Ksenia Terentyeva: biography, career, filmography

Terentieva Ksenia - Mashkov's wife Vladimir and her daughter who were compared with Marilyn Monroe for unsurpassed beauty. Nonna Nikolaevna was not just a beautiful woman, but also a talented actress, her daughter took over from her mother all her main qualities. Ksenia Terentyeva, whose age remains a secret to the general public, tried herself in various fields of art. She starred in the movie, was a journalist, but chose the fashion world, becoming a fashion designer.

Ksenia Terentyeva: biography

On the date of birth of Xenia everywhere there is quite contradictory information, so no one can precisely call her real age. According to some data, Terentyeva is now 47 years old, and she was born on July 23 in 1969. According to other information, Ksenia was born in 1973, and she is ten years younger than her ex-husband Vladimir Mashkov (Vladimir was born in 1963).

From early childhood, Ksenia Terentyeva was surrounded by art.Nonna Nikolaevna (Ksenia's mother) instilled in her daughter a love for the world of cinema. Looking at her charming, always dressed with a needle (even at home), with a perfect makeup and manicure mother, the girl learned to be a real woman. And now Xenia is never caught unawares by journalists: she is always perfect, dressed in taste, endowed with impeccable manners.

But despite the fact that Xenia was often with her mother on the set, she was never eager to also act in films. After graduating from school, she went to the Institute of Light Industry to study there as a designer.

After the institute, Kseniya Terentyeva still got into the world of television. She starred in small roles, but she did not want to pursue an acting career. Later, she was invited to the NTV channel to host the Show Business News program, where she was destined to meet her future husband - a handsome man, a love maid and a talented actor Vladimir Mashkov (the wedding took place on January 1, 2000, the spouses divorced in 2004).

Now Ksenia is quite successfully engaged in design. She makes not only fashionable clothes, but also stage costumes for actors of the theater and cinema, pop stars. One of her regular customers was the Theater of Oleg Tabakov.

Xenia Terentieva

Meet Mashkov

Journalist Ksenia Terentyeva attended various social events for professional reasons in order to gather new information for the next release of her program. At the festival "Kinotavr" girl decided to arrange an interview with Vladimir, so they met. A pretty journalist immediately attracted Mashkov, who was famous for his numerous novels, he asked her in return for an interview to work as his tutor. Ksenia Vladimir was to learn English.

During the constant communication, new acquaintances became closer and closer together, until both of them realized that they were created to be together. So from the tutor Xenia turned into another passion of a loving actor, no one expected that their union could last for a long time, and certainly there were no rumors about the upcoming wedding.

Mashkova's wife

Family life

Mashkov’s life at the time of her acquaintance with Xenia was between Los Angeles and Russia. Few people know that Vladimir’s mother is Italian by nationality, and he himself is Catholic. For the sake of her beloved, Terentyeva changed her faith, becoming a Catholic, like the future spouse, because they wanted to not only sign the registry office, but also get married,to connect your souls in heaven.

The wedding ceremony was originally decided to hold in England, but something did not work with the paperwork. But this fact did not stop the newlyweds, and they still got married in Oslo. Thus, Ksenia Terentyeva became not just the third wife of Vladimir, but the only woman with whom he married.

As Mashkov admitted, he had many novels, he lived with some women, but there are only two official marriages on the actor’s account - with the first wife of Shevchenko, who bore him a daughter, and with Terentyeva.

Ksenia was already a very successful fashion designer and often helped on the set, creating bright costumes. Thus, she not only developed her talent, but was next to her spouse.

Of course, there was no cloudless family life, the couple often argued because of the constant moving from Russia to America and back. But still, Ksenia Terentyeva always remained close to her spouse, supported him in everything.

journalist xenia terentieva


For Mashkov, the stamp in the passport has never been an obstacle, he used to live according to his own scenario, he constantly fell in love. Such is his creative nature. That fact,that he was tied to his present wife not only by a painting in a public institution, but also by a promise to be always together before God, didn’t cause the actor to feel remorse when his heart was warm again at the sight of Olga Shelest. With the actress, Vladimir met at the next shooting in Hollywood, when Xenia remained in Russia. Mashkov did not hide from his wife that he fell in love with another, and they mutually decided to leave, without scandals and public discussion.

Xenia Terentieva biography

New life stage

Masha's wife, Xenia, didn’t keep her husband angry with her for treason; she was even able to stay in good friendship with him. But that was not the end of their love story. In 2013, rumors began to circulate that the couple were together again. Vladimir confirmed the rumors and said that soon they would remarry with Xenia. For unknown reasons, it never came to a wedding, Terentyeva and Mashkov again went to different roads.

Soon it became known that Xenia became the wife of a famous businessman. Only this marriage was not destined to last a long time. Now Terentyeva is still good, lonely and quite happy.She prefers to devote herself to work without being distracted by relationships.

Xenia Terentieva age


Ksenia Terentyeva, whose biography was covered in this article, starred in only four films, and the roles were not major, but fans of this woman might be interested in what pictures she can be seen. So, Ksenia appeared in the 1978 film New Adventures of Captain Vrungel, the television series Streets of Broken Lanterns-3, in the episode of The Secret Assignments, and in a small role in the Iron Curtain.

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