Lada Kalina Cross: technical specifications, photo

The car called Lada Kalina Cross wasofficially presented in the autumn of 2014 at the Moscow Motor Show. Immediately after the presentation, he appeared in the dealer centers of Russia, and then other CIS countries. Let's find out what is interesting in the car Lada Kalina Cross, a photo of which is so often found on the Internet, and how it differs from the simple "Kalina".

Lada Kalins Cross: technical specifications


The exterior of this car causesconflicting emotions. On the one hand, the car is like a small crossover. But on the other - rather, it is a station wagon, the clearance of which has slightly increased. So the clearance for this model is 180 mm with full load (4 passengers and luggage). In the empty condition between the machine and the road surface appears as much as 208 mm of space, which is very solid.

To reach such figures, the designers had tocompletely reconfigure the suspension elements, change the location of the spring supports and install modern gas-filled shock absorbers. All these measures allowed to add to the clearance Lada Kalina Cross 16 mm. Another 8 mm provided a new "shoes", consisting of 15 disks and high-profile rubber.

Lada Kalina Cross: photo


The machine received such dimensions: 4048/1700/1562. The height is indicated with regard to the rails. Wheelbase "Kalina Cross" is 2476 mm. Due to the fact that the tires became wider, the wheel gauge also increased by 4 mm. On the same figure designers had to reduce the course of the steering rack. As a consequence, the turning radius is now 5.5 meters instead of the previous 5.2 meters.


It is evident that Togliatti designers triedmake the car more modern and interesting. A new falshradiator grille immediately flashes into the eye, which has become more elegant than its predecessors. It fits tightly with the headlights of the head light. Another outstanding detail of the front is the large diffuser of the air intake. It is divided into two parts by a strip of bumper with a license plate. It is a large diffuser that recalls the car's belonging to the family of crossovers. On the sides of the powerful bumper on the black plastic inserts were placed fog.

The engine and gearbox protects againstdamage a thick mechanical lining on the bottom. And bumpers, thresholds and wheel arches are protected by plates from strong black plastic. All this testifies that Kalina Cross is ready to conquer light off-road. On the door are black moldings, and on the roof are quite massive rails. The aft part is allocated with massive overall lights and a large trunk door. In general, "Lada-Kalina Cross", the characteristics of which speak for themselves, creates the impression of a medium-sized crossover.


The interior decoration of our hero completelycopied from the usual "Kalina". All the same rough plastic and gray tones. However, to somehow dilute the dull look of the salon, the designers decided to add orange inserts to it. An orange color can be seen on the seat cushions, door upholstery cards, around the vent deflectors and under the steering spokes. This contrast increases the mood and for a while even allows you to forget about the dullness of the cabin.

"Lada Kalina Cross": technical specifications

The equipment of the car includes: heated front seats, heated exterior mirrors, power steering, height-adjustable steering wheel, head restraints for the rear row, audio system with CD and USB input, ABS and BAS systems, front airbags, alarm and central locking with remote control.

In the cabin can normally accommodate five adults of medium build. The noise insulation in this model is slightly better than in previous versions.

Lada Kalina Cross, technicalthe characteristics of which we will consider below, has a volume of only 355 liters. If you fold the rear seats, it increases to 670 liters. But for the fastening of large and fragile loads special brackets are provided.

Lada Kalina Cross: technical specifications

It's time to find out whether the car is really ready to join the ranks of the crossovers or it just got a new body kit. Characteristics Lada Kalina Cross is much more important than an ambitious appearance.

So, the novelty is available with two motors. The first is a 1.6-liter, 4-cylinder gasoline engine that gives 87 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque. It works in tandem with a 5-speed manual gearbox. This tandem allows you to accelerate the car to 165 km / h. The first hundred submits to the car in 12.7 seconds. Lada Kalina Cross, whose technical characteristics are very poor with this engine, has at least moderate appetites. On 100 kilometers of a way it spends about 7 liters of gasoline.

Specifications Lada Kalina Cross

The second motor more corresponds to the ambitiousto the body of "Lada-Kalina Cross". The technical characteristics of this engine are as follows: volume - 1.6 liters, number of valves - 16, power - 106 liters. with., CAT - mechanics or automatic machine at 5 steps, the maximum speed - 178 km / h, acceleration to 100 km / h - 10.8 seconds with manual transmission.

The main reason why the status of thiscrossover for the "Kalina-Cross" is still only a utopia, - the lack of a full drive. Yes, not all crossovers are all-wheel drive. But, as a rule, they have at least one complete set with this most important characteristic. In 2014, employees of VAZ, being in courage from the presentation of new items, promised that it would not be long before Kalina-Cross got the all-wheel drive. Almost two years have passed, and the car is still produced with a front-wheel drive.


As the reviews show, Lada Kalina Cross,the technical characteristics of which still do not reach the status of a crossover, proved to be quite successful in the market. In fact, this car is nothing more than an uplifted "Kalina" in the body of a station wagon, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is that it fully corresponds to its price and fits perfectly into the ranks of budget cars.

"Lada Kalina Cross": characteristics

The car is quite comfortable and spacious, so itslarge families choose. Spares on it are quite inexpensive, which means that it can be used in full. In addition, thanks to short overhangs, body protection and increased ground clearance, the "Kalina" is not an obstacle to both the curb in the parking lot and the light off-road outside the city. In general, for ordinary people who want to buy an inexpensive universal car, the Lada Kalina Cross is perfect. Photo of the car proves that VAZ is slowly but surely developing, which means that everything is still ahead. And the fact that the characteristics of the car does not quite match its name, you can and miss.

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