KV-2: Guide. Review of the heavy tank KV-2, tips, strengths and weaknesses

KV-2 - the most popular heavy tank of fansgame World of Tanks. No, it is not so powerful and effective, but excellent, just perfect, suitable for entertainment and fun. This tank appeared in the game from the very beginning of the creation of the main game client and so far no one has ever removed it from the hangar, gradually rolling it out to the battlefields. The tank is quite complicated in control, so to understand how to play it, it is better to study the KV-2 guide that will allow you to study not only the main characteristics of the tank, but also to understand what its strengths and weaknesses are. But it is worthwhile to learn in advance the main point - effectiveness in combat depends not on your tank and its characteristics, but on your ability to properly assess the situation and make the right decisions. After all, it is your own perception of the situation that allows you to find a way out even from the most difficult situation and at the same time to win. To understand how to play KV-2, you need to keep in mind all the parameters of the tank and at the same time do not forget to always make a bias in tactics and team play, only this approach allows you to achieve victory.

General information on the tank

The KV-2 tank is at the 6th level of developmentSoviet branch of tanks. This unit has a class TT (heavy tank) and serves mainly to suppress enemy forces. Regarding the real prototype, this tank existed and took an active part in real combat battles. Was known as the "impenetrable giant" and instilled fear into the enemy's enemy forces. The tank is primarily known for its high-explosive cannon and strong armor. The game has a fairly wide application, but at the fan level.

KV 2 guide

Characteristics of the tank

The KV-2 tank is a pumped machine thatspeaks of its variability in relation to its characteristics. At first, the tank does not show well because of the weak gun and engine. But if you pump it to the top component, then you can already try out all its strengths. For KV-2 characteristics play an important role in personal effectiveness. Knowing all the nuances and indicators of your steel car, you can achieve incredibly high results in battles.

So, concerning the indicators themselves (top-end equipment):

  • strength - 860 units;
  • weight - 61 tons;
  • review - 330 meters;
  • communication range - 440 meters;
  • the maximum speed is 15 km / h;
  • turn - 180;

Reservation indicators:

  • body mm (forehead / side / feed): 75-75-50;
  • Tower mm (forehead / side / feed): 75/75/70;

How to play HF 2

Crew skills and equipment

After we looked at the World of Tank KV-2, we should pay attention to an equally important part: the equipment and skills of the crew.

To complete the equipment, it is best to use:

  • small repair kit;
  • fire extinguisher;
  • small first aid kit.

As additional equipment:

  • senders;
  • stabilizer;
  • improved ventilation.

How to play KV-2? This kind of layout will allow you to conduct an effective game at medium distances and have a chance to get out alive after frontal collisions. Again, everything will depend on the tools that we will look at later.

In the meantime, you should consider a set of skills for the crew (in order of study):

Commander: lamp, repair, battle brotherhood, jack of all trades, eagle eye;

Gunner: repair, smooth turn of the tower, battle brotherhood, master gunsmith, vindictive;

Mechanic driver: repair, off-road king, battle brotherhood, virtuoso, smooth running.

Radist: repair, radio interception, combat brotherhood, inventor, repeater.

Charging: repair, contactless combat laying, battle brotherhood, disguise, fire fighting.

Charging: repair, desperate, fighting brotherhood, disguise, fire fighting.

HF 2 characteristics

Comparison with other models

Having carefully studied for KV-2 guide, whichabove, you can immediately conclude that the tank is a clear favorite among all similar models of the 5 level. Neither the French ARL 44, nor the German VK 36.01 (H), nor other tanks can surpass it in power and efficiency. Unless his Soviet colleague KV-1C is able to compete, but even then, the success of the event is at the head here, and we estimate the power. Therefore, if you plan to actively ride at level 6, the KV-2 will do just fine.

Weaknesses and strengths

Considering the model of the KV-2 tank, you can immediatelynote its two weaknesses: the overall dimensions and right angles of the armor. This means that getting on you will often and in most cases will punch your armor, despite the impressive figures of armor. Another weakness is the small speed of the tank and its weak agility, which does not allow using the style of active play.

But the strengths include: high safety factor, powerful tools and accuracy of tools. Yes, regarding the guns, it's time to update the data for KV-2, the guide simply can not do without data about the most important element of the tank.

The gun of the tank is 122 mm U-11:

  • penetration - from 61 to 140 mm (on average);
  • Damage - from 370 to 450 (on average);
  • Rate of fire - 5.5 rounds per minute;
  • mixing - 3 seconds.

The gun of the tank is 152 mm M-10:

  • penetration - from 86 to 136 (on average);
  • Damage - from 700 to 910 (on average);
  • Rate of fire - 2.5 rounds per minute;
  • reduction - 4 seconds.

The gun is 107 mm ZiS-6:

  • penetration - from 54 to 219 (on average);
  • Damage - from 300 to 360 (on average);
  • rate of fire - 6, 2 shots per second;
  • mixing - 3.4 shots.

For Level 5, these are fairly powerful tools that can be effectively used against higher levels. It is this KV-2 and is famous in comparison with other tanks of the 5th level.

World of tank KV 2

Tactical application

And now it's worth finishing for KV-2 guide. And this means that it's time to consider the tactical use of the tank. Given that KV-2 is a heavy tank with heavy armor and a powerful weapon, it is worth concluding that it is perfect for defending the lines and suppressing the enemy's forces through support. That is, you can choose the direction, take shelter and defend, and you can go on the attack in the second row and support your allies, firing at enemies who are trying to surround or come from the stern. This approach to the battle will make it possible to realize the potential of the tank as effectively as possible, which will allow achieving high results in combat. In addition, it is worth noting that KV-2 often throws in battles with high levels, but do not worry. If you are thrown into such a fight, you should immediately change the tactics to the exclusive support of the Allies. You will need to take cover as much as possible in combat and maximize the firing of the enemy. The gun will allow you to pierce their armor and deal damage.

Model of the tank KV 2

KV-2 - a grandiose fighting machine of the 5th level,which will appeal to any player. Yes, it is difficult to master and not very comfortable in combat, but enough to play 20 fights - and there will already be habituation skills to this tank, and this is already a success. After 100 fights, you will notice how good this tank is, and after 300 fights you will already perfectly master it. So there is something to strive for.

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KV-2: Guide. Review of the heavy tank KV-2, tips, strengths and weaknesses KV-2: Guide. Review of the heavy tank KV-2, tips, strengths and weaknesses KV-2: Guide. Review of the heavy tank KV-2, tips, strengths and weaknesses KV-2: Guide. Review of the heavy tank KV-2, tips, strengths and weaknesses KV-2: Guide. Review of the heavy tank KV-2, tips, strengths and weaknesses KV-2: Guide. Review of the heavy tank KV-2, tips, strengths and weaknesses KV-2: Guide. Review of the heavy tank KV-2, tips, strengths and weaknesses KV-2: Guide. Review of the heavy tank KV-2, tips, strengths and weaknesses KV-2: Guide. Review of the heavy tank KV-2, tips, strengths and weaknesses