Knife "Bear": review, specifications, reviews

In the modern market of knife products a wide range of various piercing-cutting products is presented. Judging by the numerous reviews, among the customers are very popular knives company "Bear". Description of some models presented in the article.

knife bear

About the manufacturer

Knives "Bear" are produced since 2003. The creators of the knife workshop "Bear" - an experienced artist and blacksmith Markin P.V. and master blacksmith Golubev D. A. Today, the manufacturing company in the city of Vorsme produces high-quality knife products and participates in international exhibitions "Arsenal", "Hunting and Fishing in Russia "and" Blade - traditions and modern times ".

About "Crow"

According to reviews, the high rating of users won the knife "Raven", produced in the workshop "Bear". For the manufacture of this product using Damascus steel and wenge wood. The blade is equipped with a brass bolster. The total length of the knife is 285 mm, of which the length of the blade is 160 mm. The width of the product is 35 mm and the thickness is 4 mm.The hardness index on the HRC scale varies between 60-62 units. This model of the Bear knife (product price: 2900 rubles) is completed with leather sheath and quality certificate.

About "Dangerous"

This sample is made of damask steel, black hornbeam and cast nickel silver. The total size of the "Dangerous" does not exceed 25 cm. Unlike the "Crow", this blade has a blade of 13 cm. Its width is also reduced to 23 mm. However, in terms of hardness, “Dangerous” surpasses “Crow”: its HRC indicator is 64 units. The knife is equipped with a backplate and cast iron nickel forging. It is completed with leather sheath and quality certificate. It is possible to purchase this model of the knife "Bear" for 9 thousand rubles.

About the "Wolf"

Another of the blades most in demand among professional hunters and amateurs is the Wolf knife. This product is 2 cm longer than the “Dangerous”. The overall size of the Wolf is 27 cm, of which the blade occupies 146 mm. Its width is increased to 25 mm. In the manufacture of the product master uses high-quality damask steel, the hardness indicator of which on the HRC scale varies from 62-64 units. The handle of the knife is made of black hornbeam, the arms and backplates are made of cast nickel silver. Leather sheath and quality certificate are attached to the knife kit.The cost of the "Wolf" - 7400 rubles.

Folding knife "Bear"

According to numerous consumer reviews, this knife model has a stylish and at the same time simple design. The product is characterized by the presence of a concave sharpening and rear lock. The knife is completed with a rag cover. Refers to the type of "skladnik".

bear knives reviews

The blade of the knife is made of high quality stainless steel. Cover handles made of wood. The total size of the folding knife is 110 mm. Blade length - 90 mm. Used mainly by tourists.

About the usual hunting model

The standard hunting knife "Bear" has the following dimensions: the total length of the product is 26 cm, the blade is 135 mm, and the thickness is 2 mm. The middle part of the blade is 35 mm wide. In the manufacture of the master using stainless steel grade 40x13. The indicator of its hardness on the Rockwell scale is not more than 53 units. In the manufacture of handles of basic hunting knives "Bear" use solid wood - walnut and oak. Product cost: 900 rubles.

Reviews of the knife "Bear" extremely positive. According to many owners, the product is perfectly centered, due to which the blade is very convenient to operate.According to the results of the examination carried out in the research and forensic examination center, this knife is not a cold weapon. You can buy it in a specialized hunting store.

About the exclusive version

On the basis of the standard hunting knife, an exclusive model is created by the workers of the Bear workshop. In this author's product, the elk horn is used in the manufacture of the handle. In addition, the knife is characterized by the presence of various decorations on the handle and tops in the form of a bear's head.

Bear Knives

Much improved design reflected on the cost of an exclusive hunting knife. You can buy it for 69 thousand rubles. For this version there is a wide blade (40 mm). The total length of the model is 300 mm, the blades are 165 mm.

About the novelty from the knife manufacturer

In the workshop of the city of Pile produce a new model of a hunting knife. Among consumers, it is known as the Siberian Bear. The model is classified as a cutting manual device, namely as a tourist-economic knife. Invented by Omsk knife designer Chulkin V.I. Produced since 2005. The cost of the product is within 3 thousand.rubles. With this blade, you can clean and shred products, planing, carving animal carcass and chopping bones. The blade has a rounded sharp tip and a saber sharpening. In the manufacture of the blade by the craftsmen, high-alloy stainless or high-carbon chrome steel is used as the material. The blade is processed in such a way that in the future there is no need to carry out its refinement.

folding knife bear

According to some owners, once a month, the product requires a small change. But this is in those cases if the knife is operated especially intensively. Handles are made from high-strength resin reinforced with fiberglass. This material, like wood, has good thermal conductivity, which is noticeable when working with a knife in the cold. The design features of the handle allow it to be used as a hammer. The handle is equipped with support heads. The product is completed with a polyethylene, very elastic and comfortable cover, the end of which is equipped with a special opening for draining water.

About "White Bear" and "Grizzly"

The knife manufacturer also produces a series of blades intended for tourists and "survivalists". These knives are familiar to the Russian consumer under the name "Polar Bear".

the price of a knife bear

The model is multifunctional. Blade can be wielded as a shovel or ax. In addition, if necessary, "Polar Bear" can be used as a powerful lever. The knife is equipped with a metal top, which, judging by the reviews of the owners, you can hammer nails. The design of the guard allows it to be used as a nail catcher. The knife handle is all-metal. Available knife in two versions:

  • "Polar bear". Metal parts of the product are subjected to anti-glare treatment.
  • "Grizzly". For the blade is characterized by a black chrome finish.


Blades workshop "Bear" are very popular in the world. Thanks to the attractive aesthetic design of such a knife will be a good gift for a real connoisseur.

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