"Larisuvannukhochu", restaurant in St. Petersburg: menu, address, reviews

Restaurant "Larisuvannukhochu" - one of the most famous institutions in St. Petersburg. In its walls come to dine and dine couples, businessmen, celebrities, as well as people who want to have a good time with family or friends.

This place is famous for its soulful atmosphere and high level of cooking. Here they greet each guest with a smile and surround him with care and attention.restaurant larisuvannuhohuu spb address


Inside the restaurant "Larisawannuhochu" is very bright and beautiful. Its interior was designed by a team of professional designers, who put all their imagination into the embodiment of the idea of ​​a bright institution. Everything is chaotic in its halls; here one can observe a large number of illogical details, for example, a bicycle left under the sink or yard shops in the room itself, not far from the entrance. Each guest here is greeted by an administrator, disguised as a flight attendant, and escorted to the table in white.Visitors here can sit on huge soft sofas, armchairs or chairs of beige, purple, blue and lemon flowers.

Beautiful contrast to the overall picture of the interior is created by the blue walls decorated with flowers. In the big hall there are a lot of elements made of beige wood. In particular, guests can enjoy large cabinets with shelves of canned fruits and vegetables on their shelves. From the ceiling hang small bulbs that illuminate the entire hall.restaurant menu larisuvannuhochu

In the warm season, guests of the restaurant "Larisuvannuhochu" can sit on the summer terrace, where there is also a huge amount of wooden parts. For guests here offers a beautiful view of the green garden, which blooms a huge number of plants. Here is beautiful and very fresh.


As the guests themselves say, the kitchen of the place is able to impress the taste buds of even the most sophisticated gourmets. The menu of the restaurant "Larisuvannukhochu" on "Akademicheskaya" offers visitors to taste dishes of Japanese, European and Caucasian cuisines. Regulars places especially like to order specialties cooked on the grill (grilled vegetables, steak, kebab, lula kebab, fish of various kinds).Larisuvannuhochu restaurant

The assortment of dishes also has a large number of snacks, among which are presented as cold (rolls of roasted eggplants in Mogrelian style, beet caviar, "Phali" of green beans, "Gebzhalia", bruschetta, pickles from the barrel, herring with potatoes), and hot (Thai-style shrimps, zucchini fritters, lobio in megrelski, khachapuri, kvari, kutaba, samsa, daze, pasties). There are also several choices of salads (with roast beef, "Georgian-style" with spices, with cod, with arugula and shrimps, "Caesar" with shrimps, and vegetable on coals).

The menu of the restaurant "Larisuvannukhochu" offers a large selection of first courses (Tbilisi-style broth, shurpa, home-made noodle soup with chicken and mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup, Tom Yam, Khashlama, Kyufta-Bozbash, Piti ). There is a wide range of hot dishes made from meat and fish.

As for Italian dishes, in the restaurant "Larisuvannuhochu" they are presented with a small selection of pasta ("Carbonara", chicken heart maker, penne with cold-smoked salmon and zucchini, with duck), risotto (with seafood, with porcini mushrooms) and ravioli .

Sweet tooths adore local desserts, which spoil the chefs and pastry chefs.In particular, you can taste branded "Zgapari", a banana cake, homemade ice cream of several types, as well as several types of sorbets. From the standard sweet dishes here can cook incredibly tasty dumplings with cherries, churchkhela, yoghurt with honey and walnuts, baklava and pelamushi.


The bar menu is represented by a combination of excellent alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. An important place here is occupied by the wine list, which presents drinks brought from different parts of the world. From strong alcohol you can taste the elite varieties of cognac, whiskey, gin, tequila, vodka.

Local bartenders can surprise perfectly prepared cocktails ("Sangria", "Batumi", "Mimino", "Mangowy Daiquiri", "Hand Maid Aperol"). There are several options that are prepared specifically for younger guests (Strawberry Bear, Cookie, Raspberry Smoothie, Snickers, Bounty, Banana Shake).

Soft drinks include milkshakes, home-made lemonade, water, fresh juice, tea and coffee in an assortment.larisuvannuhochu restaurant reviews

Banquet facilities

Anyone who wishes can organize a banquet in the restaurant to celebrate a celebration.In this case, the administration of the institution can take all the trouble to create a holiday for themselves, having issued everything in the best possible way. Cooks can develop a menu based on individual customer requirements, and the staff will appreciate their work at the time of the celebration.

For the organization of banquets, the restaurant always has a standard menu, which presents dishes for a large number of guests, it places special emphasis on appetizers, light salads and meat cooked on the grill.

Special offers

Regular guests of the institution are aware of a number of special offers that are always valid in it. In particular, you can go here for a daily breakfast or business lunch. This means that by visiting "Larisuvannukhochu" at certain times, guests can order dishes from a separate menu, which presents complex sets, and at a very nice price.larisuvannuhochu restaurant delivery

An institution at any time with special attention applies to all visitors with the name Larissa - they are permanently given a discount on all menus in the amount of 20%. Bonus in the same amount receive all birthday, who decided to celebrate their birthday in this institution.

Additional Information

Restaurant management cares about the comfort of every visitor. That is why all the conditions necessary for a pleasant pastime are created in its walls. It regularly hosts shows with musicians and vocal performers, and in the daytime unobtrusive background music plays in the halls.

Another service favored by many customers, provided by the restaurant "Larisuvannuhochu", is food delivery. It is carried out in all districts of St. Petersburg, and free of charge. You can make an order on the official website of the institution, or by calling the phone number listed there.

On an ongoing basis, guests can enjoy access to the Internet, which is available throughout the restaurant and on its summer terrace. There is a guarded parking lot near the building "Larisavannuhochu" where visitors can leave their cars.


Price policy institutions can not be called high. Compared to other catering establishments in St. Petersburg, here you can have a very tasty snack for a very reasonable price. Here are some dishes on the menu, with an indication of their cost per serving:

  • Salad "Olivier" at home (with sausage) - 310 rub .;
  • Beef Carpaccio - 640 rubles;
  • samsa with lamb - 290 rubles;
  • borsch with donuts - 380 rubles;
  • Spaghetti "Bolognese" - 580 rubles;
  • risotto with porcini mushrooms - 510 rubles;
  • "Beef Stroganoff" with mashed potatoes - 580 rubles;
  • fruit salad - 340 rubles

On average, the bill for one person in this institution is about 1 500-2 000 rubles.Larisuvannuhochu restaurant address

Visitor reviews

In social networks and on thematic sites on the Internet you can find a lot of reviews about the restaurant "Larisuvannuhochu". In them, visitors tend to emphasize that this place is ideal for visiting with all family members or a group of friends. Often, guests positive comments noted a high level of service.

Not everyone can understand the interior of the institution - many comments say that it is very cozy and comfortable to be at the tables, but bicycles hanging on the walls are superfluous details. However, almost all the guests praise the taste of the dishes prepared in the restaurant. Visitors love the results of hard work of cooks.

Many guests make a note that you can come with small children in “Larisuvannuhochu” - there is a children's room in the institution where they can be left under the supervision of a nanny.If the parents want to seat the child next to them, there will be special comfortable chairs for them. Some mothers and fathers claim that their children love to visit the restaurant “Larisuvannuhochu” (St. Petersburg).Larisuvannuhochu restaurant on the academic menu

Facility's address and mode of operation

The restaurant is ready to receive guests any day of the week from noon until two in the morning, however, visitors should remember that the kitchen and bar are open until 01:00.

The address of the restaurant "Larisuvannukhochu": St. Petersburg, Nauky Avenue, 14, building 1A, which is located near the metro station "Akademicheskaya".

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