Knitted swimwear crochet

So you want to be unlike others! So I want to be irresistible! So you want to see on your figure admiring glances and hear behind your back enthusiastic sighs. Although a rare woman openly admits this.

And do not! You just need to tie a swimsuit crochet, so ... Well, so that all - all met on the way, the men fell down and stacked themselves, that's it! So, we pick up a crochet hook, cotton threads and - for business. Crochet crocheted swimsuits are the first step on the "Miss Beach 2012 season" pedestal.

First you need to decide on the modelof his bathing attire. Knitted swimwear crochet can be separate, consisting of a bra and swimming trunks - bikini. Also, separate swimsuits are more closed. Then the brassiere looks like a short topic, and the panties look like little shorts.

Many ladies prefer closed swimsuits. Especially, such models are suitable for women with a problematic figure or stretch marks on the abdomen. Knitted swimwear crochetso good that they help to hide all the shortcomings perfectly, but at the same time emphasize the merits of the figure.

For example, closed swimsuits can be performedtechnique of combining species of knitting. Making the cups and bottoms dense, the part that is located directly on the stomach, you can make lacework viscous. It is very beautiful when a hot feather is crocheted on this place - a bird with a loose tail or a beautiful large flower.

Today in fashion in the models of summer clothessubjects. Why not make crocheted swimsuits in this style? Sea theme can be expressed in the fact that swimsuits make striped, using two colors: blue and white. Some of the fair sex go further, using in the model a lot of different details: octopus, colorful fish, algae, jellyfish. These small parts, after their execution, are laid out on a pattern, pinned with sewing pins and then connected together with an air chain of a neutral pale color reminiscent of the color of water (blue or sea water), sometimes the color of the skin (light beige or cream).

Difficulty in making such modelsis that the pattern can not in any way give an opportunity to form bulges on the chest properly. Therefore, the needlewoman is forced either to constantly try on the product or to use half-mannequins, which are often used by clothing sellers on the market. Also suitable for these purposes are plastic cups, intended for insertion into the bodice of swimsuits.

How to tie a swimsuit? Let's consider the most simple model, which even a beginner skilled worker can perform. To perform it, you should connect two convex triangles - cups of the bodice - with the usual column without a crochet or with one cape, and connect them from the front with corners. To the remaining free corners, tie ribbons, which consist of two rows: an air chain of the necessary length and one row of columns without a crochet.

Fusions have a pattern resembling a patternhourglass. And young people can make triangles of the smallest size so that they are tied on the sides. Older ladies can think about this point and make lateral connections more modest.

Swimsuits look fabulous, in which placesThe joints of the parts (side on the panties and the connection of the cups from the front) are made using large rings. The details are fixed to the rings with a usual sewing needle, thereby releasing a part of the body that remains open to warm sun rays and affectionate masculine views.

Rings can be bought in special stores,and use plastic rings from children's nipples - pacifiers, staking unnecessary bulges from them. As an ornament, you can also use crocheted flowers or butterflies, which then should be sewn on top of the product.

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