Life in the taiga hermit

Not everyone is able to give up all the benefits of civilization and go to live in the taiga. What pushes people to such desperate measures, and how do hunters survive in the winter in the forest? Today you will learn about the most famous hermits and the reasons that forced them to live away from the warm and cozy city apartments.

Zaimka Lykovykh

In 1978, geologists stumbled upon a family of Old Believers in the taiga. The life of five people seemed to have stopped in the distant thirties. For more than forty years no one went to these places and had no idea that you could live here. The head of the family was Karp Osipovich. It was he who brought his wife and son Savin into the taiga. The reason is religious fanaticism. The Soviet government did not favor the church and the priests, and such Old Believers as Karp had to do bad things.

Lykov family

In a new place

They took with them only vegetables, which they grew in a small garden. Over the next ten years, Akulina gave birth to a spouse of three more children - Natalia, Dmitry and Agafya. The life of people in the taiga was not much different from their everyday life in the city. The only thing Lykovs felt the need for was salt. They obtained food with the help of hunting and fishing, and then they dried and dried meat for the future.Without a natural preservative, their reserves had a short shelf life.

Zaimka Lykovykh

Akulina taught all children to count and write. The girls knew how to weave and sheathed the whole family. In the warm season, family members went barefoot, and in winter they made shoes from birch bark. Much later, they learned how to manufacture skins, and they had skin. In 1961, Akulina died of starvation. For several decades, the Lykovs were not lost in time and knew exactly what year and day it was. They were surprised to learn from geologists that there was World War II, and people are now flying into space.

Agafya Lykova

Tragic touch to civilization

Unfortunately, the interest of journalists and killed three older children. The life of people in the taiga hardened their body, and they were not afraid of colds. But the body was not accustomed to fight viruses, but they had never heard about vaccinations. In 1981, one after another, they died of pneumonia. Only Karp Osipovich and Agafya survived. The old man died seven years later, but the youngest daughter still lives on a borrower and even reunited with the Russian Orthodox Old Believers.

Call of the Soul

There are those who change the success and well-being of life in the forest or the taiga.Victor always loved hunting and once realized that he no longer wanted to return home after a few days in nature. He was a special forces fighter and had a large number of friends. All his friends talked about him as a very responsive and kind person. For ten years now, a man has been living a hundred kilometers from the city, and it was only by chance that mushroom pickers found his house.

Victor's dugout

Victor does not need modern devices and gadgets. Good preparation helps him not to starve, and the peace and quiet of the forest set up a positive wave. He is not bored alone with nature. For so many years he has lost the habit of city noise and eternal fuss. Nobody touches the hermit, because no crimes are registered for him and he is free to choose where to live.


This story only at first glance seems very romantic. Back in 1982, a wanderer was looking for an overnight stay in the village of Korotenkaya. The local widow invited him to visit, where he remained to live with a woman and her minor daughter. When the girl turned 16 years old, Victor seduced Anya. After a few months it was impossible to hide the pregnancy. A man has a solid period of time, and he offered his beloved to go into the forest. It was there that he hoped to find the illusory Factory.

Blows of fate

The first child died of a cold.The second was waiting for the same fate - the boy Vanya died after the bite of an encephalitic tick. The third girl managed to grab hold of life, and soon she acquired another sister and two brothers. Her name was given to the taiga - Deer. Since Victor did not recognize hunting with a gun, at first the family was very hungry. Trapped a lot of game you will not catch. Once in the winter they almost died when all the supplies of supplies came to an end. But fate smiled at them - a whole herd of deer passed by the hut and the man managed to kill one. Thanks to him, the family managed to live up to the heat. In honor of him, they gave the name to the first girl, whom Anna fed on chewed meat.

Taiga house

After five years of taiga life, Victor decides to move his family to Yakutia. But even there they could not find a good place to stay. They returned to Siberia, but this time they lived in the village, and the man worked for a couple of years at the leshoz. The company went bankrupt and people left. The man gathered everything he needed and again dragged the family into the taiga, away from "these creatures." So he called all people. Children were strictly forbidden to contact the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Only Victor could survive a meeting with people, because he is strong and will endure a lot.He called his escape from civilization "separation".


They lived badly: eight square meters for six people. Food was sorely lacking, sometimes it was necessary to fry burdock roots in order not to die of hunger. No one could contradict the head of the family. Anya herself always called him father, and having failed to come to terms with the idea that he was her husband now. Once a woman lost her nerve and she took the children and went to the people. That was in 2002. She was warmly received, and she finally knew that the Soviet Union was long gone. And Victor stayed in the forest, where he died starving to death a year later, without finding his Factoria.


About this family at one time talked a lot on television. The Altai hermits gained fame when a young man named Ojane overcame a tremendous path and went out to the people. 20 years ago, his father and mother decided to go to live in the forest because of the poor state of health of the man. There, Alexander and Elena settled down in a small winter hut. Life in the taiga improved the health of the elder Naumkin. The woman had to leave her eldest son Ilya, so as not to burden herself living in nature. The boy grew up with his grandmother.

Alexander and Elena Naumkina

Elena herself, a music teacher with a higher education, not only went after her husband, but also knocked two more people to relocation. Since then, no one has seen a doctor and a psychologist.Where these people have disappeared, the story is silent. Naumkina lived very hard: they had not seen meat for years, they ate mushrooms, berries and other gifts of the taiga. Ojana was taught independently, because both parents were very educated.

In 2013, the couple went to the Primorsky Territory to look after a new place of residence, and left the young man alone. Then he got out of taiga imprisonment. When Alexander and Elena returned, they did not force her son to return to the forest. He was sheltered by a local artist, because the guy had a real talent for the visual arts. After the journalists visited the dugout of the hermit, the terrible truth was revealed - the head of the family was not quite in his mind. He sees witches and sorcerers everywhere, and he reports to reporters that he knows how they conduct rituals against him.

Ojan Naumkin

The son confirms that his father is very aggressive, but at the same time he is very intelligent and very fair. Now Ojan lives in the city, and his parents do not even plan to return to the civilized world. About life in the taiga, he willingly talks on federal channels and protects the choice of father and mother. But he decided to raise his children in the city.

Hunting in the taiga and living in the cabin

Modern city dwellers know little about how to survive in the wild. At the word "taiga" they represent hungry and bloodthirsty wolves, bears and bitter cold. In fact, the chances of dying in the city are much greater - you can cross the street in the wrong place or run into a robber's knife.

And the taiga is a relatively safe place if there are at least some survival skills. Men are well aware that if there is a hunter's instinct in the blood, then sooner or later it will lead to the forest. Siberians go there mainly in winter, because it is at this time of the year that it is possible to bring venison home. It is only about the amateur hunter, hunters live by completely different rules and concepts.

Wintering in the taiga

The rules of survival in the taiga

Every hunter knows that going on such a trip or a hike is extremely dangerous. In the bosom of the wild, anything can happen. If there is no other person nearby, then the chances of survival are reduced tenfold. There are cases when the hunter was saved only by wintering. A wounded or weakened person could hold out for several days or weeks due to the first rule: always leave food in the house.In almost every winter hut there are always matches, salt, crackers, cereals and some kind of canned food. A good hunter will not be lucky to get home the remnants of food, because no one knows what fate will do, and maybe a bag of stale bread will save a human life.

Before you go to the taiga, you need to notify all your friends and tell you exactly where you are going. You need to take with you: food supplies, a big knife, matches, a first aid kit, an iron mug and spoon, a compass, paper, a pencil, removable shoes, thermal underwear, rope, plastic wrap, medical alcohol, a flashlight. This is the minimum set that any hunter should have.

And we must remember that drinking alcohol can end fatally - it is enough to fall into the snow, and death from hypothermia is ensured. Moving through the taiga should be quiet and attentively listening to all the rustles and sounds. Even a small herd of wild boars can easily kill a cumbersome person. Treat the taiga and its inhabitants with respect, and they will repay you the same.

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