than that of any other wax based product. This is an excellent tool to protect painted metal surfaces from the harmful effects of chemicals. Even in adverse environmental conditions, the body will be reliably protected from mechanical and other influences.

Contents of delivery

It should be said that Willson Glass Guard liquid glass, according to experts, has many advantages. However, it is problematic to purchase it on the free market. This tool must be purchased through official dealers of the Japanese brand.This ensures the high quality of the original composition. Otherwise, the buyer risks to purchase a fake.

Liquid glass Willson Silane Guard reviews

The package includes several required components. In addition to the basic means, the buyer is provided with a sponge applicator for comfortable application of the composition on a metal surface. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the application process.

To grind liquid glass, the manufacturer supplies a towel made of natural fibers. Also included is a dense microfiber fabric. With its help polished. A rubber glove is also included to protect hands during the application procedure. Nothing more is needed for surface treatment.


Reviews of liquid glass Willson Glass talk about the mass of the advantages of the funds presented. First of all, it should be noted that this composition of Japanese production eliminates all minor scratches that appear over time on the car paintwork. The surface looks new.

Liquid glass Willson Silane Guard real reviews

The tool is noted for high efficiency. At the same time, silicone and wax are not included.This one-component composition, which is easy to use. A complete set of items required for processing greatly simplifies the process of applying liquid glass.

The cost of the composition remains consistently acceptable to all buyers. At the same time means is spent slowly. With it, you can apply multiple layers. This allows you to create a durable, beautiful, brilliant coating. The car will look gorgeous.

A lot of advantages possessed by liquid glass make it popular among buyers.

Instructions for use

Liquid glass Willson Silane, according to reviews, is an effective tool. However, in order for the composition to perform the functions assigned to it, it is necessary to become familiar with the instructions for its use.

Liquid glass for auto Willson Silane reviews

Before carrying out the treatment, the car will need to be washed and dried. To do this, you can use the services of a car wash or use special tools for cleaning. On the surface there should be no pollution.

After appropriate preparation, you can begin processing. You need to unpack the kit and lay out all its components next to the car. Next, put a glove on your hand.Sponge dipped into the solution. When she gets wet, the body begins to process the composition. After applying the first layer, you need to wait until it dries. When this happens, wipe the surface with a napkin. Strongly press it is not worth it.

Layered structure

To achieve high performance processing, liquid glass Willson Guard, according to customers and technologists, must be applied to the surface in several layers. To create a strong protection against various adverse factors, you need to purchase a composition of at least 95 mm. This should take into account the dimensions of the vehicle.Liquid glass Willson Glass Guard reviews

The composition should be applied in 3 layers (minimum 2 layers). The first layer is completely absorbed after application. He will allow to level a surface before further processing. The second layer will provide protection for the paintwork of the car. This layer does not lose its initial characteristics for a long time.

The third layer, many car owners do not apply. This is an optional step in processing. However, the creation of an additional layer can increase the life of the polish up to 2 years. This is made possible by additional protection.On the body can be applied up to 4 layers of liquid glass.

Test results

Considering reviews on Willson liquid glass, there should be a lot of positive feedback from technologists on the presented composition. They claim that, according to the test results, the submitted composition receives the highest marks.

In the process of research, a car treated with a liquid glass of a Japanese brand was tilted at an angle of 15º. Further, water was passed through its surface. Testing was conducted for a long time. During the first 50 washes, the run-off rate was 10 seconds. This is a very good indicator.

After the 50th wash, the run-off time for the surface was 20 seconds. This indicator proves the effectiveness of the liquid glass presented by the brand. Similar studies were conducted with competing compositions. However, it was the Wilson brand that was able to demonstrate the highest performance. At the same time, experts note that the consumption of this liquid glass will be much less than that of competitors' products.

Precautionary measures

When working with liquid glass Willson, according to experts, should comply with all requirements of the manufacturer's instructions.This structure should be kept out of the reach of children. It is forbidden to handle the surface of the car in a closed garage.

The product is flammable. Therefore, it is forbidden to smoke near the car when applying the composition to the surface. Do not use the polish in a dusty room or in windy weather. Also avoid contact with the composition on the plastic parts of the car, glass, tires, headlights, etc.

Before starting work, you need to apply a small part of the polish on an invisible area of ​​paint and varnish. If the surface normally carries the tool, you can continue processing.

If liquid glass comes in contact with skin or mucous membranes, rinse them thoroughly with water and consult a doctor. Rash and allergic reaction may occur. It is possible to store means in the place protected from direct sunshine at a normal ambient temperature.

Customer Reviews

User feedback on the submitted product is almost always positive. With proper use of the composition, compliance with all requirements of the manufacturer’s instructions, it is possible to achieve high-quality surface treatment.

The composition remains on the paintwork for a long time.It is not washed off in the process of washing. At the same time the appearance of the car is greatly improved. This procedure costs significantly less than new staining. In this case, the result, according to reviews, will be wonderful. With the help of the presented tool, you can quickly and easily conduct a high-quality vehicle tuning.

The cost of the composition remains acceptable to almost all buyers. The consumption of liquid glass of the Japanese brand is small. This is an economical tool that is in high demand among domestic buyers.

Considering the features of liquid glass Willson, reviews of buyers and experts, we can note the high performance characteristics of the composition.

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